Monday, November 25, 2013

Basic Sweater

This is maybe not how I envisioned my first post for this new adventure of blogging, but I wanted to get this out because the item I'm highlighting is on sale this week!

I ran to Target yesterday for Laundry Detergent, & ended up with this new sweater (weird how that happens!).  I got it for a great price (on sale this week for 40% off), so I wanted to show examples of different ways it could be worn.

From business, to semi-casual, to super casual! I'm loving this royal blue color for fall and winter and it can be easily paired with many different colors.  Also, having a basic sweater like this allows for the easy addition of patterns through scarves or button-up shirts underneath.

Grey Dress Pants, Chambray Button-Up, Merlot Shoes & Statement Necklace

White Skinny Jeans, Peach/White Chevron Scarf, Brown Boots

Skinny Jean, Butterscotch Printed Scarf, Short Camel Boot

Yellow Statement Necklace layered with Long Necklace, Metallic Kitten Heel Shoe

Not shown here:
  • This blue color would also look great paired with a lighter shade of green in the form of a statement necklace, earrings, a scarf, or button-up.  It would also look great with pink!
  • For layering, consider a patterned button-up, or even a plaid flannel.
  • This sweater will also go great with any skirt - from pencil skirts or peplum skirts, to jean skirts or patterned skirts.
You don't have to run out to buy this item, but I wanted to show you that A) it doesn't have to be expensive to have a cohesive style and B) the color combinations are endless, you just may have to think outside the box sometimes!

Perhaps you already have a sweater like this that you can now mix/match in a new way!  If you'd like any specific brand name on any of the products in the pictures above, just leave me a comment below.
Awkward Picture!  Black & White Striped Scarf, casual knit pant with side pocket detail, silver & black flat


  1. Well, how fun is this? Very cool Kelly!!

  2. ♥ this! Impressed..U've been my style guru for over 16 yrs now! Excited!

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  4. Hooray!!!! SO glad you are doing this :)

  5. So great, you do always look fabulous!!! ; )


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