Wednesday, November 27, 2013


I wanted to share a little bit about how I view fashion.  As I mention in the "About" page, I certainly don't follow Runway fashion, I stick with everyday, "do-able" fashion.  Having said that, I have rules in my mind that I typically stick with.

  1. I have price-points in my mind that I abide by.  It's very interesting when someone goes shopping with me for the first time.  Typically they are surprised to learn that I won't pay above a certain price for items.  Let me expand a little - if I'm shopping at Target or Old Navy, I don't want to pay more than $10-$15 at the most on a shirt.  However, if I'm shopping at Banana Republic, the Loft, White House Black Market, or Limited I think its completely acceptable to pay $20-$25 for a shirt.  I have the same philosophy for every type of clothing, including shoes & accessories as well. 
  2. I'm a clearance seeker!  Nearly every time I visit Target, I scan through their clearance section.  Honestly, you cannot believe how many items of clothing I've have gotten off those clearance racks!  This stroll also typically includes a scan of clearance shoes, accessories, & home goods!  (Did I mention before that I LOVE Target!)  Along the same lines, typically the only way I buy items at  stores such as Banana Republic, the Loft, White House Black Market, Limited, etc is to go straight to the clearance sections.  Unless they are having a big sale, that's typically the ONLY section I even look at!
  3. I challenge myself to find good deals on items I'm seeking...i.e. this fall I wanted to find a Shirt-dress (more on this soon), a pair of black printed pants, and a maroon dress. So whenever I'm out-and-about I make sure to peruse for these may take some hunting, but I typically find what I'm after for a good price!
  4. I believe there are certain items that are worth spending more money on (i.e. good pair of jeans & makeup). 
  5. I fully believe that having a cohesive, put-together look can change they way you feel about yourself!!  I learned (at a pretty young age) that putting the effort in to "getting-ready" changes your confidence level and your attitude about the day.  Let's face it, we all have those "bad days", those "I feel fat days", those "I'm not motivated to do anything" days...those are the days that you need to make the extra effort to put on a fun outfit and do your hair and makeup!!  It's a mental're already feeling blue, & NOT getting ready will only add to that!  Trust me, try it! :-)
  6. I think I'm a "color mixing freak"!  Somewhere along the line the quote from Clinton Kelly on TLC's What Not To Wear stuck with me..."things don't have to match, they have to go".  Its a pretty rare day that I'm not mixing colors together, and I hope to show you example after example on how this can be done.  It's actually gotten to the point that I can't stand it if I don't mix colors...hmm.
  7. My goal for this blog is to not only alert you of deals I run across (because fashion doesn't have to be expensive), but to also help you see your current wardrobe in a different way...pairing pieces together in a new way, mixing colors that you already have together, & encouraging you to put time into yourself!!
Do you think the way I do...what are your style philosophies?

Have a Happy Thanksgiving and may your day be blessed spending time with those you love!

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