Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Chambray Continued...

Let's continue our options with Chambray Shirts, shall we..?

If you missed Part I you can see it here.

Today's post will talk about how you can use a Chambray Shirt in layers.


You can use a Chambray to layer over the top of shirts & dresses. This can be done by leaving the shirt open, buttoning just a few of the lower buttons, wearing a belt over it, or tie in a knot around the waist. This makes a lot of your Spring & Summer pieces wearable all year long too!  Just be sure it doesn't leave you "boxy" looking...that's why I typically don't leave mine completely open; I prefer a belt, a knot, or buttoning the lower 3-4 buttons because its creates shape at the waist.


Chambray's can also be worn to layer underneath pieces. One of my favorites of the season is to wear a Chambray underneath a sweater, exposing the collar & cuffs for more interest. Did you know you can also wear a Chambray under a dress too?  Cool, eh?!

Once again, here's a few of my own looks when I've worn a Chambray Shirt.

As I mentioned in the first Post, Chambray shirts are a staple for every wardrobe (in my opinion). However, that doesn't mean you have to break the bank in order to get one. I've listed some possible options below. When hunting for one, be patient & be sure it fits you don't want it to be too loose & not give you the right shape.  You'll notice that they also come in different shades...lighter & darker.  You'll have to decide what will give you the most versatility & wear time.

Target - although I do believe I've seen more than just this one in the stores.

Old Navy - many different styles to choose from here. 

American Eagle Outfitters - This is one of those stores that you NEVER want to buy anything unless they are having a sale or you have a coupon.  Not because they are overly expensive, but because they run sales all the time, so to buy something without a discount is just silly!

J. Crew Factory - I like this lighter color for a different option.

The Loft - Again, these are more expensive, but they often run great sales.  In fact, I know just last week they were doing 50% off all tops. 

Gap - Again, many different styles to choose from.  The prices on the website are more than I would want to pay, but again, watch for sales & clearance!

Other places worth searching would be Nordstrom Rack, Marshalls, TJ Maxx, & Ross.

Let me know your thoughts, & of course, if you have any questions, contact me!! 

Happy Chambray-ing!

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