Monday, December 2, 2013

Infinity Scarves

As you probably already know, the recent trend with scarves is the Infinity Scarf (or the loop scarf).  I had a reader ask the other day for suggestions on other ways to wear an Infinity Scarf besides the traditional "double loop".  Thanks "Lin with an Ora" for the question, & here are my suggestions.

First, just a quick review of the traditional double loops:
Traditional Short Double Loop

Traditional Long Double Loop
Now, on to new possibilities:
Single Knot (shown with embellishment)
To achieve the Single Knot, place your head through the loop - essentially creating one long loop.  Then gather the scarf & tie a single knot.  The knot can be higher or lower depending on where you gather & tie it. 

Pull Through
To achieve this Pull Through look, make the scarf into a straight line, then place behind the neck.  This will leave you with one loop on both sides.  Put your hand through the loop on the right side & grab the scarf that is on the left side.  Retract your hand back out of the loop on the right, pulling the left side through as well.  Adjust the tightness & volume to achieve the look you want. (Obviously you can achieve the same look by starting on the left side as well).

Pretzel (that's what I'm calling it anyway)
To achieve the Pretzel, you will start by placing your head through the scarf - again creating one long loop.  Then gather the hanging scarf just below the collar bone & give it about 3 twists.  You can either just grab & twist, or hold one side of the scarf in each hand & actually twist them around each other, as if you were braiding with only 2 pieces.  Once you've twisted, bring up the lower loop & place around your head as well.  You've essentially created a double loop with a twist, which adds visual interest.

I think these are great additional options to choose from so that you can work with any collar line or neck line.  I chose to demonstrate with an Infinity Scarf that is a bit "thinner", so using a "thicker" one will give each of these methods a different look as well.  (I got this scarf from Charming Charlie...a great place to look for scarves because they have a huge selection!  They have pretty good sales on their scarves too!)

I hope this give you something new to think about & try!  As always, let me know if you have a favorite way to wear your Infinity Scarf.

I kept hearing this in my head as I wrote this post, so I had to share it!


  1. These are awesome ideas. Thank you. I bought an infinity scarf today for mom (stocking stuffer), so now I can print your ideas and share them with her-- and we can practice together. PERFECT!!! Have the quality time that reference in your "non-gift" ideas. :-)

  2. I like this scarf especially because of this little but nevertheless valuable detail, this flower.


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