Monday, December 16, 2013

The Many Ways of a Chambray

First, what is a Chambray?  "Chambray" is a fancy word for a Denim Button-down shirt. About 1-2 years ago we started to see these shirts become very popular. Currently they still have a heavy presence in "fashion", & in my opinion, Chambray shirts are a staple for every wardrobe.

That being said, let's talk about the many ways they can be worn. 

Once again, I find myself with so much to say & so many examples I'd like to share, that I will split this into two posts.  This post will focus on pairing a Chambray with different types of "bottoms" (by bottoms I mean clothing for the lower half...wink wink!). 

Traditional Button-Down Shirt:

Chambray shirts are a neutral color, which means they can really be worn with pretty much anything. For starters, wear them as a typical button-down blouse with ANY pant or short. This could be a colored pant or short, or one with a soft or loud print.  Leggings are very popular with Chambray shirts too.  Add jewelry, belts & scarves for more interest.


Another great thing about Chambray's is they can be dressed up or down.  You can pair it with a skirt & accomplish any look you desire from casual, to professional, to party wear.

Another great option not shown here that would work with any of these "bottoms" - try leaving the Chambray un-tucked & place a belt around the waist rather than tucking it in.

In an effort to save myself time, I took these images off the web rather than doing a photo shoot of myself.  However, these are some of my outfits you have already seen in other posts or will be coming soon in a new post. (Just so you know I "walk the walk" & not just "talk the talk".)  :-)

Both of these pictures were from the same day.  The first picture was what I wore to work, then changed into more causal pants & shoes after work (mostly because my feet hurt!!)

To Be Continued...check back soon where I'll be talking about Layering with Chambray Shirts!!

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