Thursday, December 12, 2013

Throw Back Thursday

In light of the popular "Throw Back Thursday" trend, I thought we should put a twist on it. 

I challenge you to dig through your make-up collection & pull out an item you haven't used in quite some time.  Perhaps a blush color that has been forgotten, or an eye-shadow color you don't remember getting, a lip gloss at the bottom of your make-up bag...??

I did this recently with my lip-stick collection*.  I acutally re-discovered 4 colors that had been in hiding.  It was like getting a brand new item, except it was FREE (gotta love that word)!  I was excited to use them again & it changed up my look going into a new season.

1. MAC-Syrup  2. MAC-Berry Boost  3. MAC-Dubonnet  4. MAC-Sophisto
I know I'm guility of forgetting about what's in my make-up case.  I get so excited about getting new items to change things up for me, that the older items get pushed aside.  It's fun to go back & pull those items out again...after all, you've already paid for them, right?!

What other "forgotten" items can you pull out & use again?  It doesn't have to be about a pair of earrings, or a bracelet or two, or maybe a scarf or belt, or even nail polish?  The possibilities are endless!

Leave me a message in the comments about what items you re-discover!

*A side note a bout me:  I actually don't keep my lip sticks/glosses in my cosmetic case.  They all go in my purse.  Why?  Because I know I'll want to touch up my lips throughout the day, so I make sure they are all with me.  Plus, they wouldn't fit in with my other cosmetics...apparently I've accumulated a small collection over the years.  :-)  That being said, when I run out of space in my purse, I take the "less used" colors and stash them in storage...hince the reason I forget about them. 


  1. Love it! It's so true how fun it is to rediscover things you already have. I took your advice and pulled out some old lip gloss/lipstick to use again. I threw a few away that I got from the "free gift" that I knew I would never wear. I also love to apply the "rediscovering what you already have" with home decorations (pulling things that have sat in a box in the basement or … even just rearranging what you currently have out). Thanks for sharing your blog Kellie!

    1. Thanks Jennifer! I'm glad you founds some lip gloss to bering out and use again! And you are definately right about home decorations and rearranging...completely makes things fresh feeling again!


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