Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Merry Christmas!

Just a quick little message to wish you & yours the merriest of Christmas's.  May you find yourself surrounded by those you love, joy, & laughter this Holiday Season!

Also, we wanted to share these two Christmas Songs with you in case you haven't heard them far, my favorites this year, & possibly my all time favorites - Enjoy!

We are touched by those who meet us here daily & we "thank you" for your continued support!!  With all the traveling & happenings taking place right now, we are going to sign off this week...we'll be back fresh in January!  See you then! 

Much Love,

Kellie & Stacie -  The "ie" Sisters

Monday, December 22, 2014

#WIW Recap

It has been a while since I cleared out my camera roll & recapped some of my daily outfits that don't make it to the blog (since September to be exact).  Here is a handful of my #ootd's - the majority of which didn't even make it to Instagram. Fresh material here folks ;-)  I will provide you with links to the items that are still available.

First up, the one outfit that did make it to IG, but I wanted to mention it here as a follow up to this post.  I talked about the Barcelona Cami from Express being a great layering & extending piece for the Fall & Winter.  I'm wearing the Houndstooth version here which is sold out, but I still wanted you to see one in action.

Sweater - Old Navy // Barcelona Cami - Express // Pants - Chico's // Necklace - Total Betty Society

 Speaking of extenders, here's another look where I used my lace top extender it!

Denim Jacket - So old I don't even remember // Striped Top - Old Navy // Lace Top Extender - GroopDealz // Leggings - LOFT // Cognac Booties - Wanted via 6pm // Necklace - Kendra Scott in Emerald

I've worn this dress here & here before, but here it is remixed yet again.  I love versatility in a dress like this!
Dress - Old Navy // Boyfriend Cardigan - LOFT // Scarf - Target // Belt - Target // Cognac Booties - Wanted via 6pm

I broke one of my own cardinal rules with the vest in this next outfit - I don't think a grown adult should shop in the Juniors department, let alone the Kids department, which is where I snagged this vest.  I loved the polka dots & the price couldn't be beat... & it fit (zipped & all) :-)

Vest - Target // Lilac Top - Silver // Distressed Denim - Express // White Converse // Necklace - EverEve

Lastly, here is a good ol' blanket scarf with stripes & colored jeans...

Scarf - Zara, but this one is identical // Striped Tunic - Target // Colored Denim - Old Navy // Booties - Target you guys are up to date & I have a little more storage available now ;-)


Friday, December 19, 2014

Fitness Friday & Links


I know, I know.....when the heck can I fit a workout in right now?  This time of year is so crazy with schedules and last minute things to do.  I totally get it.  But, look at it this way, do you think about brushing your teeth?  No....of course you don't, that's just plain.....well, Jimmy Fallon says it best.  Workouts should be the same way....don't think, just do. 

As some of you may know, I love running......I don't know why either.  =-P   I happened to be reading Runners World when I stumbled across Jenny Hadfield's 3 Workouts to Maintain Fitness Through the Holidays.  These workouts are 32 minutes or less and are considered High Intensity Workouts (HIIT).  I love that these workouts can be done any where this time of year.  They are also very versatile workouts.  You don't have to run - use the elliptical, walk, spin or what ever your hearts desire is.  These workouts can be adapted.

Get the kiddos involved.  It is so fun to be with the kids working out.  It's funny, they will actually look at mom like she's a stud!  Just keep in mind that there may be some crying.  I look at it this way though - they can wine, I will just drink it!!!......OH.....that's right......this is a fitness post =....D.

Ok, ok, ok....back on track.  Getting your workouts in will actually help with the stress this time of year.  De-Stress with a friend or family member you haven't seen in a while....or use it as the excuse to get away from said family member.  Use it to your advantage for YOU!!!!

If you really need more "push" to go do this for yourself, how about looking fabulous in the gifts that you will get.....or the gifts you better get....I know what you're thinking!!!  Think of the new outfit you're going to show off on Christmas Day.  You want to feel Ah-Mazing in it...I know I do....I better get that!!!

Regardless.....Do this for YOU.....Brush those teeth......oops, I mean workout!!  =-D



My kiddos and I after they ran their first 5K.....I cried!!!

I absolutely love this.  When I workout I'd be lost without this.  The most important thing when I run/workout.  I'm a ROCK STAR with these babies!!!!  Won't run without these beauties.  Do you dare.....oh yes I do!

****I am not a fitness expert nor do I claim to be one.  These are just my opinions.  My opinion is to do this for yourself****

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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

The Cameron 2

Ok, my turn to try the styles of Ms. Cameron Diaz (if you missed Kellie's, click here).  This was so fun to do.  Kellie called me one day and said I have a challenge for us.  She told me that with the release of the new Annie movie, it would be fun to dress in Cameron Diaz outfits.  Here was the kicker though....we had to use what we already owned...NO SHOPPING!!!  What???!!!

I thought, "this is going to be impossible."

I started searching through photos of Cameron and was very surprised.  I have very similar style to hers.  I was also shocked at what came to mind when I would see some of her outfits.  I thought to myself, "hey, I have something similar to that."  It may not be exact, but the items I picked work.

Through doing this challenge, I learned that I have some great things in my closet.  Things I would have not thought to put together.  This is what Kellie is great at, getting people to see how they use their clothing differently.  Even if it's something you wear a lot, there's always more ways to use that simple gray shirt.  Give it a try.....pick an actress, find what inspires you.

Again, I didn't have the exact items, but it was fun to use what I DO have.  Sure wish I had those fabulous orange heels though!!

I honestly wouldn't have thought to wear a fedora with jeans and a basic gray shirt.  I have seen Cameron wear her fedora with tall brown boots too.  I'm excited to get more use out my hat!!

I truly cannot tell you how fun, and enlightening this challenge was!!  I am excited to see what Kellie throws my way next.  



PS....Wonder if I'm allowed to buy orange heels now??

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Monday, December 15, 2014

The Cameron

We couldn't be more excited about the release of the modern times Annie hitting theaters this Friday!  We grew up adoring & watching/re-watching the Annie movie featuring Carol Burnett, & even though our kids all enjoy that version too, we are all just as eager to see the modern take of the classic story & musical numbers.

As we count down toward it's release we thought we would focus on one of the fashion icon actresses in this film - Cameron Diaz, who plays the role of the snarky & angry Ms. Hannigan.  Cameron describes herself as a shoe lover & denim obsessed.  From our point of view Cameron's style is the epitome of casual chic on the street & modern elegant on the red carpet.

We each challenged ourselves this week to use Cameron's style to inspire us & we thought we'd share the results with you.

The look I chose to imitate involves some of my favorite wardrobe pieces...stripes, denim, a scarf, & a blazer...a classic combination!


All pieces are from previous seasons - see the "Shop this Post" section for similar options
Although these individual pieces make a classic combination, it is a combination I've not put together before. This scarf is one I haven't pulled out in a while & I don't find myself wearing a blazer casually often enough (I generally sport them for the office).  

While I love the pop of yellow in the shoes, these particular shoes aren't very conducive to this time of year in Colorado, so I slightly modified this outfit as a second option with a boyfriend cardigan & ankle boots.

All pieces are from previous seasons - see the "Shop this Post" section for similar options
Yet again, another outfit that works well for my style & personality & the current season.  So, thanks to Cameron for being such a style icon!  It was a fun challenge for me to think through my existing pieces to replicate a look of hers & mix pieces in a new way for myself- I should do this more often!  Are you up for the challenge?

Be sure to come back on Wednesday to see how Stacie duplicates Cameron's looks - spoiler alert - her dupes are pretty great! You won't want to miss it!

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Friday, December 12, 2014

Holiday De-stress Links

As a kid, the Holidays were so magical and uplifting.  I remember loving hot cocoa with marshmallows, listening to stories, and singing songs with classmates.  As an adult, it's become stressful and comes with a very large to-do list.  Let's talk about how to take the holidays back and have fun again.

With all of the planning, shopping, cleaning, and cooking this time of year, it is hard to not be stressed.  I love reading to relax, but with so much going on, I listen to my books as I cook, clean, or wrap gifts.  With this:  read/listen, I can read when it's possible or listen instead.

If reading doesn't fit in the schedule, make sure to laugh at least once a day!!!  This had me laughing so hard I cried!!  Laugh.  I had to redo my makeup - true story.

Another way to take back your holiday magic is to treat yourself.  Give yourself a Holiday Happy.  If you see something you love on sale like, HappyHappyHappyHappy, and Happy, treat yourself - why not?  You deserve the "get one" of the "buy one get one" deal.  You deserve that 70 percent off scarf you've been eyeing.  Think of it as your paycheck for putting the holidays together.

My point is to remember yourself this year and take a moment every day just for you, even if it is just five minutes.  It will help you enjoy what the holidays are supposed to be for you again!


K & S

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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Blogger Inspiration

They say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, & I hope that's how Carylee feels since I jumped on purchasing this uber comfy cowl-neck poncho sweater from Old Navy after she mentioned it on Instagram.

See Carylee's Full Outfit Details Here

I bought this sweater in heather grey without even trying it on first.  Once I got it home & tried it on - it was instant love!  All I have to document the first wearing of this sweater is selfies, but hopefully you can see it well enough.  I opted for white skinnies, & flat ankle boots, & finished it off with rose gold accessories.

Sweater - Old Navy // White Denim - Loft // Boots - Target // Long Necklace - gifted // Lips - MAC's Violetta

On the day I wore this it was warm enough without needing to layer, but as you can see from Carylee's outfit, it's very easy to layer a long sleeve shirt underneath this sweater too.

One of the first things that came to mind when styling this sweater is to pair it with a skirt - more specifically a sequin skirt.  I don't own a sequin skirt (sadly), so I've given an example below.

Over Sized Sweater & Sequins

I also think this skirt would be fantastic & I adore this one too.

Another way I plan on styling this sweater in the future is with printed pants....such as this:

Oversized Sweater

The pants in the inspiration board are actually corduroy, which adds even more depth & richness to the ensemble.  The very trendy patterned legging might also be a great option with this sweater - I've been eyeing these!

So, thank you Miss Carylee for the inspiration & I hope these examples help you (the reader) style this sweater or a similar one you may already have.

Before I go, I wanted to mention that the very talented Gina over at On The Daily Express is doing a coffee date with Stacie & I today.  Be sure to hop on over to see some behind the scenes of the blog & learn a little bit more about us - I can't wait to read it myself! :-)  A huge "thank you" to Gina for featuring us - xoxo!


P.S. ie-style is now on Twitter, we'd love to have you follow us here!

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Monday, December 8, 2014

Holiday "Happies"

We know you've seen them on every blog by now, but we thought we'd throw in our two cents when it comes to gift giving this year.  Thus, we bring to you our Holiday "Happies" gift guide.

Holiday "Happies" Gift Guide

1.  Nickel & Suede:  We (Stacie) mentioned these here & we're both in love with their products.  You'll find light weight & unique leather earrings & cuffs from this small online business.

2.  Christopher Elbow Artisanal Chocolates:  These aren't just another box of chocolates.  With their bright colors, intriguing designs & delicious flavors (i.e. caramel apple, ginger bread, egg nog, champagne, & winter spiced caramel to name a few), these are sure to be a big hit!

3.  Cards Against Humanity:  This box of cards will provide hours of laughter for game night with your adult friends/family!  Warning, while this adult version of Apples to Apples is hilariously funny, it is NOT for the faint of heart - it can get raunchy & twisted, but it's oh so fun!

4.  Liberty Puzzles:  These unique wooden puzzles are sure to capture the attention of your recipient with their striking pictures & unique whimsy puzzle pieces!

5.  The Gift of Books:  Put a spin on the giving a book to your favorite reader for the holidays.  Try a subscription to Kindle Unlimited instead.  With this program they can explore over 700,000 titles & thousands of audio books on any device for the duration of the subscription.  Or eliminate the reading & go for the audio books on Audible - great for travelers, commuters & athletes!

6.  Makeup:  One of our favorite gifts to give to our girlfriends is makeup.  It's a great opportunity to introduce them to a new line, or give them something that they wouldn't have splurged on themselves.  Being huge fans of Tarte, this all-in-one compact is the perfect gift for any female on your list - it has blush, bronzer, highlighter & multiple eye shadows all in one convenient compact!

7.  Deborah Lippman:  This set includes 9 luxurious, treatment-enriched fashion nail colors. These colors support nail health while presenting an impressive salon-quality look.  Sets like this are also great to break apart & give as little additions to another gift or for smaller gifts for teachers & the like.  We've been wanting to try this brand - chances are if you're wanting to try something, so are other people you know ;-)

8. Box Subscriptions:  Think outside the box for the hard-to-buy for person on your list.  Try a one-time (or multiple time) subscription to Golden Tote (clothing) or Glossy Box (beauty products).  These are especially great for the person who lives out of town - no mailing of the package on your part.  For more information, you can see Shanna's review of Golden Tote here & Amy Ann's review of Glossy Box here.

9.  Old Dutch Moscow Mule Mug:  These copper mugs are ideal for the beer drinker.  They  are known for enhancing the taste of the beer & keep the beverage cold for hours.  They are traditionally known for Moscow Mules, but we've heard they work great with any beer.  Cheers!

We hope that these ideas are helpful in crossing off some of the people on your list with items to make them happy.  Or maybe we've given you an idea of something you'd like to add to your wish list :-)

Either way, Happy Shopping!

K & S

P.S. today is your last chance to enter the Express e-card giveaway, ENTER HERE!  It's huge, be sure to check it out!  For more gift ideas from Express, click here.

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Friday, December 5, 2014

White Express-mas

White Express-mas

Don't let time run out before you enter in the Express Card Giveaway ending Monday December 8th.  Enter the drawing here

I'm dreaming of a White Express-mas with these picks:

For the Glisten on your tree, these would be fun pieces I would pick for both the ladies and gents.

To keep warm while riding Sleigh Bells in the Snow these look super cozy.

To help to keep your days Merry and Bight, you might like to see these beauties.

I will be dreaming of sugarplums, snow, and Express this season.  May all your Express-mas wishes come true!



Wednesday, December 3, 2014

The Helpfuls

I have accumulated a short list of wardrobe helpfuls that I wanted to share with you all.  These are meant to be aides in making your daily outfits easier, more versatile, &/or more comfortable. Sounds good, right?

Wardrobe Helpfuls

1.  Lace Top Extenders:  I've mentioned these to a couple of ladies lately & they had no idea these were around, so I had to share in case you didn't know either.  Lace Top Extenders add a little length to any top.  By wearing one of these you can wear your shorter tops/sweaters with leggings & skinnies, or any pant you prefer to have "bum" coverage with.  I found this one for a bargain price, but I adore this one for a little more.  Or you can make one yourself with the help of Pinterest.  Here's an example of how I wore mine.

Sweater - LOFT // Lace Extender - Groopdealz // Legging - LOFT // Boots - old // Cow Hide Cuff - Nickel & Suede // Scarf - Charming Charlie, similar

2.  Barcelona Cami:  Along the same lines as the lace top extenders, I've discovered that I love using the Barcelona Cami from Express as a top extender too.  These camis (tank tops) have a hi-low hem, so again they work great when needed under a top that doesn't quite cover the bum.  An added bonus is that some colors are reversible, so you get 2 colors in 1!!  Although I don't have a photo of mine layered this way yet (I'm planning to wear it to a Holiday Party soon), you can see how I've worn the cami other ways here & here.

3.  Boot Cuffs:  I don't know about you, but wearing my tall boots makes my body temp run high, so adding the ever-so-trendy boot socks just elevates that problem even more.  Boot Cuffs to the get the cute look without the added layer!  You saw a glimpse of mine here.

I didn't show #'s 4 & 5 above, because they are undergarments & I thought it may be weird to have a picture of a lady in a bra just hanging out there.  That being said, I still think these next two are equally important ;-)

4.  Cami Bra:  These are true bras & faux cami in one!  Great for wearing underneath those tops or dresses that dip just a little too low at the neckline without having another layer underneath as you would with a regular camisole.  Great options here & here. Sorry, I don't have a picture for mine in action, but I highly recommend them!

5.  Smoothing Shorts:  I found these recently after having to replace my Spanx that I'd had for years.  They are the perfect combination of "hold" & comfort.  These will smooth out those pesky pantie lines & hip areas, but it's not a workout getting them on.  They are the perfect undergarment for those of you who avoid dresses & skirts because of the thighs touching.  Great under pants, skirts, & dresses for everyday wear for lightweight support.

Those are my 5 wardrobe helpfuls - I think it's always enlightening when we share products that make life easier, so don't hesitate to share your faves in the comments below.

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P.S. - Don't miss out on the fabulous Express Gift Card give away!

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Monday, December 1, 2014

She vs. Me plus a Giveaway!

You all got to see a small glimpse of Stacie (my new blogging partner & Sister, of course) on Friday.  Today I thought we'd keep the introductions going so can you learn more about her.  As Sisters we often buy identical items of clothing, however, our styles tend to be slightly different when it comes to wearing those items.

We each got these camo pants earlier this Fall.  I asked her to wear her's on Thanksgiving Day, but not to tell me what she would wear with them.  So, here is a look at how we each styled our camo pants, & in true fashion, I think you can see our style personalities come through.

Stacie's Look (left):  In general, Stacie's style is more Casual Chic. She uses organic & earthy fabrics & accessories in her wardrobe, as you can see here.  For this look, she used a go-to long sleeved top, added pattern & color with the scarf, & topped it off with cognac accessories & booties.

 Top - Alternative Apparel // Pants - American Eagle Factory // Scarf - old, option //  Earrings - Nickel & Suede // Wrap Cuff - Nickel & Suede //  Booties - Express (only black & gray available online)

Kellie's Look (right):  Compared to my Sister, I tend to have a "dressier" look when talking style.  As you can see from this outfit, the material of the blouse & the metallic accessories "glam up" the camo pants a bit.  I specifically bought this blouse with the thought of wearing it with the camo...I love that you can add an unexpected color to the neutral patterned pants.

Top - LOFT in Gray Lilac // Pants - American Eagle Factory // Booties - Old Navy //  Bracelet & Watch - Charming Charlie (items not available online)

Since the blog is now a team effort, look for more She vs. Me posts to come, because sometimes Sisters never outgrow dressing like twins, lol!! 

And for a little giggle, sometimes our Hubby's also have the same items in their closets (unbeknownst to us).

Plaid Shirt - Old Navy (no longer available online)

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Giveaway:  We have teamed up with several other bloggers to bring you a chance to win a $650 e-gift card to Express!!  Enter to win below & find other great blogs to follow in the process!  

Here is a quick guide of the giveaway details:
1.  What: $650 Express e-gift card giveaway
2. Starts: Monday, December 1st, 7am central
3. Ends: Monday, December 8th, 11:59pm central
4. Winner will be announced on Wednesday, December 10th
5. Open to US and Canadian residents, however, the total of the e-gift card will be based on $650 US dollars.

a Rafflecopter giveaway, Stylish Tuesday

Best of Luck!

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Friday, November 28, 2014


Happy official holiday season 2014!  Tomorrow is small business Saturday and being that I grew up with my Dad owning a small business (#anglersall), I wanted to do a post about supporting small businesses this holiday season.  There are a few reasons I like to shop at small businesses. Besides supporting someone as they build their "American Dream", and the community that the business might be in, I really like it when I go into a store and the employees are very knowledgeable about their products.  Nothing irritates me more than going to a big store and I get the feeling I know more about a product than the person supposedly helping me. Now, this doesn't happen at all big stores, but when you walk into a small business, you're going to get better personal service. In fact, when I go into my favorite local running store, #coloradorunningcompany (crc), they know who I am and what race I may be training for. They even know what products I like and will show me things they think I may enjoy using for training.  Again, the level of personal service and knowledge are second to none at a small business. Besides local small businesses, there are many online stores as well.  I've listed a few of my favorites below.


Nickel & Suede:  I Love, love Nickel & Suede. They make leather accessories for men and women. I have several pairs of earrings, two cuffs and a scarf from them. The earrings make a big statement, but are super light.  I wear the large size all the time and I forget that I'm wearing them.  Did I mention I love this company?

I have on the large rose gold earrings.  

Nana's Crafty Creations:  Patrice at Nana's Crafty Creations makes the cutest flat iron/ curling iron travel cases. These are great gifts and very good quality. I love that each design is unique. I've bought a few of these now.

Canned Goods Co.:  Now this company is unique because it's a small online company, it's a local Colorado company, and they recycle?! They make jewelry out of recycled cans.  This all started with an anniversary gift for shop owner, Thomas Paul Althaus, to his wife of 10 years.  I haven't had the chance to try the jewelry yet, but an order is on its way!

I hope your Holidays 2014 are amazing!



These opinions are my own.  I am in no way, shape, or form sponsored by any of the above mentioned companies....although I wish I was.  ;-P

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