Monday, January 13, 2014

Copy Cat Makeup

One of my favorite Beauty Bloggers, Maskcara, posted a makeup tutorial last week & it immediately made me think of a Mac eye shadow palette that I have, but haven't used in a LONG time.  See her post & video here. 

As with all Blogs & Bloggers, I don't always think the point is for you to have to run out & buy the product they are showing you (of course this may be true in some cases).  I believe the hope is to inspire you to use what you already have in a new way that you've not thought of before.  Of course, if you happen to already be in the market for the item/product they are talking about, then Blogs are a great source of information & review of a product.

Anyway, here's how my colors ended up looking using her tutorial.  As you can see, mine have more of a pink/purple color to them verses hers being more pink/brown.  But that's okay, because I took what I already had & made it work in a new way.  I'm really loving the she mentions, it's more "soft & romantic".  It was actually perfect timing too because I had been craving adding some purples back into my eye makeup.

What I used:
In order of how she applied the shadows I used 1) Mac Winterwig 2) Mac Sketch & 3) Mac Pink Freeze.  Lipstick is Syrup by Mac, eyeliner is GraphBlack Technakohl Liner by Mac, & mascara is Voluminous Butterfly by Loreal.
I didn't apply the false eye lashes as she does in the tutorial & I used a blush that I already had as well.

I really like Maskcara's blog because she makes a point of using & demonstrating brands from all price ranges.  Of course, she'll only use it if she feels it's a worthy product regardless of the price.   Smokey Shortcut is another one of my favorite tutorial's by her.

I wanted to share this post with you guys because I wanted to demonstrate how you can take something you see/read in an article or blog or pin on Pinterest, & alter it to fit you!  Fit your personality, fit your body shape, fit your budget, fit your current closet, fit your makeup collection, or whatever it may be. It doesn't have to be identical - I think most bloggers are posting to fuel your creativity & encourage you to try new things!  I know that's what my goal is with ie-style! :-)

If you try this out, let me know what you think!

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