Friday, January 3, 2014

High Five for Friday

I hope that everyone had a fun & safe New Years!  I don't know about you, but I think I'm needing our lives to go back to a regular routine.  As much as I resist routine, I think we function better with one ;-)

Anyway, on to this weeks High Five for Friday.  I was sitting here thinking about my 5 highlights from the week, & although I had some great things listed to talk about, I had an epiphany about what I wanted to do this week.  I'm going to share with you all the great bargains I found this week at Target (shocker, I know)! Oddly enough, I stumbled upon 5 items, so it's rather perfect for High Five for Friday, don't ya think?!

I really need stop going to Target, because no matter what I run in for, I always come out with something I hadn't intended on! However, I got great deals on all of these items, so it's hard to feel guilty!

Last weekend my sister invited me to lunch.  After lunch she suggested we go walk around Target...bad idea!!!

I have been eyeing this Mercury Glass End table for months now, but I could never get myself to pay full price for it. I was shocked to see that not only was it on clearance for 50% off, but there were two of them available!  So I grabbed them & put them side-by-side in my living room as a coffee table.  It was meant to be I would say!

My girlfriend (who doesn't care for shopping as much as I do) gave me permission to keep an eye out on tall boots for her.  I happened to find these at Target on clearance for 50% off.  Wouldn't you know, they were the only pair there & they were her size!  So I snatched them up for her...$20 for tall riding boots is fantastic!

Of course while we were at Target, we had to dig through the clearance racks in the clothing section.  We found these black leather jackets, & after trying them on, decided we HAD to have them.  You can't see it here, but my sister had on a Chambray Shirt with a sporty black striped skirt, & when she put on this jacket, it made us squeal! You can wear this jacket either as a traditional coat, or add it to an outfit as you would a blazer or cardigan. Great staple to have on hand for sure & the 50% off price tag made it that much better!

So while at Target with my sister, we saw these shirts.  Loved it right away, but it wasn't on sale or marked down, so even though it was only $14.99 I didn't feel it was worth buying yet.  Fast forward a couple of days & I'm back at Target for some groceries (weird that I'm in the clothing section when I'm there for groceries, right?).  I end up doing another sweep of the clearance racks, & guess what I find?  Yep, the very same shirt we had seen just 3 days before, except now it's been marked 50% off!  Well, of course I had to get it then! I love that I can throw this on with jeans & still feel put together, or that I can jazz it up & wear it to work.  Of course, I had to text my sister to see if she also wanted one...she got the all black version. Even though it's all black, it has a two fabric types as well as the zipper detail which makes it far from boring.  I also saw a lot of chambray shirts on the clearance racks for anyone who may be looking.  See this post & this post if you missed examples on how to wear Chambray shirts.

In trying to make my way out of the store, this caught my eye.  I have been looking/wanting a knitted infinity scarf in either maroon or green.  I couldn't believe that I saw this.  I love the texture & embellishments on it, & I love that it was 40% off.  I wore it the other day with a mustard & white striped shirt, & plan on wearing it with many other things as well.  This color will also go great with grey, navy, Kelly green, mint green, aqua & teal, the shirt above, or a chambray... just to name a few.

So there you have it, my 5 awesome "meant to be" deals from Target this week.  Next week, I'm really going to try to avoid that place...wish me luck!

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