Friday, January 10, 2014

High Five for Friday

How is it possible that another week has come to a's nearly mid-January, how did that happen!?!  Anyway, on to my High Five's for this week...

1.  The "big" Christmas gift to my girls this year was a complete room re-do for each of, paint, bedding & all. Previously, the color of their rooms had all been chosen by me when they were each 2 years old, & I think they wanted some ownership in their spaces now that they are getting older (our oldest is 10 & youngest is 8).  Because it was a Christmas gift, I wanted to start working on the re-do's right away so they didn't feel like it was being pushed aside. So, this last week was spent choosing paint colors & painting. We got all the painting done on Saturday & Sunday. While I cut-in all the corners & edges, they each rolled the paint in their rooms...& did a great job I might add!  To my surprise, I've enjoyed the process with the girls. I'm proud as a Mom to watch them think things through & watch their personalities blossom to life in their rooms.  We have a lot of decorations & accessories to look for, but I will share the finished products with you all when they are done.

2.  Music is like magic, isn't it?  It can have such an effect on you!  During our hours of painting, the girls had their music playing constantly. It was such a mood lifter for me!  I am one of those people that forgets about never really dawns on me that I should turn some music on. I don't even listen to music when I'm exercising. I don't have any reason why - I like music, I just don't think about it.  Anyway, at some point while painting I realized that music is just good for the soul. To sing, or tap your fingers to the beat, hum along, or dance just makes you feel good!  And, I'm not going to lie....while my Husband was about to put in ear plugs, I really like the music my girls play!

3.  It happened to me!  Sunday morning the girls & I decided we needed some Starbucks to get us going for the final round of painting. Through the drive-thru we went, placed our order (3 drinks, 2 pastries, & a breakfast sandwich), then waited our turn in line to reach the payment window. I handed the nice cashier my payment & she said with a smile "the nice lady in front of you paid for your order".  What...?!?  This has never happened to me before! Of course you hear about it all the time, but this was a first for me...& what a special treat!  I was somewhat shocked, but then immediately felt bad because our order was just shy of $20!!!  I felt terrible that it was such a high bill, but the cashier assured me that the lady didn't mind. Wow, what kindness - & to a complete stranger!  Of course, we had to pay it forward (or in this case backward), so I gladly paid for the order behind me.  Made our Sunday for sure!

4.  Downton Abbey is back!!!!!  I'm so excited to have the season start again! I was a little late to the party, but I ended up watching all 3 seasons last summer. When I finished Season 3 I was ready for Season, I'm sorry, Season 4 doesn't start until January?!?  What...I have 6 months to wait?!?  Big bummer!  So, I'm so glad it's finally back & I will be looking forward to Sunday nights for a while!  If you are wanting to watch Seasons 1-3, just an FYI that Amazon Prime has the rights to the show now, so you can't get it on Netflix anymore. I've also heard the you may be able to watch them on the PBS website, under Masterpiece Classic.

5.  I had a fun meeting with Cija from 3 Wishes Photography this week. Since starting this blog, I want to learn how to use my DSLR camera properly & perhaps start taking better pictures. Miss Cija is a very talented photographer that we have used several times for family portraits. Come to find out, she also offers a one-on-one beginners lesson for those of us that are clueless. I had no idea what went into capturing good pictures, & I came away from my lesson with a lot more knowledge & understanding of the art. Now, obviously I have a long way to go, but I'm just going to keep practicing.  I've always wanted to know more about photography, so I'm excited to be taking the first steps. You can check out Cija's work on her website or check out her blog here.   She offers family portraits, maternity & newborn portraits, Senior pictures, weddings, & more. I love her style & have always been in love with our photos that she has done, so it's definitely worth checking out her gallery.

Some of my lesson photos.  Each photo had a different goal in mind.  The train picture was to capture movement, hence the blur.

That's all from me this week. I hope everyone had a good week & can reflect on your own happy highlights from the last 7 days!

Go Broncos!

Oh, for those of you wondering...I've managed to stay away from Target this week!  Well, except for groceries.  I will admit I feel it calling me though!  Eek!

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