Friday, January 17, 2014

High Five for Friday

Happy Friday!  I hope everyone had a good week & that you have some fun weekend plans ahead!  We are more than halfway through January already & guess Christmas Tree is still up-GASP!!!  I had great intentions last week that totally fell apart. I'll explain a little below in my highlights from the week.

1.  Although most of it was late planning, our weekend ended up being full of time spent with friends...girl time, birthday party, & Bronco Game!   That was a great way to spend our weekend, which I had originally thought was going to be low-key. So yeah, I didn't get my tree taken down, or get the house cleaned the way I had planned to, but quality time with friends is more important.  After all, those things will still be there tomorrow, right?

2.  I had a good laugh over this video this week, so I thought I'd share it...

3.  I know y'all may be tired of hearing it, but yet again we found a great deal at Target. I know I told you I was going to try to stay away, but I blame my daughter for this trip;-). Check out the fabulous roller skates we found for her...they were the only pair in this style & they happened to be in her size! Marked down to $9.56 from $37.99 because they were an online only item...lucky find for us!

4. I love Wednesdays. It's one of the only nights during our week that we don't have additional places to be or things to do. For that reason, I've found myself really looking forward to Wednesdays. It's our "chill" night, & for that, I'm thankful!

5.  Picked up this bag of goodies during a lunch power shopping run. No time to try on "the goods" at the store, so keeping my fingers crossed that everything is a keeper. Of course, I got it all for good prices!

We have some fun things on our calendar for this weekend. I'll be out-&-about on Saturday shopping with my Sister-in-law.  Be sure to like the Facebook page & follow me on Instagram @ie4style...I'll be posting any great sales & deals that I see. A little word of advice - if you have Christmas gift cards to use now is a great time to get some of those items on your wish list. It's a Holiday weekend so there may be big sales running, & a lot of stores are gearing up to move in their Spring merchandise, so look for Fall/Winter apparel to go on clearance!

Have a great weekend!  Go Broncos!

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