Friday, February 28, 2014

High Five for Friday

I don't know about you, but this week went by really fast for some reason. That's always nice, right?  I thought I'd go back to the usual shenanigans for my High Five for Friday post this week. In addition to some great Family & Friend time last weekend, here are 5 tidbits from the past 7 days...

1)  I recently picked up this bronzer from Sephora & have really been quite pleased with it.   This is the second Sephora brand product I have purchased & have been pleasantly surprised at how much I like them both. Best part was that the bronzer was only $17.00!

2)  I bought this fun tray at Hobby Lobby (for 50% off) for a project I'm working on in our Master bedroom. I ended up not liking it in there, but really loved the tray & wasn't' ready to give up on it yet.  I had the thought to give it a try in our living room instead & I really like it in that room.  I plan to use this helpful pin from Pinterest to fill & decorate it.

3)  If you'll recall a few weeks ago I mentioned that I got to work with Gina over at On The Daily Express & make a "wish list" from the store Express.  In doing so, I discovered their Stella Distressed Skinny Legging (thanks to Gina's advice).  For me, jeans are one area I allow myself to splurge on, so I gave these a go (I did get them during a 40% off sale).  I did try them on in-store first, but had to order the color & size I wanted online.  Those arrived last weekend & I'm in love with them! Seriously the most comfortable "jean" I have.  So much so that I'm considering getting them in White as well.  This is the only picture I have thus far, but definitely look for them to be in future outfit posts as well!

4)  I picked up this Recipe at the suggestion of Jo-Lynne at Musings of a Housewife from one of her Meal Planning Posts.  If I'm going to cook, the recipe has to be pretty easy & if the Husband is going to eat it, the recipe has to be pretty basic (let's just say he's picky).  I thought it was an easy meal to make & wonderfully delicious!  We'll definitely be having it again!  (I served it over brown rice & omitted the tomatoes, otherwise I followed the recipe exactly).

5)  We picked up this "igloo" for our kitty cat this weekend from Home Goods.  She's pretty much been in it non-stop since we brought it home.  It converts from an igloo shape to a bed by pushing the top down.  We switch it up for her every few days, but she's in it non-stop either way.  Makes for a happy kitty!

This is "Jo", our 14 year-old black kitty.  She hard to see all curled up in her igloo.

Our puppy, "Enza" was jealous of the kitty getting her picture taken, so she had to get one too.
She's a 4 year-old Shiba Inu.

We have some activities to keep us busy this weekend, so I'm looking forward to that.  How about you?  I hope you all had a good week & have something to look forward to this weekend.  I'll be back Monday with another post, so check back!

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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Camo Love?

Alright, I may be changing my thoughts on Camouflage.  I've always thought Camo wasn't "me", but perhaps I'm seeing things differently now??  It all started a couple weekends ago when my Sister picked up a great Camo Pencil Skirt from Banana Republic Outlet.  I'd love to link you guys to it, but I can't find it online...sorry!!  The skirt is really quite fabulous in its color & length, & it truly fits my Sister's personality & wardrobe style.  Since then, we've talked about all the ways she can wear her new purchase - from creams to blues & grays, & even purples, & of course chambray's & denim!

Camouflage print is really a neutral print, much the same as you would think of Leopard print.  So, let's talk about its possibilities, shall we?

Camo Print & Chambray Shirt
Button down top / Dana Buchman lined boots / Topshop leather coin purse / Stone jewelry, $27 / Kensie two tone necklace / Pyramid stud earrings

This is actually the exact skirt my Sister did get - it's the only picture I could find so I apologize for the poor quality of the picture.  The skirt really looks fantastic with the shirt tucked in because it's a higher waist, but you'll just have to visualize that in your mind for now.

Professional Camo

H M white shirt, $22 / Pinko pencil skirt / Wide shoes / Miss Selfridge pink purse / Forever New sport watch, $27 / ALDO black necklace / ALDO black jewelry / ALDO gold earrings / Essie nail polish, $17

This is a very similar skirt, but the colors are a bit more bold than the one from Banana Republic.  It looks great with a classic white button down & chic heel.  The touches of Pink spice it up!

Playful Camo

Dorothy Perkins daisy top / Victoria s Secret red t shirt / Dorothy Perkins camo jacket / Boyfriend jeans / Miss Selfridge blue skinny jeans / Converse white shoes / Charlotte Russe rhinestone sandals / Juicy Couture pendant necklace / Juicy Couture gold earrings / Zad braided bracelet / Wrap bracelet / Kate Spade ring / Dorothy Perkins gold earrings

I saw this Camo Crop Jacket & thought it would be fun to wear a coral tee underneath.  Pair that up with a distressed skinny jean & choose your footwear depending on the occasion.  This creates a casual, yet eye catching outfit.

Camo Skinnies with Purple

American Eagle Outfitters graphic tee / Black vest / Tripp green jeans / Iphone case / Patrizia Pepe purple scarve / Aviators | THE LIMITED

Various shades of purple also go great with Camo Print.  Unexpected, but very fun!

Of course, if you're not quite ready to go "full-camo", you could always try a scarf (here & here) or a pair of shoes (booties here, pumps here, flats here) in Camouflage print too!

So herein lies the problem - in the process of trying to inspire you all (the readers), I end up inspiring myself.  Whereas I didn't think I would really ever wear Camouflage print, now I'm reconsidering!  Seeing all the ways you can work with it has made me look at this print differently.  Perhaps I see a purchase in my future??  I'll keep you posted :-)

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Sunday, February 23, 2014

Mint on My Mind

Maybe it's because we are soon approaching the change of seasons, but lately I've had a few colors on my mind that I'd like to further incorporate into my wardrobe.  I may make a "mini-series" out of that theme, but today I wanted to talk about Mint.  I'm finding myself dreaming of ways to wear this color as I think ahead to my Spring wardrobe.  I already have a pair of Mint shorts from last year that I'll be ready to wear this summer, but I also would like to add some tops & accessories in the mint color palate as well.

I've put together a sampling of some items I wouldn't mind having - keeping in mind that I'll be searching for these items for "the right price" before they join my personal collection (because that's just how I roll).


Ruched top / Dorothy Perkins mint green top / Legging / American Eagle Outfitters mint pants / Polish shoes / Flat / Apt 9 green tote / Dorothy Perkins mint handbag / Watch / Sequin scarf / Buckle belt / FOREVER 21 Dazzling Medallion Studs

On the top of my list is probably a Mint skinny jean & I'm absolutely in love with both of these pairs of shoes!  I actually saw the flats in-store at Target this week & probably let out a little squeal when I saw them (the picture here doesn't do them justice)!

Although Mint is not typically a "neutral" color, it really can be mixed & matched with a plethora of other colors.  I have a Kelly Green geometric-print skirt that I'd love to wear with a Mint top, & I love wearing my raspberry color cardi with my Mint shorts.  I've put together a color block visual aide with just some of the other colors that would go well with Mint.

Mint Color Mix

If color mixing makes you nervous, I would encourage you to at least try adding one of these complimentary colors in the form of a piece of jewelry or perhaps in a shoe. I think you'll find it's quite fun!

For more Mint outfit inspiration you can check out Carylee's ensemble over at More Pieces of Me as well as Shanna's splash of Mint at Because Shanna Said So.  

As always, I hope I've given you something to think about.  Do you see Mint in your future?

Friday, February 21, 2014

High Five for Friday

I felt like doing something a little different this Friday. Although some highlights of my week included getting Mani's & Pedi's with my girls on Valentine's Day & solidifying our first "summer" trip for the year, I felt like shaking things up for this post.  I'll still keep with the concept of 5, but instead of sharing from my personal life's happenings, I thought I'd share my top 5 MAC about that?!

Those of you who know me personally know I've been a user of MAC products for years!  For many, many years I only used MAC products, but more recently I've branched out here & there.  However, there are still some tried-&-true items that are my favorites that I still continue to use & re-buy.

MAC Favs

1)  Blot Powder - I carry this powder compact in my purse at all times & use it to refresh/touch-up my makeup when I feel necessary.  This pressed powder helps provide shine control & gives your face that "finished" look without adding noticeable color or texture.  This is one of their products I have used from the very beginning & never go without.  I use the shade "Medium".

2)  Eye Shadow in "Woodwinked" - Probably my favorite eye shadow color of all time.  I've probably re-purchased this color at least 3-4 times, keeping in mind that you don't go through these MAC shadows very fast at all.  "Woodwinked" is a beautiful shimmery metallic brown/taupe.  That description makes it seem very obnoxious, but I promise you it's not.  It ends up being a very neutral color that easily mixes with other colors & would probably go well with most skin tones.

3)  Paints & Paint Pots - These cream shadows are what I use as an "eye lid primer" before applying my actual eye shadow.  I only use them as a base, although they are meant to be an eye shadow of their own.  I've found that these 2 products work FAR better for me as far as keeping my shadows from creasing or fading throughout the day.  Yes, I say these work better than any actual "eye lid primer" product (at least that I've tried).  I use the Paints in "Untitled" & the Paint Pot in "Bare Study".  I only use one of these at a time, but want to show you both options because they are equally great.

4) Lipglass in "Viva Glam VI" -  Thank goodness they are still making this color!  It is my hands-down "go-to" lip gloss that I can apply anytime. No matter what time of the day, what I'm wearing, or the occasion, I know I can throw this on & it will be great!  It's described by MAC to be a warm plum with pearl frost, but I would say that it's more pink/mauve rather than plum.  It is high-shine though.  

5)  Eye Kohl in "Teddy" - My favorite "brown" eyeliner.  It offers the perfect amount of metallic touch & is described as "intense bronze" in color.  Again, don't let that scare you that it's overly sparkly...truly it's brown with the slightest hint of metallic specs.  Perfect!

So, there you have 5 treasures from MAC that I have religiously used over the past 10+ years (truly it's been that long for most of these).  What are you favorite "go-to" cosmetics?  I'd love to hear!!

(Obviously I'm not a Beauty Professional in any way, shape or form.  These opinions are strictly based off of my taste, experiences, & opinion.  Please feel free to share your opinion too!)

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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Trendy Lace

I must have Pinterest on the mind because just like Monday's post, this post was inspired by Pinterest.  I saw this pin a while ago & immediately fell in love with the Lace Top.  So, after pinning it, I followed the link to see if it would take me anywhere useful (i.e. where was it from, how much is it, etc).  Low & behold, it actually took me straight to the online store where it was a reasonable price & still in stock!  Don't you just get so frustrated when you follow a pin on Pinterest just to find out that the "link" goes nowhere, or that the top you just fell in love with is $268.00!  Erg!!!  Anyway, I felt like it must have been a sign from above that I was meant to have this top - so I ordered it!

The first time I wore it, I just mimicked the look from Pinterest, swapping out the jeans for modern leggings to dress it up a bit.  On the site where I ordered it, they also had a handful of pictures of additional ways to wear this top including tucking it into a skirt & wearing a chambray underneath it for a layered look!

Here's the original pin:

Here's the way I wore it:

Lace is definitely a fabric you will see a lot of for this Spring & Summer.  The pieces add richness to an outfit because of the heavy texture.  In addition to that, because they are typically a neutral color, lace pieces can very easily be worn in a wide variety of ways & can be mixed with other patterns or textures as well.  

Some other ways I've shown shown Lace in past posts:

Dressing up with leopard print

Lace & Tweed

Funny, I just realized I used the exact same Lace Top in both of those...what can I say, it's a great top!

Some of my other favorite ways to wear a Lace Top (via Pinterest):

♔ Jeans & Brocade Top

I did pick up a short sleeved Lace Top from Banana Republic Outlet this past weekend.  I had on jeans similar to this when I tried it on & it was fabulous...sweet & simple!

lavender jeans + denim shirt + lace

Laid Back in Lace || casual chic lace skirt with chambray shirt, red clutch & nude pumps

Of course, this is just the tip of the iceberg on the many ways you can wear Lace.  If you're looking to add a piece to your closet, you shouldn't have any trouble finding a piece you like...they are all over right now.  I've featured a few below, but again, just hit your favorite store & I'm guessing you'll find what you're looking for.


Don't be afraid to try Lace...if you need more ideas or help matching a piece, just let me know.  I'm always more than happy to throw in my two-cents! :-)  I should also add that I've only shown pieces in traditional ivory color, but there are plenty options out there in other what makes you happy!

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