Friday, February 21, 2014

High Five for Friday

I felt like doing something a little different this Friday. Although some highlights of my week included getting Mani's & Pedi's with my girls on Valentine's Day & solidifying our first "summer" trip for the year, I felt like shaking things up for this post.  I'll still keep with the concept of 5, but instead of sharing from my personal life's happenings, I thought I'd share my top 5 MAC about that?!

Those of you who know me personally know I've been a user of MAC products for years!  For many, many years I only used MAC products, but more recently I've branched out here & there.  However, there are still some tried-&-true items that are my favorites that I still continue to use & re-buy.

MAC Favs

1)  Blot Powder - I carry this powder compact in my purse at all times & use it to refresh/touch-up my makeup when I feel necessary.  This pressed powder helps provide shine control & gives your face that "finished" look without adding noticeable color or texture.  This is one of their products I have used from the very beginning & never go without.  I use the shade "Medium".

2)  Eye Shadow in "Woodwinked" - Probably my favorite eye shadow color of all time.  I've probably re-purchased this color at least 3-4 times, keeping in mind that you don't go through these MAC shadows very fast at all.  "Woodwinked" is a beautiful shimmery metallic brown/taupe.  That description makes it seem very obnoxious, but I promise you it's not.  It ends up being a very neutral color that easily mixes with other colors & would probably go well with most skin tones.

3)  Paints & Paint Pots - These cream shadows are what I use as an "eye lid primer" before applying my actual eye shadow.  I only use them as a base, although they are meant to be an eye shadow of their own.  I've found that these 2 products work FAR better for me as far as keeping my shadows from creasing or fading throughout the day.  Yes, I say these work better than any actual "eye lid primer" product (at least that I've tried).  I use the Paints in "Untitled" & the Paint Pot in "Bare Study".  I only use one of these at a time, but want to show you both options because they are equally great.

4) Lipglass in "Viva Glam VI" -  Thank goodness they are still making this color!  It is my hands-down "go-to" lip gloss that I can apply anytime. No matter what time of the day, what I'm wearing, or the occasion, I know I can throw this on & it will be great!  It's described by MAC to be a warm plum with pearl frost, but I would say that it's more pink/mauve rather than plum.  It is high-shine though.  

5)  Eye Kohl in "Teddy" - My favorite "brown" eyeliner.  It offers the perfect amount of metallic touch & is described as "intense bronze" in color.  Again, don't let that scare you that it's overly sparkly...truly it's brown with the slightest hint of metallic specs.  Perfect!

So, there you have 5 treasures from MAC that I have religiously used over the past 10+ years (truly it's been that long for most of these).  What are you favorite "go-to" cosmetics?  I'd love to hear!!

(Obviously I'm not a Beauty Professional in any way, shape or form.  These opinions are strictly based off of my taste, experiences, & opinion.  Please feel free to share your opinion too!)

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  1. Loved reading your MAC favorites! I've been a loyal MAC user least as long as you. :) I also swear by Paints as an eyeshadow base (although Bare Canvas works best on my skin coloring). I also only use eyeshadow, blush, and Lipstick from MAC as well. I love their lipglass, too, although I'm not as exclusive when it comes to gloss. Now I want to check out woodwinked eyeshadow! We have different coloring but you never know. :) -Gina
    On the Daily Express

    1. Glad to hear there are more users of the Paints for a base...they are fantastic at keeping the shadows great all day, aren't they! Yes, you should at least stop in and try the Woodwinked...if you do, let me know what you think!

  2. I will always be loyal to MAC Studio Fix!


    1. Yes, I hear a lot of people say the same thing! Thanks for stopping by! :-)

  3. I am obsessed with MAC Lipglass. My collection is slowly growing. And my Peachtwist MAC blush is my holy grail! Loved reading about your faves! Thanks for the tips!


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