Friday, February 28, 2014

High Five for Friday

I don't know about you, but this week went by really fast for some reason. That's always nice, right?  I thought I'd go back to the usual shenanigans for my High Five for Friday post this week. In addition to some great Family & Friend time last weekend, here are 5 tidbits from the past 7 days...

1)  I recently picked up this bronzer from Sephora & have really been quite pleased with it.   This is the second Sephora brand product I have purchased & have been pleasantly surprised at how much I like them both. Best part was that the bronzer was only $17.00!

2)  I bought this fun tray at Hobby Lobby (for 50% off) for a project I'm working on in our Master bedroom. I ended up not liking it in there, but really loved the tray & wasn't' ready to give up on it yet.  I had the thought to give it a try in our living room instead & I really like it in that room.  I plan to use this helpful pin from Pinterest to fill & decorate it.

3)  If you'll recall a few weeks ago I mentioned that I got to work with Gina over at On The Daily Express & make a "wish list" from the store Express.  In doing so, I discovered their Stella Distressed Skinny Legging (thanks to Gina's advice).  For me, jeans are one area I allow myself to splurge on, so I gave these a go (I did get them during a 40% off sale).  I did try them on in-store first, but had to order the color & size I wanted online.  Those arrived last weekend & I'm in love with them! Seriously the most comfortable "jean" I have.  So much so that I'm considering getting them in White as well.  This is the only picture I have thus far, but definitely look for them to be in future outfit posts as well!

4)  I picked up this Recipe at the suggestion of Jo-Lynne at Musings of a Housewife from one of her Meal Planning Posts.  If I'm going to cook, the recipe has to be pretty easy & if the Husband is going to eat it, the recipe has to be pretty basic (let's just say he's picky).  I thought it was an easy meal to make & wonderfully delicious!  We'll definitely be having it again!  (I served it over brown rice & omitted the tomatoes, otherwise I followed the recipe exactly).

5)  We picked up this "igloo" for our kitty cat this weekend from Home Goods.  She's pretty much been in it non-stop since we brought it home.  It converts from an igloo shape to a bed by pushing the top down.  We switch it up for her every few days, but she's in it non-stop either way.  Makes for a happy kitty!

This is "Jo", our 14 year-old black kitty.  She hard to see all curled up in her igloo.

Our puppy, "Enza" was jealous of the kitty getting her picture taken, so she had to get one too.
She's a 4 year-old Shiba Inu.

We have some activities to keep us busy this weekend, so I'm looking forward to that.  How about you?  I hope you all had a good week & have something to look forward to this weekend.  I'll be back Monday with another post, so check back!

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  1. Hello and Happy Friday from the link up!! LOVE finding deals at Hobby Lobby!! Super cute outfit! ;) Have a lovely weekend!!

  2. EEEEKKKK!!!! You look GREAT in those jeans. They are so cute and flattering on you!! So glad you agree about the comfort, too. I love all of my Express jeans but I don't love them all equally...these are definitely tops. And I love your sweater & scarf pairing with it, too, kind of softens the "toughness" of the destroyed jeans. Thanks for the mention and thanks for showing your new goods on the blog so I could see!! You can expect a feature next Friday. :) -Gina
    On the Daily Express

  3. OMG so many good things in this post! That tray! Enza! The Stellas!! They look great on you! So happy to find another lover of them! Happy Friday!!

  4. That tray is super adorable! If I had a vanity or desk in my room, I'd want to use to put all my makeup in. Such a fun print!

    Your outfit is SO cute! That scarf is just gorgeous and those jeans do look great on you!

    Visiting from the Fab Favorites link up :)
    Exploring My Style


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