Sunday, February 23, 2014

Mint on My Mind

Maybe it's because we are soon approaching the change of seasons, but lately I've had a few colors on my mind that I'd like to further incorporate into my wardrobe.  I may make a "mini-series" out of that theme, but today I wanted to talk about Mint.  I'm finding myself dreaming of ways to wear this color as I think ahead to my Spring wardrobe.  I already have a pair of Mint shorts from last year that I'll be ready to wear this summer, but I also would like to add some tops & accessories in the mint color palate as well.

I've put together a sampling of some items I wouldn't mind having - keeping in mind that I'll be searching for these items for "the right price" before they join my personal collection (because that's just how I roll).


Ruched top / Dorothy Perkins mint green top / Legging / American Eagle Outfitters mint pants / Polish shoes / Flat / Apt 9 green tote / Dorothy Perkins mint handbag / Watch / Sequin scarf / Buckle belt / FOREVER 21 Dazzling Medallion Studs

On the top of my list is probably a Mint skinny jean & I'm absolutely in love with both of these pairs of shoes!  I actually saw the flats in-store at Target this week & probably let out a little squeal when I saw them (the picture here doesn't do them justice)!

Although Mint is not typically a "neutral" color, it really can be mixed & matched with a plethora of other colors.  I have a Kelly Green geometric-print skirt that I'd love to wear with a Mint top, & I love wearing my raspberry color cardi with my Mint shorts.  I've put together a color block visual aide with just some of the other colors that would go well with Mint.

Mint Color Mix

If color mixing makes you nervous, I would encourage you to at least try adding one of these complimentary colors in the form of a piece of jewelry or perhaps in a shoe. I think you'll find it's quite fun!

For more Mint outfit inspiration you can check out Carylee's ensemble over at More Pieces of Me as well as Shanna's splash of Mint at Because Shanna Said So.  

As always, I hope I've given you something to think about.  Do you see Mint in your future?


  1. 100% yes, mint is in my future! I usually start wearing spring colors in March, because I like to make up weird rules like that. Luckily March starts on Saturday so I will be busting out some mint pieces soon, and love some of your options like the mint belt and Dorothy Perkins top! :)
    On the Daily Express

  2. Man, I jumped on the mint train last year and never looked back! Which is funny because in real life I hate *eating* anything minty, but I love wearing it! Mint and cobalt is my most favoritest, happiest combo! And you're lucky, because later this week I've got a little bit more mint up my sleeve!
    Thanks for sharing this inspiration board with Manic Monday! I'm basically dying over the wedges! And ok, everything!

    1. I had to laugh at this because I dislike *eating* anything mint flavored (natural or otherwise) too!! Haha!! I'm looking forward to seeing your future Mint posts...including the Mint & Cobalt combo - sounds great!

  3. Visiting from Tres Chic fashion. Loving all this mint color.

  4. I'm loving mint this year! I really want a mint handbag. :-)

  5. OMG, yesterday I saw the mint handbag Jo-Lynne pinned on Pinterest and then today I saw this post and now I WANT EVERYTHING TO BE MINT.


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