Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Trendy Lace

I must have Pinterest on the mind because just like Monday's post, this post was inspired by Pinterest.  I saw this pin a while ago & immediately fell in love with the Lace Top.  So, after pinning it, I followed the link to see if it would take me anywhere useful (i.e. where was it from, how much is it, etc).  Low & behold, it actually took me straight to the online store where it was a reasonable price & still in stock!  Don't you just get so frustrated when you follow a pin on Pinterest just to find out that the "link" goes nowhere, or that the top you just fell in love with is $268.00!  Erg!!!  Anyway, I felt like it must have been a sign from above that I was meant to have this top - so I ordered it!

The first time I wore it, I just mimicked the look from Pinterest, swapping out the jeans for modern leggings to dress it up a bit.  On the site where I ordered it, they also had a handful of pictures of additional ways to wear this top including tucking it into a skirt & wearing a chambray underneath it for a layered look!

Here's the original pin:

Here's the way I wore it:

Lace is definitely a fabric you will see a lot of for this Spring & Summer.  The pieces add richness to an outfit because of the heavy texture.  In addition to that, because they are typically a neutral color, lace pieces can very easily be worn in a wide variety of ways & can be mixed with other patterns or textures as well.  

Some other ways I've shown shown Lace in past posts:

Dressing up with leopard print

Lace & Tweed

Funny, I just realized I used the exact same Lace Top in both of those...what can I say, it's a great top!

Some of my other favorite ways to wear a Lace Top (via Pinterest):

♔ Jeans & Brocade Top

I did pick up a short sleeved Lace Top from Banana Republic Outlet this past weekend.  I had on jeans similar to this when I tried it on & it was fabulous...sweet & simple!

lavender jeans + denim shirt + lace

Laid Back in Lace || casual chic lace skirt with chambray shirt, red clutch & nude pumps

Of course, this is just the tip of the iceberg on the many ways you can wear Lace.  If you're looking to add a piece to your closet, you shouldn't have any trouble finding a piece you like...they are all over right now.  I've featured a few below, but again, just hit your favorite store & I'm guessing you'll find what you're looking for.


Don't be afraid to try Lace...if you need more ideas or help matching a piece, just let me know.  I'm always more than happy to throw in my two-cents! :-)  I should also add that I've only shown pieces in traditional ivory color, but there are plenty options out there in other what makes you happy!

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  1. I am all about the lace too...great Pinterest finds and high five for creating a fab look!! :)

  2. hi from the link up! I love all that lace...such good ideas! And love how you put it together!

  3. What a pretty tunic! I love the scalloped edging on it and ALL of the different ways to style it. The distressed jeans and heels is a look I'd like to try!

  4. Love love love all of this - your pinterpretation and your style boards! And this reminds me, I need a white lace skirt!!!

  5. I am loving lace! I have a bunch of lace skirt Pins waiting for me to try, but I need to look into the top now! You did great with your outfit:)

    Patrice @

  6. Oooh! I love that top and it is so versatile. I love your look too.

  7. Love the shirt. It's very feminine and screams spring.


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