Wednesday, March 12, 2014


I got a call from a friend last week to ask for help with her shoe dilemma.  She was going to be making a short weekend trip to a State up north with fairly cold temps.  She wondered what shoe might work best for the freezing temps outside, but also not make her boil while spending most of her days on the bleachers of an indoor pool.  At first, tall boots made the list, but that would personally make me boil while at the indoor pool.  Then flats were discussed, but that seemed to chilly of a prospect for the frigid temps outdoors.  Athletic tennis shoes she said would make her feel to frumpy, to which I quickly agreed!! (See this post of you missed my distaste of the use of athletic tennis shoes).

Finally, I mentioned Converse.  They're flat, comfortable, & provide enough foot coverage to fend off the cold temperatures outside, but not make you overheat indoors.  In the end, I'm not sure what she ended up with, but I thought I'd share some inspiration on ways you can easily incorporate Converse into a wardrobe.

Converse with a skirt

Converse with Faux Leater

Leopard Converse's fun & easy to incorporate these casual shoes - which come in every color & print imaginable!  Of course you could also use shoes such as Vans, Sperry's, or even Toms (sorry, not a fan of Toms personally) in outfits such as these.

Other examples include how I recently wore my Converse, my favorite Converse outfit from Pinterest, & I love how Carylee over at More Pieces of Me wore them recently too! Oh, & I also used them earlier this week with the casual & comfy look with a LBD!

Cute & Casual

I'd love to hear your thoughts on Converse, or casual shoes in general.  I hope I've inspired you to wear them in a new way.  Even though it's a casual shoe, you'll still look & feel fabulous!


  1. I bought my first pair (well, and only pair so far) of Converse in 2013 and I am now a fan, which is surprising because I'm with you on the athletic shoes thing. I actually feel fairly put together even if Converse are on my feet. I am debating which color to get next for versatility...gray maybe? If I have white what would you get second? Anyway, LOVE how you styled yours and love all of your inspiration outfits, too. Carylee's purple ones are so cute! Gina
    On the Daily Express

    1. I'm with you...I got my first & only pair about this time last year. I think the gray ones are very neutral and easy to wear, so that's a great next choice. I'm personally really liking the mint colored ones...& still think they would be fairly versatile. Or you could go for a pair with pattern too :-) Let me know if you end up with a second pair! Thanks for stopping by!!

  2. Aww- yay! Thanks for the mention! I just passed those pants in my closet tonight and thought I needed to wear them again stat! This makes me want to do over this whole outfit!
    Great call on the converse. It's a great casual chic option for the colder/not as colder months!
    Love the inspiration here!

  3. I JUST got my first pair of Converse!! This post is perfect timing! Love the look with pattern leggings


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