Friday, March 21, 2014

High Five for Friday

I have a confession to make - I just discovered a store that I'm in love with!  The slightly embarrassing part is that it's not even a "new" store - it's been around for plenty of time...J. Crew Factory Stores!  Hello, I'll take one of everything please!  Why haven't I shopped there before?  Well I've done plenty of window shopping at regular J. Crew store, but I rarely go inside because why tempt myself with things that I, quite frankly, can't afford.  Since I've been hitting our local outlet mall more frequently lately (they've been adding more retailers recently), I finally went inside their outlet store last weekend with my sister.

Of course we tried on a slew of things, fell in love with a few things, but eventually talked ourselves out of everything for one reason or another.  The one thing we were mesmerized by was the jewelry!! It. Was. Gorgeous.  So, in honor of High Five for Friday I thought I'd share with you just a sampling of the pieces I drooled over...of course in the number of 5.

Jewelry @ J. Crew

I have to say that these pictures don't do any of these pieces justice.  You'll have to go by your nearest J. Crew Factory store to check them out in person to see the beautiful colors & shine they radiate!  The beauty of each of these pieces is they would look great with just a simple tee shirt!

When we were there last weekend, nearly the entire store was an additional 50% off (including already marked down items) making most pieces (clothing & accessories) reasonably priced.  I don't know if that in-store sale is still going, but if not, they'll surely do it again so keep an eye out.  I'll also inform you on Facebook if I get wind of great sales.  

What new, or not-so-new, stores have you discovered lately?  I'd love to hear!

Have a happy weekend!


  1. J Crew Factory definitely has some great jewelry and clothes. I've noticed that frequently an item I love at JCrew (and which will be WAY too expensive!) will end up with an identical factory version in short time. I try hard not to shop at JCrew for that reason and just to be patient. The only thing for me with Factory is that I don't have a retail location nearby, so if it doesn't fit I'd have to ship it back and I haaaate that. Maybe I'll get lucky and they'll open a new location near me. :)
    On the Daily Express

  2. Loving those awesome pastel tones. Plus I'm all about the jewels in my jewelry now. Totally gonna check thus out. Stopping by from the all things chic link up. //Mary

  3. I love me some J Crew!! Their necklaces have been going around like crazy on the fashion blogs!


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