Friday, March 28, 2014

High Five for Friday

It's Friday yet again!  The girls have been on Spring Break this week & have one more week to go. That's right, they get a two week Spring Break which I love because, quite frankly, one week just goes by way too fast. This week we've just kind of reveled in not having to do anything in a timely fashion & have been enjoying the slower pace of life. We'll have a few activities planned for next week, but still nothing major.

Anyway, lets talk about High Five for Friday this week. Um, in case you didn't know already, I have a love for shoes (don't all girls love shoes?). It dawned on me yesterday that I've acquired quite a few new pairs in the last two weeks, so why not share them for this Friday's post. I've noticed that I get on these kicks where I'll buy multiple pairs within a very short time frame & I think that's triggered by the changing of the seasons. I will say that I've been really good about donating some older/worn-out shoes lately to make room for the new ones, so I can't feel that bad, right?

Nothing too earth shattering here - just some good deals & styles I couldn't pass up...

New Shoes

1). Mint Flats: I've mentioned this pair on this post before & have been patiently waiting for them to go on sale ever since. Well I finally broke down & purchased them during Target's Buy 1 get 1 50% off sale this week. Yay!!!

2). Patent Grey Kitten Heel Slingbacks:  Well, in order to get said shoes above at 50% off, I had to get another pair at the same time.  I've been searching for grey shoes that would be work appropriate for a while now & for various reasons haven't found anything. Honestly, I didn't like the look of these shoes on the rack & only even tried them on because of the color. However, once I put them on I really liked them!  Goes to show you that you have to try things on!  They look fab with boyfriend jeans too!

3). Strappy Sandals: Nope, you're not having troubles with your vision...I actually bought this pair in both Navy & Brown (insert smiley face here)!  These were on sale at Target last week for $12 a pair & I was having a tough time deciding on which color I "needed" the I got both!  Great for casual wear for Spring, Summer, & early Fall.

4). Ankle Strap Heel:  This is probably my favorite shoe style right now. I love how they are so minimal, yet edgy. I blame this purchase on Kohls Cash that was going to expire so I had to buy something!  However, between a sale, a coupon, my Kohls Cash, & the remainder of a gift card from Christmas, these beauties didn't cost me really anything. I love them!

5). Natural Wedges:  I picked these pretty little things up on a lunch hour when I was "killing time" at TJ Maxx.  At first I really struggled with the price, but later saw them at the Guess Factory store for $20 more than I paid. I still feel bad at the price, but sometimes you just have to buy the shoe! I struggled at the end of last Summer finding a new pair of brown wedges, so that's my justification for this pair.  (Currently on sale at Guess Factory for $44.99, I paid $39.99 at TJ Maxx)

Well that wraps up my five "pretties" this week. How about you, what's worthy of your High Fives this week?

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  1. Hello! Following via Bloglovin' from the Totally Awesome Blog Hop!!!

    I love the flats and the wedges! Can not wait to wear summer shoes again sooo tired of boots!


  2. The mint flats are gorgeous and I have been eyeing those same strappy sandals at Target! They are so cute, but I haven't grabbed them yet because I'm not sure if I'll need them or if I already have my sandal bases covered this year. But I do the same thing-- I can go for months without buying shoes, then buy 4 pair in a month. Usually at the beginning of the season!
    On the Daily Express

  3. Oooh, mint flats! Sounds like a total dream shoe :)


  4. That's a great deal on the Target sandals! (I would have also bought both colors!)


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