Monday, March 3, 2014

To Be or Not To Be...

....that is the question I'm asking you today!  I need your help!  I have some trendy items that have been swirling around in my brain for a while, & I just can't decide if I should make the purchase or not.  So, I thought I'd turn to you guys today to help sway me one way or the other.  Without further ado, let's dive in & I'll state my case for each item.

To Be or Not To Be

Scuba Pants/Faux Leather Leggings & Faux Leather Skater Skirt:  Although I really liked the look, when these first started becoming popular on the market I thought "there's just now way I'd wear those often enough to be worthwhile".  However, I still find myself thinking of ways to wear them & adore them when I see them on others.  Now, since I've held off thus far, the second issue is "am I too late".  These being fairly trendy items, I take the risk that they will no longer be in style next fall/winter.  Thoughts?  Do you have a pair of pants or a skirt like this?  If so, do you have a favorite Brand?  What's your favorite occasion to wear them for?  Not a fan?  Tell me why?

Romper:  I'm starting to see these come about as we get closer to the warmer weather.  I'm completely loving the style these offer...there's something very modern & classy about them that I'm enamored with.  Perhaps it's because I'm dreaming of vacation, but I'm quite taken with them.  Anybody with me?  

Beauty Blender:  This seems to be the buzz word in cosmetics lately.  I've picked the brain from a couple of Sephora Employees, but would love to hear your thoughts/review if you use one.  Do you LOVE it?  Do you think it really makes a difference in the way your make up goes on?  The investment is not high, but I'd still love to hear your thoughts.

Julep Nail Polish:  I'm also hearing a ton of talk about Julep Nail Polishes.  I have to tell you that I'm completely frustrated with OPI & Essie because I cannot get it to stay on my nails for more than a day before it starts chipping....erg!!  However, just because a nail polish is more expensive, like Julep, doesn't mean it will stay on any better.  They have some great colors that I'm attracted to, but would love to hear from those who have used it before I take the plunge.

Help a girl make a decision!  I'm looking forward to see what you all have to say so I can maybe get these items out of my head once & for all! Plus perhaps you'll help others that have been wondering the same thing.  :-)

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  1. You want opinions? I have opinions!! :)
    1) Scuba leggings: YES, get them on a good sale (under $30). Even though they are a trend piece and you won't wear them every week, they are really fun to wear for the right events and no other pants provide the same effect. I'll probably be wearing mine on and off through May, so that's still a few more months to wear this year. Skater skirt...I don't wear skirts enough to justify one of those. It's cute, and maybe you wear skirts more?
    2) Romper...these are cute but the bathroom issue is a deal breaker for me. I have a small bladder and don't want to get fully undressed from the top down every time I need to go!
    3) Beauty opinion at all, actually! I'm already content with my makeup so I don't want to get addicted to something new I have to spend money on.
    4) Julep...if you love a particular color, get it. But I wouldn't count on high end nail polish to make your color last long longer. I have everything from Chanel to Sinful colors and they all last the same on my nails. I would look at other techniques and factors to extend your manicure. Sometimes I do a gel top coat w/ LED light (I have an at home kit) and that definitely makes it last longer but isn't as hard to remove as the full gel application. So there's my novel for you!!
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    1. See...I didn't even think of the "potty" factor with a Romper!! This is the reasons I asked you all for your thoughts! Thanks for the info on the LED top coat...I'll have to look into that! Thanks for your thoughts & opinions!! :-)

  2. Thanks for linking up with Funday Monday! I'm not really unto the faux leather trend, but that's just me. I agree that I'm annoyed with OPI. It always chips. Have you tried CND? They have a weekly polish that sticks pretty well for me. I've been able to find it on Amazon. I can't weigh in on the others. Good luck!

    1. I have tried CND (we have about 6 colors) & I LOVE it! By far stays on the longest of the brands I've tried. Just wondered if there were others too. Thanks for your thoughts!

  3. Ok, so my thoughts!!
    1. Faux leather anything - yes, girl, you NEED these. I would even venture to say you need them more than you needed the distressed Stellas. It's really hard not to reach for one of my 348934 faux leather items in my closet. It's not as flashy as you think - you can really dress them like you would regular solid black pieces, but they automatically kick everything up a notch. Seriously. You won't regret it. And if Uggs are still around, faux leather aint going anywhere. :)
    2. Romper - I'm with Gina on this one. outside of wearing them to the beach as a cover up or something, I just don't think they're practical. I just can't pull the trigger. It pains me bc I do see SOO many good applications, but for me, I can't do it. I won't judge you if you decide to buy one tho :)
    3. Beauty blender: I use the makeup wedges, and I was convinced to try the Beauty Blender bc everyone said that they felt like the wedges/sponges wasted product. Well, I had the opposite problem with the blender - I could never portion it out right and I felt like it took forever to blend into my skin. But even when I got use to the appropriate "serving size" to use on the blender - it was kind of a pain to have to wash it after each use. Adding an extra step to my morning routine is not a good thing. And even if I was good at religiously washing it - it never washed 100% clean, and I kinda felt grossed out using a "dirty" applicator on my face. So. I went back to my sponges.
    Maybe I'm doing something wrong, I dunno, but I wasn't a fan!
    4. No experience with Julep, so if you try it, please let me know!
    Hope that helps! Thanks for linking up with us, lady!

    1. Haha, you make me laugh about the Faux Leather! Between you & Gina, I think I'm convinced to give at least the pants/leggings a go! :-) Glad to hear about your experience with the Beauty Blender...precisely the reason I wanted to hear directly from those who have used one. Thanks for sharing!!! :-)

  4. Ha, I was in the same iffy boat a couple of weeks ago. I finally caved and ordered these on sale. Totally worth the $48. Really well fitting and surprisingly not so faux looking!

  5. Great post, thanks for linking up with us!!


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