Wednesday, April 30, 2014

WIW: Easter

I know Easter is long gone by now, but I thought I'd share with you what I wore (wiw) to Easter lunch.  I've had this floral maxi for about 2 years now & I love that I can still get plenty of use out of it.  The fabric gives off a more elegant vibe than the traditional cotton jersey maxi dresses, so I tend to wear this dress for occasions such as Easter, Showers, Brunches, etc.

The dress is actually a tank maxi so I wore my chambray over the top of it for warmth & dimension (I should have taken a photo without the chambray, sorry that I didn't).

If you don't already own one, you really truly need a Chambray shirt!  They are so versatile & I promise you'll wear it all year round!  This is the second post this week I've shown how I've worn a chambray & that's just the tip of the iceberg.  (I just did a quick look & I've posted about 8 entry's that involve a chambray on this blog.)  You may even be able to find some on markdown this time of year.  Trust me, it'll become a staple item in your closet!

Maxi Dress:  exact old, similar herehere or splurge here
Chambray: exact old, good options herehere, or here
Necklace: J.Crew Factory, similar here
Wedges: Guess (via TJMaxx)

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Monday, April 28, 2014

Look Up

This post is brought to you by an outfit inspiration that I found by chance.  We all know by now that I love Target & that I visit my local Target store on a very regular basis.  A couple of weeks ago during one of my visits I spent time wandering through the clothing department & for whatever reason, I looked up.  Hanging on the back wall of the clothing department (way up high) they have giant pictures of models in Target clothing.  I know these have always been there & they change them out regularly, but I think I visit so often that I'm immune to them...they don't typically catch my attention.  However, this particular picture caught my eye on that day & I said "hey, I have everything needed to make that outfit", so I did just that.

As you can see, I chose to wear this layered chambray & striped top with ponte knit leggings & red heels (for color).  If the weather is nice, I could also wear a nice pair of bermuda shorts in lieu of the leggings (we're still having up & down's with our weather here in Colorado).

Overall, I was happy with how it came together.  I was glad to have spied the inspiration photo because it gave me the chance to wear pieces I already have in a new way.  Where you do find your inspirations for outfits...anywhere unusual?

Here's the links to the items I'm wearing:  Chambray (not the exact one I'm wearing, but similar) // Striped Top (same top shown in this post) // Ponte Knit Leggings (fun alternative with pattern) // Red Peep Toe Pump (again, similar option as the ones I'm wearing are old) //  Exact J.Crew Factory Necklace

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Friday, April 25, 2014

High Five for Friday

Hello Friday!  So sorry for the lack of posts this week!  Work has been crazy busy & I have to know my limits, ya know?!  It breaks my heart because I truly love posting here & interacting with you all.  I'll just keep doing my best, but bear with me.  :-)

Anyway, on to this week's High Fives!  I took advantage of the Express 40% off sale (& free shipping) that was happening late last week & into the early part of this week.  There were some items I had been keeping my eye on for a while, some that I have been searching for & found at Express, & some that I got just because.

Express Sale Haul

Oh, the joys of receiving a package at your Front Door!!  Even though you may know exactly what's in the package, it makes your day to see it on the stoop!

On to the products - both pairs of earrings I opted for because I had been wanting some straight edge & contemporary earrings.  I saw them online & couldn't pass the up for the 40% off & I'm happy with both pairs.  

The necklace - oh the necklace!!  I have been drooling over this necklace for a few months now thanks to Gina & Carylee!!  I'm glad I had the patience to wait for the sale!  No disappointment here - it's really a great necklace that will be over worn, I'm sure.  I wore it this week with a dress & scarf.  It worked well with the scarf because it hung lower than the scarf.  This is one of those pieces that you can wear with anything from a plain tee to a business outfit!  

I apologize for the bad photo here.  I actually wasn't that thrilled with the outfit when I wore it so I didn't take any pictures with it on.  However, I ended up getting quite a few comments on it (Murphy's Law!) so I thought I'd share.  The dress is a beautiful soft peach with a neon orange slip underneath (last year from Target).

Ever since Spring was on the cusp, I have been searching for Mint Skinny Jeans.  I've actually been surprised at the lack of selections I've seen in stores.  I thought it would be easier to find a pair, that's for sure!  Anyway, once again thanks to Carylee's suggestion, I took a gamble on these knowing I could return them if I didn't like them.  Not the case....I love them!  They are definitely "skinnies", but they still fit beautifully even though I ordered one size smaller than normal knowing from past Express Jean purchases that they would stretch.  The feel of these jeans are like butter & the color is perfectly "mint" (the color in the picture & online is definitely lighter than the actual color).  Another score!

We have a wedding to attend soon & I had envisioned a leopard clutch to go with the dress I'll be wearing.  When I ran across this one on the Express website I knew I had to order it.  It's larger than I expected it to be (which is a good thing), & I'm impressed by it's quality & feel.  It also has the option to use the chain strap if you wan to carry it over the shoulder or cross-body style.

Bonus: Ops, breaking the High Five rules here, but we all deserve a bonus every now & again, right?  While making a quick trip to the mall this weekend with my sister, we found this stunning floral tank top.  If you read this post, you know I've been hunting for a floral top to wear with stripes.  We have a winner here!!  I'm beyond excited to pair this with my black & white striped skirt or will follow when that happens! :-)

So there you have it - did you take advantage of Express's 40% off sale?  If so, I'd love to hear what you purchased!

p.s. Express is still having an online sale through today!!  It's not the same sale I purchased my goods with, but still some great deals.  Plus free shipping if you spend more than $50.

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Monday, April 21, 2014

Scuba Pants - Two Ways

Do you remember this post where I pondered various wardrobe items & asked for your opinions on whether I should take the plunge or not?  Well a friend saw the post & actually gave me a pair of Scuba Pants (a.k.a faux leather pants) that she didn't want anymore!!  They fit great & here's how I wore them for both a Day & Night look.

I love pairing more casual pieces with a dressier daughter & I call this "Fancy-Casual".  That concept works great with pants like these.  Keeping it simple with a Chambray, Graphic Tee & Converse made it a great outfit for running errands with the family on Saturday.

After all the errands were done we had plans for dinner out.  Change out the top for a more sophisticated blouse & sport those heels for a night out!

Blouse: Old White House Black Market.  Similar options here, here, & here
Talked about these shoes here

Of course I have more plans for these second hand Scuba Pants (thank you E!).  I'll be sure to keep you updated here & on Instagram.

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Friday, April 18, 2014

High Five for Friday

Friday, again!  I'm so glad the weekend is near, but at the same time I know it's going to be a busy weekend, so I'm already feeling the pressure of getting my "weekend must-do's" done. Weird, I know.

Onto to today's post!  Sigh....I'm on the hunt for a new purse. Now, you would think that I'd be really excited about this since I love fashion & shopping, right?  Nope... I dread purse shopping!!  I think this is because I'm rather picky about the organization of the contents of my purse. Everything needs to have a proper place & I require a certain amount of pockets which can be hard to find.

Anyway, enough of my woes. The point of this story (post) is that twice this week when I've been out-and-about I've seen ladies with beautiful bags in bright pink! One was a Michael Kors & the other was a Coach.  Well those are expensive bags, so I've come up with other potential options as well because the color really caught my attention. Of course there are 5 options all together in honor of High Five for Friday ;-)

Pink Purse Persuit
The High-Medium-Low Pink Purse Pursuit

I'm really liking the idea of this vibrant color for Summer & Spring this year. I actually think the Pink would be neutral enough for most outfits too (I don't change my purse to match my outfit...who has the time for that?).  

What do you think?  Do you struggle with purchasing new purses like I do?  Is it that I'm too much of a creature of habit?

Wednesday, April 16, 2014


Typically I'm a huge supporter of mixing colors in an outfit. Either adding an unexpected splash of color through accessories, or just pairing items of clothing together that are complementary in color, yet different. Remember one of my favorite sayings from Clinton Kelly on TLC's What Not to Wear is "things don't have to match - they have to go". I personally love taking risks with color mixing.

However, I also think that we should make an effort once in a while to wear things differently than we typically would.  It's incredibly refreshing to shake things up a bit. Lately I've been thinking of trying outfits that are tone-on-tone in color using just lighter & darker shades of the same color.

The key to making this work without looking too "matchy-matchy" is using varying textures & patterns, thus creating visual interest.  Also, accessories with metallic finishes will compliment these outfits nicely as well as add another layer of interest.

While I don't think I would personally sport a tone-on-tone look on a regular basis, I think I will try & incorporate it more often.  For those of you who tend to shy away from color mixing, this may feel more familiar & comfortable to you.

Regardless of your preference,  I would always encourage you to change things up a bit now & again.  I think you'll find it's a breath of fresh air!

A big thank you to Sherry at The Life of the Party Blog for having me as a guest today!!  You need to head on over to her blog to see her classy outfits & decorating ideas!  Not to mention her photos are easy on the eye since she lives in Hawaii!  She has been nothing but kind, patient & helpful to me & I'm glad to call her a "blogging friend".  Those of you that are bloggers know that connecting with new people during this adventure is definitely an added bonus!

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Monday, April 14, 2014

Birthday Recap

Just thought I'd share a few picture highlights from my Birthday.  I was spoiled rotten by my Husband, family & friends.  I am one lucky girl!

Woke up to red roses from the Hubby

Google wished me a Happy Birthday!

Was treated to a much needed mani & pedi

I talked about this gift on Friday...had fun experimenting with it all weekend.

Shoe haul courtesy of my Mom

Some of the generosity from Family & Friends

The weekend was full of fun, shopping, & eating.  I had a very Happy Birthday & am feeling incredibly blessed for all of the lovely people that I get to call Family & dear friends!

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Friday, April 11, 2014

High Five for Friday: Link-y-Loo

Happy Friday everyone!  Honestly, I can't really believe it's the end of the week already...just one of those weeks that flew by, thankfully!
For this weeks High Five I thought I'd share links with you guys that have sparked my interest lately in one way or another.  Complete randomness really, but fun!

1)  By far, my favorite outfits I've seen on blogs this week are Carylee's fantastic Stripes & Shanna's Stripes with Floral.  Now if you read this post, you can see why I drool at both of their outfits!

2) A dear friend gave me the Urban Decay Naked 3 palette for my birthday.  I am beyond excited to try this out!  I plan on trying these tutorials out for my first experiments with the colors.  This will be the first time in a VERY long time that I haven't used a MAC eye shadow, but I know I'll be happy with these shadows as well.

3)  I thought I'd share with you our go-to Buffalo Chicken Taco recipe (I originally found on the back of a tortilla package) .  We no longer make Chicken Tacos any other way (don't let the Buffalo title scare you).  The only substitution I make is using the pre-packaged coleslaw cabbage mix rather than just the carrots the recipe calls for.

4)  I have to admit, this video on Owl's did make me laugh!

5)  After being completely frustrated with my old grocery store app, so far I've been enjoying my new Grocery Pal app (iTunes or android).  It's the little thing that make life easier, right?!

Well enough from me, how about you?  Do you have any of the Urban Decay Naked palettes or favorite apps that I should know about?  Always feel free to chime in!

Have a Happy Weekend!

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Wednesday, April 9, 2014


Hello, my name is Kellie & I'm Stripes!

Why do I love these Stripes so much...?  I suppose it's because it's a simple, yet effective pattern in creating visual interest & can be so easily mixed with other patterns.  I also love the classic look of black & white, although not all of my stripes are that color scheme - just most.

These are a few more pics from my Instagram lately...

 ...and don't forget these that I've previously shown here, here & here (just to name a few).

But there is still one look that is eluding me & I am feverishly hunting down the right pieces to make it happen...Stripes with Floral!!  I have all the Stripes to make this happen (short sleeves, long sleeves, tanks, jackets, skirts), but I just cannot seem to find the perfect Floral top or skirt....I'm frustrated!  I have a problem, I know...

Let me show you how fantastic the two patterns work together & maybe you'll sympathize with me.

Floral & Stripes

See, you agree, don't you?  Stripes & Floral prints are a perfect pair!

Wish me luck on my continued hunt & think about what's already in your closet...can you make this happen?

Monday, April 7, 2014

High/Low - Wedge Sandals

Just a quick post today to show high cost vs low cost when it comes to Wedge Sandals this season.  If you want & can afford the designer labels, then I say more power to you.  However, if you are like most of us, that may not always be an option.

Target shines through again on this one...although when I set out to do this post I didn't have any intentions of it turning out this way.  Humerus nonetheless!

High/Low Wedge Sandals

This just goes to show you that that style doesn't have to be costly!  If your eyes land on an expensive pair of shoes that you just "need", chances are there is something very similar out there in a lesser price-point!  Does this mean you always have to go with the cheaper option?  Most certainly not!  Each individual can weigh the pros & cons & decide for themselves.  It's just nice to know there are options! :-)

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Friday, April 4, 2014

High Five for Friday

Happy Friday everyone!  Our last week of Spring Break is winding down which I'm slightly melancholy about. I do love that my girls get 2 weeks off, but I'm still not ready for them to go back quite's just been pleasantly relaxing this time. Oh well, Summer will be here before we know it!

For This week's High Fives I'm choosing to talk about Yellow.  The color I love but that does not love me back!  Y'all I look terrible in Yellow!  So why do I have such a major crush on it?!?  I guess we all want what we can't have, right?  Seriously though, try as I may, I just can't pull off Yellow near my face unless it's in the form of jewelry. Therefore I'm always on the search for accessories & items for my lower half in Yellow.

These are all items I could work with broken into 5 categories (because it's High Five for Friday)...


I already have a few pieces of jewelry & a belt in Yellow, but definitely want to add to that with a pair of shoes & a skirt or pair of shorts.  Wish me luck on my search!

Here's a couple of quick pics from how I wore my Yellow accessories recently...
Instagram Photo
Wednesday's Olive Post

Do you struggle with Yellow like me? Or is there another color you have a love/hate relationship with?  Please tell me I'm not the only one! :-)

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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Firsts & Olive

Can you believe I don't have anything in the color Olive?!?  How I have gone this far without it??

Anyway, this weekend I was bound & determined to spend some time in Forever 21 because I'm constantly seeing great pieces of clothing from there featured on other blogs & on Pinterest, yet I've never really shopped there. So on Saturday I made a visit & tried on a few items, but walked away with nothing.  HOWEVER, I kept thinking & thinking about a pair of pants that I had tried on & decided "why not!". They were a whopping $17.80 (regular price), so not a huge investment if I don't wear them a ton - I don't see that being the case though!

So, my first clothing purchase from Forever 21 & my first pair of Olive Pants (or Olive anything)!

I'm in love with this outfit & I think that's because it's not my typical style, which is incredibly refreshing! Also, my obsession of the week is Yellow accessories!!

Pants - Forever 21 different color, similar   Top - Target  Cut Out Booties - Target similar
I have fallen hard for the versatility that this Olive color offers.  It can be worn with so many other colors that the real question is - what doesn't it go with?  I plan on wearing these pants with any shade of pink, corals & oranges, reds, yellow, lavender or deep purple. Not to mention your neutrals - navy, white, cream, grey, black & denim.  Lot's of fun to be had with these combinations! Side Note: Forever 21 is not showing this color as on option so I listed the same pant in a different color as well as another Olive pant option. However, my local store had plenty in stock of both colors.

Can we talk about these Cut Out Booties for a second.  I just picked these up from Target on clearance for $17.48.  I don't see them on the Target website, but you may be able to find them at your local store.  I know it's somewhat silly to still be buying boots, but these cut out booties are a great item to transition into warmer weather...they'll be great with boyfriend jeans, skirts & dresses until things really warm up this Summer. The price couldn't be beat!

I also purchased Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain in Rendezvous after seeing this pin from Pinterest (click on the image to follow link).  Thus far I'm quite pleased with both the color & the wear time.  It's also a low cost investment if you're looking for something new. It definitely fulfilled my desire for a coral/orange-y lipstick for the Spring.  I've also used some of the other products mention on the pin, & there are a few more I'd like to try as well.

41 Beauty Products That "Really Work," According To Pinterest
41 Beauty Products That "Really Work", According to Pinterest


Overall I'm pleased with my Forever 21 experience & plan on visiting more regularly.  The store we have here is quite large, so it can seem intimidating, but just go in with an open mind.  You may walk away empty handed, or you may find something great!

P.S. I previously used this shirt on this post, Shanna just talked about her love of Forever 21 here, & Gina just talked about her new Olive Skinnies here (Monday's post).