Wednesday, April 9, 2014


Hello, my name is Kellie & I'm Stripes!

Why do I love these Stripes so much...?  I suppose it's because it's a simple, yet effective pattern in creating visual interest & can be so easily mixed with other patterns.  I also love the classic look of black & white, although not all of my stripes are that color scheme - just most.

These are a few more pics from my Instagram lately...

 ...and don't forget these that I've previously shown here, here & here (just to name a few).

But there is still one look that is eluding me & I am feverishly hunting down the right pieces to make it happen...Stripes with Floral!!  I have all the Stripes to make this happen (short sleeves, long sleeves, tanks, jackets, skirts), but I just cannot seem to find the perfect Floral top or skirt....I'm frustrated!  I have a problem, I know...

Let me show you how fantastic the two patterns work together & maybe you'll sympathize with me.

Floral & Stripes

See, you agree, don't you?  Stripes & Floral prints are a perfect pair!

Wish me luck on my continued hunt & think about what's already in your closet...can you make this happen?


  1. I like to make weird rules for my closet, such as "No Floral." :) So needless to say, I wont be wearing stripes and floral. I love stripes though, and you a great collection! And I do really like the stripes + floral combos you showed, especially one and two. :)
    Gina - On the Daily Express

  2. I LOVE stripes and florals AND stripes and leopard. All the sets you put together are fantastic. I would wear that first one all day long. So cute and such a statement.

  3. Girl - I am so obsessed with stripes. Seriously. I could wear them daily if the world would let me get away with it :)

  4. Looking amazing in these strips! Love that blazer!!

    Jenna from Visions of Vogue

  5. Stripes plus anything seems to work in my head, but yes, I agree - stripes plus floral is one of the best! Black and white and red and navy are my favorite stripe combos!
    Carylee |

  6. I am co-hosting Friday's Fab Favorites and wanted to thank you for linking up. I am loving stripes with floral right now. They just look gorgeous together!


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