Friday, April 25, 2014

High Five for Friday

Hello Friday!  So sorry for the lack of posts this week!  Work has been crazy busy & I have to know my limits, ya know?!  It breaks my heart because I truly love posting here & interacting with you all.  I'll just keep doing my best, but bear with me.  :-)

Anyway, on to this week's High Fives!  I took advantage of the Express 40% off sale (& free shipping) that was happening late last week & into the early part of this week.  There were some items I had been keeping my eye on for a while, some that I have been searching for & found at Express, & some that I got just because.

Express Sale Haul

Oh, the joys of receiving a package at your Front Door!!  Even though you may know exactly what's in the package, it makes your day to see it on the stoop!

On to the products - both pairs of earrings I opted for because I had been wanting some straight edge & contemporary earrings.  I saw them online & couldn't pass the up for the 40% off & I'm happy with both pairs.  

The necklace - oh the necklace!!  I have been drooling over this necklace for a few months now thanks to Gina & Carylee!!  I'm glad I had the patience to wait for the sale!  No disappointment here - it's really a great necklace that will be over worn, I'm sure.  I wore it this week with a dress & scarf.  It worked well with the scarf because it hung lower than the scarf.  This is one of those pieces that you can wear with anything from a plain tee to a business outfit!  

I apologize for the bad photo here.  I actually wasn't that thrilled with the outfit when I wore it so I didn't take any pictures with it on.  However, I ended up getting quite a few comments on it (Murphy's Law!) so I thought I'd share.  The dress is a beautiful soft peach with a neon orange slip underneath (last year from Target).

Ever since Spring was on the cusp, I have been searching for Mint Skinny Jeans.  I've actually been surprised at the lack of selections I've seen in stores.  I thought it would be easier to find a pair, that's for sure!  Anyway, once again thanks to Carylee's suggestion, I took a gamble on these knowing I could return them if I didn't like them.  Not the case....I love them!  They are definitely "skinnies", but they still fit beautifully even though I ordered one size smaller than normal knowing from past Express Jean purchases that they would stretch.  The feel of these jeans are like butter & the color is perfectly "mint" (the color in the picture & online is definitely lighter than the actual color).  Another score!

We have a wedding to attend soon & I had envisioned a leopard clutch to go with the dress I'll be wearing.  When I ran across this one on the Express website I knew I had to order it.  It's larger than I expected it to be (which is a good thing), & I'm impressed by it's quality & feel.  It also has the option to use the chain strap if you wan to carry it over the shoulder or cross-body style.

Bonus: Ops, breaking the High Five rules here, but we all deserve a bonus every now & again, right?  While making a quick trip to the mall this weekend with my sister, we found this stunning floral tank top.  If you read this post, you know I've been hunting for a floral top to wear with stripes.  We have a winner here!!  I'm beyond excited to pair this with my black & white striped skirt or will follow when that happens! :-)

So there you have it - did you take advantage of Express's 40% off sale?  If so, I'd love to hear what you purchased!

p.s. Express is still having an online sale through today!!  It's not the same sale I purchased my goods with, but still some great deals.  Plus free shipping if you spend more than $50.

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  1. WOOT! Love seeing all the goodies you scored during the sale! You will definitely love that necklace, and glad to hear the mint skinnies worked out. They look better in your pic (more mint, less faded) than in the stock photo so I can't wait to see them on you. That leopard clutch is SO CUTE! Such a great, affordable option. Also can't wait to see you wear the floral that we posted it the same day. :)
    On the Daily Express

  2. You got some great stuff! I love my new mint skinnies. I'm sure you'll enjoy yours. :-)


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