Wednesday, April 16, 2014


Typically I'm a huge supporter of mixing colors in an outfit. Either adding an unexpected splash of color through accessories, or just pairing items of clothing together that are complementary in color, yet different. Remember one of my favorite sayings from Clinton Kelly on TLC's What Not to Wear is "things don't have to match - they have to go". I personally love taking risks with color mixing.

However, I also think that we should make an effort once in a while to wear things differently than we typically would.  It's incredibly refreshing to shake things up a bit. Lately I've been thinking of trying outfits that are tone-on-tone in color using just lighter & darker shades of the same color.

The key to making this work without looking too "matchy-matchy" is using varying textures & patterns, thus creating visual interest.  Also, accessories with metallic finishes will compliment these outfits nicely as well as add another layer of interest.

While I don't think I would personally sport a tone-on-tone look on a regular basis, I think I will try & incorporate it more often.  For those of you who tend to shy away from color mixing, this may feel more familiar & comfortable to you.

Regardless of your preference,  I would always encourage you to change things up a bit now & again.  I think you'll find it's a breath of fresh air!

A big thank you to Sherry at The Life of the Party Blog for having me as a guest today!!  You need to head on over to her blog to see her classy outfits & decorating ideas!  Not to mention her photos are easy on the eye since she lives in Hawaii!  She has been nothing but kind, patient & helpful to me & I'm glad to call her a "blogging friend".  Those of you that are bloggers know that connecting with new people during this adventure is definitely an added bonus!

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  1. Great outfit sets, Kellie, and funny because I have been experimenting a little with tone-on-tone mixing, which is easier for me to "get" than color mixing since I'm one of those play-it-safe types. Can't wait to see you Sherry's blog! Very cool!
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