Friday, May 30, 2014

High Five for Friday

Hello's been a couple of weeks since I've been able to do a High Five for Friday post.  I'm back & ready this week though!!

This week I thought I'd shout out few PSA's of 5 things I think you should tricks I've found helpful, great deals, or fabulous products.  So, let's go....

1.  Who would have thought...?!?!?  This is a great idea for creating volume in your hair.  I haven't tried it yet myself, but it seems brilliant to me!

2.  On another hair related note, I thought this was another helpful trick in eliminating that dreadful back part!  I did try this one myself with success (actually I've used it several times)!  I've used it just the way she shows you with a straightening iron  & also with just my curling iron using the same method.  My curling iron is usually out & on, so that was just easier for me.

3.  I've recently found myself obsessed over Tote Bags.  I often wonder what triggers these things we get hooked on.  I mean, why, after so many years without, must I have like 6 different tote bags...??  I don't know.  Anyway, I've heard about Thirty-One before, but have never been to a party or really seen any of their products.  Well, I saw a fantastic Gym Bag they had & knew I needed it!!  It was actually the Special of the Month for April, so I ended up getting the gym bag plus two other totes because it worked out to be a better deal if I did it that way.  Anyway, I'd really love to go on & on about the Gym Bag, BUT they aren't currently selling it anymore, so I'll spare you  (apparently it was really super popular though so I'm hoping they bring it back)!  I got the two totes pictured below however, & really couldn't be happier!  I first used the smaller one to haul food & such to Mother's Day Brunch & immediately got comments & ooh's-&-awes from my Mom & Sister.  If you've never looked at Thirty-One products before I think it's definitely worth a peek!  If you don't know a Consultant, visit Amity's page & she'd be more than happy to help you!  She gave me great advice on which products best fit my needs.  I'll try & keep you posted if I hear the gym bag comes back!

Organizing Utility Tote
Large Utility Tote
*I was not compensated by Thirty-One or a Consultant - all purchases were made on my own & opinions are my own.  

4.  I've been keeping an eye out for colored footwear lately.  I decided I didn't have enough fun colored shoe options in my closet.  Sadly, I was disappointed in the overall shoe selection at my local mall.  However, Nine West has some fantastic options.  So many in fact, that you'll have a tough time deciding on which pair(s) to get!!  I've pictured some of my favorites below.  Their prices vary depending on the shoe & what sales are running, but you can generally expect anywhere from $40-$100 a pair.  I personally ended up with 2 pairs that I grabbed while they were having a Sale, furthermore, I limited myself to only choosing pairs that were already on markdown.

Nine West

5.  On a whim I grabbed this Plaid Top from Old Navy this week.  It's a very light weight plaid (sheer enough that I had to wear a cami underneath) making it still Spring/Summer worthy.  I really fell in love with the colors & they had other bright color schemes to pick from as well!  Here's how I styled it with my Pink Tweed Skirt ending up with a Preppy look that I adored!  Old Navy has been having quite a few sales, so keep an eye out for those.  Also, don't forget to use any reward certificates you have & always ask if they have any coupons running.  I believe you also get an additional 10% off on Tuesday's for in-store purchases made on your Old Navy Account.

Top: Old Navy
Skirt: Banana Republic
Shoes: Target
Necklace: Hot Mama - no longer online, but you may have luck at a retail store location (I found it on major markdown at my local store).

And just because I think everyone deserves a good laugh on a Friday, here are a couple of blooper photos both involving this tweed skirt....enjoy & have a great Friday!!

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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Soft Shorts

Have you all tried these?  Soft Shorts (also referred to as Drapey, Flowy or Flutter Shorts) have made a strong presence lately.  I gave them a try, & quite frankly, ended up liking them.

For me, the key to these shorts is to wear them with a heel & strong accessories.  That takes the otherwise seemingly casual outfit to the next level.

These, I might add, are very airy & easy to wear, making them perfect for hot Summer days.

For other Soft Short options, see Target's selection here, lots of options from JCPenney here, & Forever 21 has a lot of great options too (too many to list easily).

Let me know if you give them a go!

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Monday, May 26, 2014

Vacation Wardrobe Recap

Last week we headed out of town for a relaxing pre-Summer trip.  It was a simple trip to Arizona to attend a Graduation, see some Family, & enjoy family time together.  The theme for the trip - simple, casual, & relaxing!!

We stayed at the Arizona Grand Resort which has a Water Park on property.  Our days were filled with swimming, eating, & chilling!

No need for anything but casual outfits.  Here's a glance at some of the outfits I wore..

First up, the Travel outfit.  I wore this comfy & cute Maxi Dress along with these easy sandals & my jean jacket.  Oh, & I can't forget this last minute necklace purchase too!

After that, it was easy breezy shorts!

Shorts (similar), Polka Dot Tank, Sunnies, necklace, & the same sandals from above.

Shorts, Simple Printed Tee, Leopard Print Belt (similar), Wedges, Purple Earrings (old)

On repeat were the Mint Shorts from above.  This time for Dinner I wore it with this Tank (sold out, similar option here), Heels, & Necklace.

 I'll be telling you more about these shorts soon, so stay tuned!!

There you have it...a handful of the outfits I wore on our trip.  Bottom line was keeping the packing light, remixing as many pieces as I could, & keeping it casual.

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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

On Trend: Floral Print Shoes

I've been loving the Floral Print Trend this season, especially in footwear!  I personally am a huge fan of pattern in every outfit, so having a Floral Print Shoe just adds to the possibilities.  They would be a great way to add the "spice" to an otherwise pattern-free outfit.  On the other hand, they would also be a complimenting pattern if you are already wearing stripes or polka-dots too (you know I a huge fan of pattern mixing too)!

Here are some great affordable options out there right now...

Floral Shoe Options

...& in case you need some outfit inspiration on how to incorporate Floral Print Footwear into your everyday wear, here you go...

Floral Versatility

What do you think...are you on trend already?  If so, what's your favorite pair of Floral Print Shoes & how do you wear them?

Monday, May 19, 2014

Spartan Race

We interrupt this blog for a non-fashion related post... :-)

I briefly mentioned a couple months ago that my Husband & I were running in the Spartan Race (actually all 4 of us ran it with our Gym Team).  What is the Spartan Race?  Our particular race was a 4-mile, 25 obstacle Military Race that was held at Fort Carson Army Base in Colorado Springs.  There was running, climbing, pulling, dragging, flipping, swimming (sort of), and MUD....lots of MUD!

Toughest. Thing. I've. Ever. Done...both physically & mentally!!  I'm not even sure where to begin with how I feel really.  I'm so incredibly happy that I did it rather than just "wondering" how I would do.  I felt some obstacles were "too easy" (silly thing to say, I know) & others that I wished I had done better with.  Lots of highs & lows for me in particular.

My Husband, on the other hand, completely rocked it!!  I am so proud of him!  He has a determination like no other when he sets his mind to something, & I envy that!  He LOVED the race & will be signing up again next year as soon as he can.

Both the Girls did the Kids Race too.  Once again, I'm incredibly proud of them for participating!  Although I will say the kiddos course could have been a little more difficult - they breezed through it (which is good).  More than their performance however, I'm more proud of my Youngest for having the absolute determination to participate in the race (on her 9th Birthday I might add).  She decided last year that she was going to & there was NO talking her out of it.  For my Oldest, I'm proud of her for facing her fears.  She was the opposite of her Sister...she didn't want to participate, which was completely fine by us.  As the race got closer she started contemplating it more & more, & by race day decided she wanted to try it.  The only part they didn't like - rinsing off after the race!  Yep, you have to hose down with freezing cold hose water....

Bottom line - would I do it again?  If you had asked me during the race, or even just after the race, I wouldn't know how to answer.  Now, after taking some time to reflect on it...Yep, I'm in!!  It was HARD, it was COLD, we were COVERED in mud, I had CUTS & SCRAPES, I had BRUISES, my skin is STILL not normal, my hair has never felt more GROSS...but I lived!!  I have things I want to improve on!  It gives me a goal to work toward!  The "race" atmosphere is exhilarating!  Being a part of a Team is like no other!  It's mind over matter & it's a way to challenge yourself!!

I would really encourage everyone to think about participating in a race at least once.  Maybe its a 5K walk, maybe a half-marathon, or Triathlon, or an Obstacle Race like this one.  It may be a game changer for you...push you to limits you never knew you could reach!  It's good for the soul!  You may be awakened in a way you haven't been in a while.

As always, don't hesitate to leave a comment or email me if you have any questions! (see Contact page)

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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Military Vests

Ever since I purchased these Olive cargo pants, I've been obsessed with the color Olive.  It's a great neutral that really goes with any color!  My other obsession of late (well, not really of late - really since last Fall) is Vests!  So you can only imagine how taken I am with the Military Vest trend that is big right now!

The magic of these Vests is that you can add them to nearly every outfit!  They add visual interest & dimension that takes an outfit to the next level!  Add them to maxi dresses, shorts, skinny jeans, shift dresses, rompers, etc....the possibilities are endless!

Some sample ideas of how to wear this vest & color...

Military Vest

Military Vests

Military Vest

Once again, I've inspired myself in the midst of inspiring you guys!  I headed over to Old Navy & picked up one of these great vests.  Just to prove that you can really wear them with nearly anything, I threw it on with what I was already wearing for a quick pic!  

not a great pic, but you get the idea! :-)

In case you are looking to add a piece like this to your wardrobe, here are some options (the exact one I used in the inspiration boards is no longer available)...

Military Vests

Do you have a Military Vest already?  If so, what's your favorite way to wear it?  

Monday, May 12, 2014

The Hunt...

...for the perfect Swim Suit Cover-up is on!  I have yet to find the perfect one for myself but I thought these were all nice options...


Bar III pants / Jessica Simpson clothing / Cover up / Old Navy swim cover up / White Sand Beach 12 x 12 Paper / Lucky Brand Flutter-Sleeve Printed Tunic Cover Up - Swimwear - Women -... / Women's Jersey Tube Rompers | Old Navy

Personally I prefer my cover-ups not to be sheer because I would feel uncomfortable with the see-through aspect if I choose to run an errand on the way to/from the pool.  I'm loving the pant covers that are everywhere this year, but again, because they are sheer I'm not sure they're for me.  I also love that you can take a simple cotton romper or sun dress & use them as swim covers as well.

Just a quick post today, but this was on my mind probably because I'm dreaming of Summer as the snow falls outside!  That's right, it's mid-May & snowing here in good ol' Colorado...sigh!!!!

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Friday, May 9, 2014

High Five for Friday: Vacation Must Haves

I'm leaving on a jet plane, don't know when I'll be back again... - that's the song that popped in my head when I sat down to write this post!  Now it's stuck in your head, right?  Sorry bout that!

It's Friday yet again, & since the Fam & I will soon be taking a tip I thought I'd share 5 favorite items I must have when I travel (5 in honor of High Five for Friday).

Travel Must Haves

1.  Your favorite Denim Jacket or Cardigan - Traveling in layers is a must!  Be sure to bring along a denim jacket to keep you warm when needed.  You could bring along a comfy cardigan or chambray too...those are easier to toss into a bag when you're not using them.

2.  Cord Organinzer - This Cord Organizer from The Container Store is a great option for keeping all your chargers and tech-y accessories in one organized place.  This keeps them from getting tangled or lost!  

3.  Maxi Dress - There is nothing I love more than traveling in a Maxi Dress!!  They are incredibly comfortable, the length keeps you warm, & you still look stylish....perfect trifecta!!  I recently purchased this Black Lace Maxi (love this one too) from Kohl's with the thought of travel in mind.  Pair it with my denim jacket & a brown sandal & I'm squared away!  A funny side note - I mentioned to Carylee once that I love traveling in a Maxi Dress and she said every time she wears one she inevitably gets pulled aside going through security at the airport for a pat-down...eek, hope that's not a sign of things to come!

4.  A great Tote - Whether you use one as your carry-on or pack it in your luggage for later use, having a tote with you while you hit the pool or beach, peruse the local markets, or use it to hold your "stuff" in the rental car is always a great idea!  I liked the pattern of this one from Target or the classic simplicity of this one from the Gap.

5.  Makeup Compact - I absolutely love traveling with an all-in-one makeup compact such as this one.  It has eye shadows, blush, bronzer, & lip color all in one easy-to-pack case!  I picked up one similar to this a couple of years ago & only use it for travel.  This way I don't have to pack a ton of individual pieces & parts when it comes to my cosmetics.  I also think these are great ideas for a Bride-to-be to take on the Honeymoon, a Grad that is heading off to travel, or a great idea for your girlfriends in general.

That wraps up my suggestions, but I'd love to hear what your "Must Haves" are when you travel.  We can all learn from one another, right!

Happy Friday & Happy Mother's Day to all you Mom's out there...may you have a relaxing day spent with the ones you love!

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Wednesday, May 7, 2014


Wedding Season is upon us!  Although we all know Weddings take place all year long, it seems the warmer weathered months bring about more Weddings - hence Wedding Season.  Anyway, we recently attended the Wedding of a friend & even though our Colorado weather is still very up-&-down, the day of the Wedding was one of those warm Spring days, thankfully!

My Husband recently bought me this beautiful striped dress from White House Black Market.  He took be shopping for my Birthday, which is always fun because he'll splurge on items where I normally wouldn't.  We did get the dress for 35% off, but it's still a major splurge for me.

Here's how I wore this beauty for a late afternoon outdoor Wedding:

This particular dress will be versatile for all season as well as anything from elegant weddings, casual weddings, a night on the town, graduations, cocktail parties, etc.  You can easily change out the footwear & accessories to match the occasion & this dress will remain a staple for many years.

Dress: White House Black Market
Clutch: Express (I purchased during a 40% off sale)
Shoes: Similar (I'm wearing Zigi Soho's from DSW - can't find online)
Jewelry:  Earrings, Ring - Charming Charlie (not online), Yellow Bracelet - Forever 21 (not online)

Before you go you should hop on over to On The Daily Express & check out the fun post Gina did in honor of Mother's Day.  She asked fellow Blogger's kiddos to pick some items that they would like to give to their Mom for Mother's Day, & my girls were included in that.  Head on over to see what they picked for me...heehee!!!

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Monday, May 5, 2014

On Trend: Kimono Jackets

Have you all seen the growing Kimono Jacket/Cardigan trend popping up lately?  I first saw it here & while I liked it, I knew this particular one was not my style.  However, my Sister fell in love with it, so when I was at Target a few weeks ago & came upon this one I immediately sent her a picture to see if she wanted me to grab it for her.  The answer - YES!!

It seems the most common ways to wear these lightweight flowy jackets is with a pair of skinny or boyfriend jeans as well as shorts.  Remember to keep the top you wear underneath more fitted rather than too loose or boxy so you don't end up looking bulky on top.

Kimono Jacket
Bke tank top / Mossimo sleeveless top / Forever 21 skinny jeans / Forever 21 shorts / Steve Madden sandals / Banana Republic bead necklace / Betsey Johnson pendant necklace / Xhilaration Junior's Kimono Jacket - Assorted Colors / Chuck Taylor Double Tongue

As you can see, this would be one of those pieces you can wear both casually or dressy depending on the occasion.  There are quite a few options out there for really reasonable prices so you need not feel guilty about the cost vs. wear aspect.  Here are some other great options for $30 or less.

Kimono Options

While I don't personally have one of these eye-catching jackets, I really like the look of them as a focus piece of an outfit & am not opposed to owning one.  How about you, are you a part of this trend?