Monday, June 23, 2014

Easy Breezy

Now that Summer's officially here, we should talk about the easiest thing to wear this season...the easy, breezy Summer dress.

Dresses are easy and thoughtless to just "toss" on - no mixing & matching required because it's already done for you.  Not to mention they are comfortable!

Right now you can get your hands on a variety of dresses that are on sale at Old Navy starting as low as $15.  Old Navy also has Petite & Tall sizes (may have to order online), so that opens up further options for those with height obstacles.  Here are a few options of what they have available.

Old Navy Dresses

Just like they showed pictured, you can wear anything from flip flops to flat sandals to wedges - just another reason the summer dress is so easy to wear!

Target is also having a BOGO 50% off their dresses this week.  Here's a small sampling of what they have.

Target Dress Options

Of course I would recommend adding some jewelry to these dresses to complete the outfit.  You could easily have a staple one or two items that you reach for this summer.  Any of these necklaces below would be versatile enough to wear with any of these dresses.  You could also opt for some dangle earrings, & add your arm candy if you feel so inclined.  Remember to still have fun mixing colors - colors don't have to "match", they have to "go".  :-)

Versatile Necklace Options

I'm constantly reaching for my easy summer dresses this time of year.  Grab one for yourself this season - you'll see just how quick & easy they are to wear & style - you won't regret it!

Friday, June 20, 2014

High Five for Friday: Sequin Love

On this weeks High Five for Friday I wanted to talk briefly about my new found love for Sequin Skirts!!  I've fallen hard to the fantastic patterns & colors available in these skirts.  I was actually doing some research for a different post & kept seeing more & more options out there, so I thought I'd share them with you.

Here are great options from 5 stores to demonstrate the variety out there:
Sequin Skirts

1.  Express:  I literally gasped when I saw this skirt online...the midi length & muted, but strong, pattern hit the nail on the head!  
2.  H&M:  This one stood out for its exceptional color!
3.  Banana Republic:  They actually have quite the selection of Sequin Skirts to choose from.  I liked this one in particular for its rose toned colors.  They also had a couple of fun animal print ones too.  Side Note: I personally would wait for a sale before purchasing from Banana.  They run 40% off sales often enough to justify the wait.  
4.  JCPenney:  This Joe Fresh skirt is on sale for $20 online!
5.  Forever 21:  Again, great selection of Sequin Skirts; these two being my top picks.  Much like the Express skirt, I love the Aztec pattern of this one, but it has much brighter colors.  And you gotta love chevron print!  Plus Forever 21 has prices you just can't beat most of the time.

The key for styling these Skirts is to let them be the star of the show & K.I.S.S. (keep it simple silly).  A simple relaxed tee & minimal jewelry will get the job done!  Or, for a work look, wear a button-down white or chambray blouse.
How to Wear a Sequin Skirt

What do you think...are you as excited about these as I am??  Do you have one already?  I'd love to hear how you wear yours ;-)

Happy Friday!!

Monday, June 16, 2014

White Texture

A couple of weeks ago I saw the most gorgeous pair of White Textured Ankle Pants at the Loft.  Ever since then they have been on my mind.  I did a little looking around to see what other options were out there for white textured pants & came up with a few great options.

Why White Textured Pants...??  They can be a great substitute for your white skinnies in the cases where you want to dress up the look a bit (I often find myself wanting to pair things with my white skinnies for work, but they simply aren't professional enough).  The texture alone provides great visual interest, so "throwing" together a complete outfit is that much easier.  And, quite simply, they're purdy!!

Happy Day, guess what?  I went to put together some inspiration ideas for this post only to discover the pair I had been lusting over at the Loft were on sale for 50% off!!  Yep, I headed right on over to the store & grabbed them!  By the way, they are still on sale right now!

Since they are white, the texture is very hard to see on most stock photos.  Here's my dressing room photos to give you a better idea of this particular pattern.

Top: Nordstrom Rack (not available online) / Shoes: Candies via Kohls

Here's ideas of how you can wear these textured pants:

White Textured Pants

Other great options for White Textured Pants:  Nordstrom here (splurge) & here, Target here, and a petite option at the Limited here.

I can't wait to wear these with a simple relaxed tee & converse, & I'll be wearing mine to work this week.  I know I'll get plenty of wear out of these beauties! 

Friday, June 13, 2014

HIgh Five for Friday: Gingham Style

Back for another edition of High Five for Friday!  This week I'm talking about Gingham print.  I've been seeing it around more & more and am crushing on the pattern.  Along with stripes & polka dots, Gingham is easily mix-able with other patterns.  Honestly, I think that pattern-mixing versatility is what makes it so attractive to me personally.  I don't currently own anything Gingham, but that doesn't mean I can't talk about it for those of you who do, or help you with ideas if you happen to find a great deal on this pattern in the future.

First, Gingham print can be found on many clothing items - clothing, accessories, shoes & more.  I've taken the liberty to show 5 Gingham clothing categories below.

Gingham Options

Secondly, what good is post without some inspiration...?!  So, here's some food for though when it comes to wearing Gingham...

Gingham Style

BKE Boutique red chiffon shirt / Top / American Eagle Outfitters graphic tank / Topshop tube skirt / Mossimo blue short shorts / Superga gray sneaker / Striped handbag / Lucky Brand pendant jewelry / Blue jewelry, $13 / Forever 21 adjustable bracelet / Mossimo tassel scarve

Scarf look familiar...?  Yep, it's the one I talked about here & it went perfectly with this Lemon-Lime Gingham Button-down, don't you think?!?

So, I want to know from you - do you already have Gingham print in your closet?  Do you mix it with other patterns?  I'm going to keep an eye out for the perfect piece, so I'll keep you posted ;-)

On a completely unrelated note, I'm asking you The Question of the Week:  I need a new eye-lash curler - do you have one you love or should I just go pick up a cheap one at Target?

Happy Friday!!

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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Seeing Purple...

Of course, while "grocery" shopping at Target the other day I came upon a coupon on my Cartwheel app for 25% off select Women's Scarves (sorry, the offer expired yesterday - bad timing on my part).  Well, can't pass up on an offer like that, so I headed to the accessories department.  As soon as I saw this scarf I knew it was mine.  I love the colors - bright, cheery, somewhat tropical...all good, happy things.  In my basket it went!  Of course you can wear this particular scarf with many color options (i.e. white, mint, navy, khaki, olive, chambray/denim), but all I see in my head is Purple!

Guess what I don't have a lot of in terms of color in my closet...purple!  How can I love a color so much & yet have very few purple items?  Hm...anyway, noted & will be on the look out to pump up the purple in my closet soon.  In the mean time, if I did have lots of purple options, I would wear this scarf something like these options...

Purple with Neon

Gap blue dress / American Eagle Outfitters white tank / J.Crew chino shorts / LOFT studded t strap sandal / Kendra Scott earrings / Forever 21 rhinestone jewelry / Forever 21 plus size bangle / Floral scarve

I'm definitely admiring the Purple Striped Maxi from the Gap shown here.  I'll be watching for that to go on sale for sure!  Coincidentally, they are running a sale June 11-15th so check it out for sure!  Also, how fantastic are those Kendra Scott earrings?!

Purple with Navy

Mossimo dress / Banana Republic skinny ankle pants / Dorothy Perkins navy purse / Stella Dot rose gold ring / Blu Bijoux turquoise earrings / Xhilaration rhinestone jewelry / Floral scarve

Of course I'm also loving this lavender dress from Target (not sold in stores, but on sale right now for $18).  The ankle pants from Banana Republic are a great, classic option.  Can you really have too many colored skinnies??  I think not...

If I end up with any of these specific items I'll report back.  The top 2 on my watch list are the 2 dresses.  You can also follow me on Instagram if you want to see how I do end up wearing the new Scarf (minus the purple for now)...I post more daily outfits there :-)

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Friday, June 6, 2014

Hats Off to High Five for Friday!

This week on High Five for Friday I wanted to talk about something I was lacking on our recent trip to sunny Arizona...a HAT!  Honestly, I have a sun hat that I purchased a good 5-6 years ago & I thought about packing it, but in the end decided "nah, I won't need that".  Boy, was I wrong!!

If you don't have one yet, do yourself a favor & get a great sun hat now!  You need to ward off some of the heat & sunshine rays while spending time outside.  I personally need one when lounging around the pool because nothing bothers me more than the sun coming over the top of my sunglasses...err!!  Because I decided not to bring my hat, I was using all kinds of items to shade my face...menus, towels, holding my hand up, & eventually my friends husband told me to put on his hat.  Guys....we're talking straight-billed, hip-hop baseball style cap!  Quite the look especially because I had to fit it over my bun!  There's a picture, but I'll spare you (or rather spare myself the embarrassment!).

Regardless of your specific use, I've listed 5 different options for your summer style.  Check out these shady characters! (ha, I stole that from Nordstorm)

Summer Hats
click on the picture & it will take you to the link for each hat

Honestly, my practical side would really want a visor.  It gives me the protection on my face & eyes without making my head perspire more (trust me, it does that enough on its own). Plus I don't have to deal with my hair...the visor strap can easily go around or under my ponytail or bun.  However, the "style" side of me says to go with a more chic look.  I like the floppy hats a lot, but they seem to get in the way when I'm leaning back against a lounger, or conversely hang down too low over my eyes.  Perhaps I just need to find one with the right amount of "flop"?!

Anyway, enough of my indecision...what's your favorite style of hat to beat the heat this Summer?  Oh, & what do you think about those Packable Visor-Hat's....interesting?!

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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Not Just Another Vest...

...I know I recently talked about how much I love the Military Vests that are out right now (see that post here if you missed it), but I also want to talk about Denim Vests!  These are super hot right now & are perfect for replacing the Denim Jackets & Chambray's in the Summer heat.  They still add the contrast of material & provide a layered look, but you won't roast in the sunshine!

Of course, I had to leave you with some ideas on how to wear one, so I've taken some looks I liked from Pinterest & recreated them with items you can find either from your closet or in stores.

Denim Vest with Stripes

Denim Vest with a Skirt

Denim Vests with Scuba Pants

H M white embroidered top, $22 / H M blue vest, $33 / Mossimo low pants / H&m shoes, $22 / Vince Camuto black leather pouch

I love all of these looks, but personally, I plan on recreating this last looks ASAP!  It's another fun, edgy look to wear & another way to get more use out of your scuba/faux leather pants!

While in Arizona I purchased this Denim Vest at G by Guess.  I love that it is not boxy & tapers in at the sides!  This is how I wore it recently with a Maxi Skirt I purchased from Nordstrom Rack.

I could go on-&-on with more ways to wear a Denim Vest - don't forget to wear them over your Maxi dresses or pair it with your favorite shorts!

Do you have a Denim Vest?  What's your favorite way to wear it?

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