Friday, June 6, 2014

Hats Off to High Five for Friday!

This week on High Five for Friday I wanted to talk about something I was lacking on our recent trip to sunny Arizona...a HAT!  Honestly, I have a sun hat that I purchased a good 5-6 years ago & I thought about packing it, but in the end decided "nah, I won't need that".  Boy, was I wrong!!

If you don't have one yet, do yourself a favor & get a great sun hat now!  You need to ward off some of the heat & sunshine rays while spending time outside.  I personally need one when lounging around the pool because nothing bothers me more than the sun coming over the top of my sunglasses...err!!  Because I decided not to bring my hat, I was using all kinds of items to shade my face...menus, towels, holding my hand up, & eventually my friends husband told me to put on his hat.  Guys....we're talking straight-billed, hip-hop baseball style cap!  Quite the look especially because I had to fit it over my bun!  There's a picture, but I'll spare you (or rather spare myself the embarrassment!).

Regardless of your specific use, I've listed 5 different options for your summer style.  Check out these shady characters! (ha, I stole that from Nordstorm)

Summer Hats
click on the picture & it will take you to the link for each hat

Honestly, my practical side would really want a visor.  It gives me the protection on my face & eyes without making my head perspire more (trust me, it does that enough on its own). Plus I don't have to deal with my hair...the visor strap can easily go around or under my ponytail or bun.  However, the "style" side of me says to go with a more chic look.  I like the floppy hats a lot, but they seem to get in the way when I'm leaning back against a lounger, or conversely hang down too low over my eyes.  Perhaps I just need to find one with the right amount of "flop"?!

Anyway, enough of my indecision...what's your favorite style of hat to beat the heat this Summer?  Oh, & what do you think about those Packable Visor-Hat's....interesting?!

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  1. I love this! I could use the inspiration as I'm trying to wear more hats, mostly to protect my skin from the North Carolina sun and I'd like to attempt to look good doing it (:

  2. The black and white packable hat is actually really cute! I don't wear hats often, but these options are great!

  3. Love summer hats! Your floppy hat picks are super cute!


  4. Oh man, hats have become an essential part of my life in So Cal. Funny...I never really needed them in Seattle...that's what clouds are for! Now I have a pretty good collection. I mostly like baseball hats and I have one fedora, but I just added a wider brim Panama hat to my collection for this summer. If I'm outside for a good period of time I want a LOT of face protection. That Aztec visor is my favorite of your choices, and I'm not even a visor person! LOL.
    Gina -- On the Daily Express

  5. I just bought a straw fedora! And was eyeing up a floppy hat yesterday but didn't buy, as like you I don't find them the most practical. Stopping by today via Friday's Fab Favourites, P x

  6. I am so totally with you on the visors - very practical, but not as "cool" looking, right? I have been looking for my perfect fedora, but have yet to find it. I'm so wary of ordering online because I feel like my head is odd! Ha! One day we shall be united!
    Carylee |


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