Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Inspiration: Red...

Lately I've been finding myself reaching towards red in my wardrobe.  It's a classic, it invokes a feeling of power when you wear it, & it's really great for color mixing!  While there are many colors that go great with red, I've seen two combinations lately to pull inspiration from.

The first inspiration is of course from Pinterest.  I had been thinking about the combination of Red & Pink in an outfit, so when I came upon this pin I knew it had to be talked about.

Red Inspiration

I've presented two options here where you could splurge or save.  Either way, I'm loving the bright, bold combination of these colors together.  Play around with could even just do a red or pink dress & simply add the other color in your accessories and/or shoes.  Just be sure there is good contrast between the tones of each color...if the red & pink are too similar in tone, there won't be enough contrast in the outfit.

This next inspiration actually came from a mannequin in J. Crew that I saw walking by the store a few weeks ago.  It's no secret that I adore military/utility vests, so I immediately took to this look that's both feminine & urban chic.

Red Inspiration

I immediately came home & tried to duplicate the look using a red jersey dress I already own.  Unfortunately, my dress is an A-line which didn't look right with the length of the vest, so a forewarning to look for a straight skirt if you're wanting to try this look.  Again, I've given the splurge & save options above, but always shop your closet first!  I went back & shopped my closet again &, voila, came up with this look using my red & white maxi dress instead!

That wraps up this episode of "Inspirations"...remember to always keep your eyes peeled, you never know what inspiration is lurking around the corner. :-)

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Monday, July 14, 2014


I wanted to share with you all about a couple of opportunities I had this week.

First, I was asked to come speak to a small group of young ladies about Fashion.  Hello, um yes, I'd love to!!  The night was filled with Make-up tutorials from a MAC Makeup Artist, hair tutorials by a Hair Stylist & me to touch on fashion.  It was fun to watch these young ladies take everything in.  It was hands on so they did everything right along with the instructors.  It was an intimiate setting so everyone got personal attention while learning new things right along side their friends.  I even walked away with some new makeup tips & a new way to curl my hair that I LOVE!  I'd love to connect you to a video or link right now to show you this curl, but alas, I cannot find anything like it on Youtube!!  Erg!  I may have to figure out a way to show you guys a very simple tutorial on it, but time escapes me right now.  If I get up the gumption, I may just have to do it so you can try this yourself!!

Anyway, I just talked to the girls about a few important things regarding fashion & then we talked about all the fun things too!!  I told them the very same things I would tell any girl/young lady/woman & it went something like this.

The Boring Stuff:
  1. Dress with a Purpose:  Don't just get "dressed", put on an outfit.  I have said it time & time again, & will continue to say it unitl I can't anymore.  Make it a priority to put on something every day that makes you feel something positive!  Whether that something "positive" is pretty,or happy, or sophisticated, or preppy, or sassy, or bright, or cheerful, or confident, etc!!  When what we are wearing makes us feel something positive, we not only boost our own self esteem, confidence, & worth, we also subconsciously project ourselves differently to others.  It's a win-win!  
  2. Impressions:  Remember that what we are wearing is the first impression people have of us.  Present yourself they way you would like people to think of you.  This includes exercising modesty with certain garments & respecting ourselves as well.

The Fun Stuff:
  1. Colors don't have to match, they have to "go":  If you've been reading this blog for any amount of time, you already know that I live by this statement.  The girls from the group & I went over the many possibilities of mixing-&-matching colors rather than being "matchy-matchy".  They really embraced the concept & had a natural instinct on what went with what.  I was very impressed!
  2. Accessorize:  Luckily the girls all had a love for jewelry, so we played around a little more with color concepts & using accessories to "add the cherry on top".  We also talked about wearing scarves & a few ways you can tie them.  All of these options will take an outfit to the next level & give it that "purposeful" appearance.  
  3. Fancy-Casual:  Taking one "fancier" piece of clothing or accessory & adding it to an otherwise casual outfit.  For example - a sequined skirt with a structured tee & Converse, or a graphic tee with jean shorts & a rhinestone statement necklace, or a sophisticated lacy dress with a tie-front chambray.  All of these options are fabulous & on-trend & will invoke that something positive in what you have on.
All in all, super fun night that I was honored to be a part of!  My hope is that each girl walked away with some new insight & that they felt inspired to try something new in their wardrobe.

The second opportunity that came my way was a Coast-to-Coast Trend Survey sponsored by Gina over at On The Daily Express.  The survey covers what's popular & what's not from different regions around the country as reported by Bloggers.  I happily contributed my answers about the Mountain West region.  If you'd like to see how I answered, as well as what's going on in other regions, make sure you hop on over to On The Daily Express for some fun information.  Ever wonder if Birkenstocks are popular anywhere else but Colorado, or curious as to what Jeans are popular in SoCal...this will be the place you can find all that info.  Should be interesting to see if there are drastic differences happening around the country!!

Again, I just want to thank all the people involved with both of these projects.  It was a pleasure to participate & I'm honored to have been asked!

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Monday, July 7, 2014

I Gave In...

As you may have noticed, I haven't posted in a while.  I've been super busy with work and Summer & I finally gave in to not being able to do it all.  While I absolutely love blogging & all that it brings, something had to give while I work through this hectic-ness that is life right now.  No need to worry, everything is fine, just super busy!  I can't promise regular posts just yet, but I'll do what I can when I can.  I still have plenty of ideas floating around in my head that need to come out :-)  In the mean time, you can follow ie-style on Bloglovin & you'll be updated when new posts are published.  Of course, there's Facebook too.  I've also added a new page of the Blogs I enjoy following so you can still get your fill of fresh ideas from other creative bloggers while I'm slacking.

Alright, onto the meat of today's post.  As you may have noticed there were tons of sales happening throughout stores this weekend.  I took advantage of one of those sales & finally gave in to purchasing this Lace Tank from Express & I don't regret it one bit!  I had first seen it when Gina over at On The Daily Express mentioned it a couple of weeks ago.  Then it reappeared with Carylee over at More Pieces of Me in the black version about a week later.

This top is beyond gorgeous & it comes in Natural, White or Black.  Plus you can easily change the look of it by simply changing the color of the cami (or bralette or bandeau if you're brave) you wear underneath.

Gina from On The Daily Express

Carylee at More Pieces of Me

I wore mine to a relaxed family dinner with this weekend...this is how I wore it with an orange tank & my Converse for a more casual look.

As you can imagine I plan on wearing this to work & maybe even a Bachelorette Party I have later this summer.  It's such a statement top that I know I'll be grabbing for it often!  To see more ways I wear it you can follow me on Instagram too :-)

Did you take advantage of the great sales this past weekend & give in to something you've been eyeing?  Tell me - I'd love to hear!