Friday, August 29, 2014

Friday Favorites: Color Crush

It's Friday....& a Friday to a long weekend, yay!!  On this weeks Favorites, I wanted to talk about a current color crush I'm having.  That crush would be Emerald Green.  I actually have always loved the color, but it's been more eye-catching to me recently perhaps because of the pending season change (Summer please stay!).

Some of the items that have caught my attention are:

Color Crush; Emerald

I've actually tried on both the Express Portofino & the Lace Skirt from Limited, but didn't buy them at the time.  However, I've regretted not purchasing both items ever since!  Perhaps I'll catch them with the sales running this weekend!?

Believe it or not, this color actually mixes well with a handful of other color, which makes it more versatile than you would think.

Emerald Versatility

Some of my favorite color mixing combos with Emerald are using pinks & corals.  For even more options try adding pops of purple, lavender, gold, mustard, merlot, or raspberry.  Of course then you also have your standard neutrals of navy, grey, black, white, khaki & of course the good old Chambray!  Told you there were lots of options!

I'm not going to gab your ear off today, but wanted to just share what I'll be looking for when I hit sales this weekend.  I should mention here that nearly every store out there is having sales in honor of Labor Day so now is a good time to take advantage of 1) getting a good deal on something you've already been eyeing & 2) I'm guessing you can find great discounts on Summer items too!  I know you won't be able to wear them very much longer this season (depending on where you live), but it's still a great time to take advantage of some great deals.  Even if you can only wear it for a couple more weeks, you can still add layers to those Summer items during the Fall & Winter, & there's always next year too!!  Here's just "some" of the offers sitting in my inbox right now...& this is just the tip of the iceberg!

Have a great long weekend!  I want to hear about your great deals if you hit the shopping this weekend!!

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Are You Ready For...

...some Football!!  Only one more week until the regular season of NFL Football starts.  I must admit that I always get somewhat excited this time of year.  Although I've only recenlty gotten into watching football, this time of the year brings relaxing Sunday's & great times with family & friends.

What better way to kick off Bronco season (yes, we're trying to forget the horrible ending to the season last year) than with an outfit to match?!  So, I've come up with my ultimate game day ensemble.

Never in the past have I had a team jersey, but have honestly considered getting one the last couple of seasons.  Per the Hubby, I need a Bronco Manning Jersey.  If that were actually in my closet, this is what I would be sporting on game day.

Bronco Game Day

They key for me is to show spirit, but still feel feminine & put together.  Adding a pair of white skinny jeans, some earrings & arm candy, & grabbing a complimentary bag accomplish the feminine complete look.  Going with the Ladies cut Jersey also helps, because they are tapered to match our curves better.  Also, can we talk about these Western Cut-out Booties from Forever 21...I think I need those!!

How do you show your spirit...are you a Team Jersey kind of fan?

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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Beauty Faves

I've gathered up a few beauty favorites lately, so I thought maybe we should talk about them.  Some were new to me, so this will serve as a review of those products.  Others are tried-and-true products for me that I thought might be of interest.

Beauty Favs

  • Sally Hansen Miracle Gel:  I'm sure you've all at least heard of this by now.  This is touted to give you the lasting wear similar to a shellac gel, but no lights are required & it removes with regular nail polish remover.  I'm all about trying to find that "long lasting" polish, so my girls & I picked up a couple of colors to try.  The first time I tried it (with B Girl & the Miracle Gel Top Coat), I'm sorry to say that I didn't get but 3 days out of it before it starting chipping.  Disappointing, to say the least.  However, since we had already purchased another color (Blue My Mind) I gave it another chance.  Both times I applied 2 coats of the color followed by 1 coat of the Miracle Gel top coat.  The second time around has been much better!!  I sailed through until day 5 when I started noticing some wear on the tips.  I applied one more coat of both the color & top coat that night & have been still wearing it with is day 8!  While I don't think I'll manage to get the 10 days to 2 weeks out of it like the claims, if I can continue to get 8+ days of wear time, I'll be a happy camper!  Side note:  for those who have used CND Vinylux, I would say this is very comparable.  
B Girl

Blue My Mind
  • Beauty Blender:  You may recall that I pondered purchasing a Beauty Blender a few months back. Well, I didn't end up getting one at that time because I just didn't think I needed it.  However, I spent a few days with my Sister in the Mountains recently & she let me try out her Beauty Blender.  Can I just say I was instantly sold!  My past methods of applying my liquid foundation have been 1)just applying with my hands much like you would apply moisturizer (I know, terrible!) or 2) using a foundation brush.  The "hands" method being the fastest & while I noticed a better result using the makeup brush, it was also more time consuming & would leave little bristles from the brush on my face.  The Beauty Blender provides me with the best of both worlds - quick application & flawless results.  I pretty much follow the same steps you can see in this video & then I follow up by also applying my concealer under my eyes using the same method, just with the smaller end of the blender.  I will say that I was worried the first time I used it because it didn't appear that I was getting enough coverage.  However, just wait a couple of minutes & the makeup will "set" & you'll be left with beautiful results!
  • Tarte 12-Hour Foundation:  While we're on the subject of the Beauty Blender I may as well talk about the foundation I use.  I was turned on to Tarte's 12-Hour Foundation a couple of years ago when an Esthetician recommended I use it for my acne prone skin - I haven't looked back since!  It provides excellent coverage, but feels lightweight & smooth!  So, if you're in the market for a new foundation I would encourage you to give this a try (can be found in-store at Sephora & Ulta) - other people I have turned on to it love it too!
  • "They're Real" by Benefit:  To date, my most favorite mascara!  I get great length & volume from it!  That being said, it does have a couple of downfalls:  It's pricey!  I have actually started only purchasing the small travel size tube because I feel like the regular size dries out too quickly & the price is more manageable in the small size too.  Also, I apply 2 consecutive coats on my lashes.  If you wait too long in between applications, it will be a hot mess.  Also, in-store at both Sephora & Ulta.
  • Bright Lips:  Inspired by this pin, I decided I wanted to try a bold fuschia-ish lip.  I ended up with Violetta from MAC.  I love it because it's different for me, plus I feel like it changes up my whole look with just a simple tube of lipstick. You can also check out this pin for a great way to apply/wear bold lipstick.
This Instagram pic is the best one I have that shows the lipstick (& the mascara for that matter) :-)
  • Shoe Comfort:  I wanted to share with you all this wonderful post Carylee did a while back (that she sent to me after I asked if her feet are surviving her *beyond* awesome shoe collection).  I thought it had great information on products for making your shoes more comfortable & wearable.  Great info, so stop by & check it out here!!  Also, if you've never seen her blog, then you must check out her Closet Room & her shoe collection - both drool worthy!!

That's the end of my sharing, but if you have any favorite or "must have" products or beauty info, I'm all ears!!  I always love hearing what works for others!

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Tuesday, August 19, 2014


Unless you've been hiding under a rock lately, you've certainly noticed the explosion of the animal trend in fashion - both in animal prints as well as animal images.  While I haven't gone too animal crazy yet (unless you count leopard print), I thought I'd share some ideas on how you can work with those pieces you find interesting.

Personally, I am finding myself oogling over all things Zebra, Giraffe & Owl - thus the following sample ideas :-)
Zebra Print & Patterns

Its classic black & white pattern make Zebra print & images not only fun, but versatile too!  Apparently Express has some great Zebra options right now since over half of this board is from there.  And you can also see this zebra portofino (on the right) in action with Carylee here.

Giraffe Print & Images

Um, I'll take one of each of these please! :-)  Seriously, this sample board makes me super happy & while it could technically all go together to make an outfit, it *might* be overkill all at once.  This Giraffe print/pattern can be just as versatile as Leopard print, which is just one of the reasons I've fallen for it.  

Owl Images

While there really isn't Owl print/pattern, there are plenty of accessories & clothing options out there with Owl images.  I thought these PJ pants were adorable & I actually really love the scarf too!  For me, I am more likely to have jewelry & accessories with the Owl image & not so much the clothing - but to each their own I say!

What would be an ie-style post be without some inspiration/examples on how to incorporate some of these prints/patterns/images into your wardrobe...try these on for size!  

Wildlife Options

I liked the mix of patterns with the Zebra Tee & the Aztec print skirt.  Yes, it's all black & white, but the patterns make it fun & interesting.  On the Giraffe side, can I just say that I absolutely adore this skirt!!  I also love the mix of the mustard & turquoise colors for some contrast as well!  And Kendra Scott jewelry is currently on my wish list, so I chose to accessorize both outfits with her line :-)

While I adore all of the above, from my own closet the only wildlife I can show you currently is this Seahorse dress I picked up from Target last year on super clearance.

Dress Target  (old); cute option & option // Denim Jacket // Necklace J.Crew Factory option // Sandals

Now it's your turn - how's your Wildlife collection?  I'm always curious to hear what others are fond of & see favorite ways to style such items.

p.s. In case you didn't already know, you can click on any of the sample boards above & be taken to where you can find a link to each item.

Friday, August 15, 2014

Fitness Friday

Welcome to Fitness Friday!!  I personally feel that fitness is an important part of every day life, so I figured I should reflect that on my blog in some way.  Therefore, occasionally on Friday's (I promise not to bore you with it every Friday) I will have a fitness related post of some type.  Sound good? Good!

Don't you think the first Fitness Friday should be about attire though?  Yep, me too!  Back in the day I would just wear old, ratty, worn clothes to the gym.  However, over the years it has become apparent to me that this is not the best option.  First of all, fitness attire is meant for breath-ability & support for optimal function during those jarring, sweat inducing activities.  Second, they are tailored to fit properly to avoid things like chaffing & they are designed to move with you for activities such as stretching, yoga & Pilates.   Third, just like in our every day clothes, having a coordinated, well-fitting attire at the gym only puts us in the right frame of mind & subconsciously gives us confidence & motivation.  After all, when you feel good in what you're wearing (even at the gym), it changes your entire attitude!

I love fitness wear, however, I have a hard time spending too much money on something that I'm just going to sweat in (& let me tell you now, I sweat like a man!).  So, below you'll find all the brands of attire I have & love - some higher priced than others.
athletic wear by Lucy

For Mother's Day this year, I received a pair of Lucy Capri's (the exact ones in the sample board via Dillards).  Now, I would NEVER pay for these myself, which is exactly why my husband & girls got them for me as a gift.  I hate to admit it, but these are the most comfortable workout pants I own!  I could actually live in them for days!!  So, if you are looking for ultimate comfort, give Lucy brand a try (if price isn't a factor).

Athletic Wear by Fabletics

Have you guys been seeing the commercials recently for Fabletics?  I had heard about this online company before & decided to give them a try.  For best pricing, you do have to become a VIP member which means signing up as a member & between the 1st and 5th of every month you either have to make a purchase, or "skip" for the month.  If you watch you should be able to get your first outfit for 50% off.  Again, I have the exact outfit from the sample board.  I will say that I'm definitely impressed with the feel of the fabrics, the designs & the support, especially since this entire 3-piece set was right around $25.  I will be ordering from them again in the future, although I won't get that steal of a deal again most likely.

Athletic Wear by Gap

My sister actually turned me on to the athletic wear at the Gap.  Once I gave in, I was pleasantly surprised about the material..."thick" in that the material will hold up over time, but not "thick" as in hot & annoying.  The Gap is one of those stores where I never buy anything unless it's on sale or, everything you see in the sample board reflects that as well :-)

Athletic Wear at JCPenney

Lastly, the place where I probably get the majority of my athletic wear?...JCPenney!  I've found that their Xersion brand is a reasonable price & often on sale.  I also find that they have a large selection of prints on their fabrics & a variety of different "types" of athletic wear - from leggings to shorts, tanks to short sleeve tops, to long sleeve lounge wear.  I also don't feel bad about throwing these products into the dryer because the price point is decent & I still get 1 1/2-2 years out of each item (they say not to do this because the heat from the dryer will break down the fabric).

Whew...thanks for hanging in there for the longer post today!  I'd love to hear from you where you're favorite brands/stores for athletic wear...feel free to share in the comments :-)

Happy Friday!!

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Tuesday, August 12, 2014


I had my sister-in-law ask recently how often I go "shopping".  To be honest, most of my shopping happens on a whim.  Whether I'm at the mall for a quick stop at Sephora or the MAC store, or running to Target for groceries, or taking my kiddos for a cupcake, I always keep my eyes peeled for steals & deals.  That exact scenario is what happened when I found this skirt!

I was taking my girls for a cupcake date at an outdoor mall.  After cupcakes we ran to Ulta for a few necessities, & while we were at it I hopped into Banana Republic.  Yay for me, they were having an additional 40% off clearance items that day so, of course, I had to look around.  This beauty (originally priced at $79.50) is now mine to the tune of $7.96!!  Yep, less than $8.00!!  As I said, it was an additional 40% off sale at the time, plus I had $20 in rewards cash to put towards the purchase.

I also need to take a moment and praise the clerk who helped me.  The store I was in actually didn't have the size I needed.  My sales consultant was nice enough to track down the right size for me from another store (in Washington D.C. I might add).  The two consultants then assisted me through the transaction over the phone & it was shipped to my door for free & gave they me 50% off the sale price (rather than 40%)!  Good customer service right there!!

Alright, enough talking about the are a couple ideas on how I'll be wearing the skirt. 

For Work:  I simply paired it with a bright knit scoop neck tee, a large beaded necklace, & peep toe heels (all of which are from past seasons, sorry).

For the Weekend:  This time around I pulled out my trusty Graphic Tee & gladiator sandals then added a pop of color with a necklace.  Again, all of these pieces are from past seasons.

So there you have it - my steal of a deal.  I love this skirt - the cut & length make it feel super girly, which is okay every now & again, right?!  I highly encourage everyone to keep your eyes peeled whenever you are out & about - when you're at the right place at the right time, magic happens!

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Thursday, August 7, 2014

Throw Back Thursday

Just a quick post on a couple of follow up items.  I always like to follow up every now & again with how I reuse certain pieces.  Let's get to it, shall we?!

First up, the scarf & one dress from this post. If you'll recall, it looked looked like this...

Purple with Neon

I mentioned in the post that I may just need this Maxi.  Sure enough, it went on sale so I grabbed it!  This is how I've worn it since. (Of note, you'll notice some of the reviews on complain that the bottom half of this maxi is quite translucent.  While I agree with that, I typically always wear a slip under my dresses, which takes care of any issues with that in this dress).

Just as the inspiration board I originally showed.  Scarf, Target (on clearance now) // Maxi, Gap (also on clearance)
Then again with  a demin vest & different scarf.  Scarf, Target (old) // Denim Vest, G by Guess.  You can also see more about this vest here.  
I've also worn the neon scarf like this...

Top, Old Navy // Mint Skinnies, Express // Belt & scarf, Target (Cartwheel coupon for 20% off belts thru 8/30) // Wedges, Guess via TJ Maxx

Next up, remember these white textured pants?  I loved them then & they continue to be one of my most favorites pairs of pants!  This is how I've worn them of late...

Tank, White House Black Market (old) // Cardigan, Target (last season) // Belt & Shoes , Target (Target mobile coupon for $5 off a shoe purchase of $25 or more)  // Pants (sold out online) & necklace (no longer available), Loft
Unfortunately, all pieces from this outfit are from past seasons.  Button up sweater, Target // Chevron Scarf, Charming Charlie // Peep Toe Heels, Macy's
I also have worn these pants with a relaxed heather gray t-shirt & grey Chuck Taylors...relaxed & fun!

So, there you have it...a throw back to a couple of older posts.  Now I can clear out a few photos from my camera, haha! 

Monday, August 4, 2014

K.I.S.S. - The Perfect Trifecta

I've decided that I will start a new series every now & again called K.I.S.S (keep it simple silly).  These posts will focus on keeping outfit inspirations simple & easy to put together.  Today I wanted to talk about one of my favorite color combinations...Black & Brown with Denim.

This trifecta of colors is timeless & classic as well as chic.  Again, easy to fall back on when inspiration is lacking.  Of course the other place you should go when you're lacking inspiration is Pinterest, right?!  So here are a few of my favorite Black, Brown & Denim pins from my boards.

Black maxi, long gold necklack, tan bag and shoes, denim jacket
Black Maxi 

Soon this!! Black dress, brown belt, brown boots

"Summer relaxing" by mandys120 on Polyvore ... remember when black and brown was a sin to put together now its a big fashion yesss! :)
Black Tee with Denim Shorts

As you can see, your combinations of these 3 colors can be in the form anything from dresses, to shorts, to rompers, to jackets & chambrays, to footwear & accessories - which just makes this combo even more simple to put together.

As always, I like you guys to know that I "walk the walk", so here's how I've worn this combo lately. 
See Original Post here

This is the outfit I wore to an Anniversary dinner with my Husband.  The dress is from Target (old), necklace is also Target (recent but can't locate online) & shoes are Zigi Soho via DSW.  

That wraps up this post on K.I.S.S.  Hope you can find some inspiration among these ideas!