Thursday, August 28, 2014

Are You Ready For...

...some Football!!  Only one more week until the regular season of NFL Football starts.  I must admit that I always get somewhat excited this time of year.  Although I've only recenlty gotten into watching football, this time of the year brings relaxing Sunday's & great times with family & friends.

What better way to kick off Bronco season (yes, we're trying to forget the horrible ending to the season last year) than with an outfit to match?!  So, I've come up with my ultimate game day ensemble.

Never in the past have I had a team jersey, but have honestly considered getting one the last couple of seasons.  Per the Hubby, I need a Bronco Manning Jersey.  If that were actually in my closet, this is what I would be sporting on game day.

Bronco Game Day

They key for me is to show spirit, but still feel feminine & put together.  Adding a pair of white skinny jeans, some earrings & arm candy, & grabbing a complimentary bag accomplish the feminine complete look.  Going with the Ladies cut Jersey also helps, because they are tapered to match our curves better.  Also, can we talk about these Western Cut-out Booties from Forever 21...I think I need those!!

How do you show your spirit...are you a Team Jersey kind of fan?

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  1. 1) Before I discuss this post I did pick up a new mascara at Sephora yesterday thank to you and am excited to try it out today. 2) Love all of the cute pieces in this outfit set EXCEPT for the Jersey. It's a dealbreaker for me. :P I'm definitely looking forward to another fun and exciting football season though!
    Gina - On the Daily Express

  2. yes! I love love love those booties! bring on football season!

  3. LOVE the game day outfit! I would totally wear that!


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