Friday, August 15, 2014

Fitness Friday

Welcome to Fitness Friday!!  I personally feel that fitness is an important part of every day life, so I figured I should reflect that on my blog in some way.  Therefore, occasionally on Friday's (I promise not to bore you with it every Friday) I will have a fitness related post of some type.  Sound good? Good!

Don't you think the first Fitness Friday should be about attire though?  Yep, me too!  Back in the day I would just wear old, ratty, worn clothes to the gym.  However, over the years it has become apparent to me that this is not the best option.  First of all, fitness attire is meant for breath-ability & support for optimal function during those jarring, sweat inducing activities.  Second, they are tailored to fit properly to avoid things like chaffing & they are designed to move with you for activities such as stretching, yoga & Pilates.   Third, just like in our every day clothes, having a coordinated, well-fitting attire at the gym only puts us in the right frame of mind & subconsciously gives us confidence & motivation.  After all, when you feel good in what you're wearing (even at the gym), it changes your entire attitude!

I love fitness wear, however, I have a hard time spending too much money on something that I'm just going to sweat in (& let me tell you now, I sweat like a man!).  So, below you'll find all the brands of attire I have & love - some higher priced than others.
athletic wear by Lucy

For Mother's Day this year, I received a pair of Lucy Capri's (the exact ones in the sample board via Dillards).  Now, I would NEVER pay for these myself, which is exactly why my husband & girls got them for me as a gift.  I hate to admit it, but these are the most comfortable workout pants I own!  I could actually live in them for days!!  So, if you are looking for ultimate comfort, give Lucy brand a try (if price isn't a factor).

Athletic Wear by Fabletics

Have you guys been seeing the commercials recently for Fabletics?  I had heard about this online company before & decided to give them a try.  For best pricing, you do have to become a VIP member which means signing up as a member & between the 1st and 5th of every month you either have to make a purchase, or "skip" for the month.  If you watch you should be able to get your first outfit for 50% off.  Again, I have the exact outfit from the sample board.  I will say that I'm definitely impressed with the feel of the fabrics, the designs & the support, especially since this entire 3-piece set was right around $25.  I will be ordering from them again in the future, although I won't get that steal of a deal again most likely.

Athletic Wear by Gap

My sister actually turned me on to the athletic wear at the Gap.  Once I gave in, I was pleasantly surprised about the material..."thick" in that the material will hold up over time, but not "thick" as in hot & annoying.  The Gap is one of those stores where I never buy anything unless it's on sale or, everything you see in the sample board reflects that as well :-)

Athletic Wear at JCPenney

Lastly, the place where I probably get the majority of my athletic wear?...JCPenney!  I've found that their Xersion brand is a reasonable price & often on sale.  I also find that they have a large selection of prints on their fabrics & a variety of different "types" of athletic wear - from leggings to shorts, tanks to short sleeve tops, to long sleeve lounge wear.  I also don't feel bad about throwing these products into the dryer because the price point is decent & I still get 1 1/2-2 years out of each item (they say not to do this because the heat from the dryer will break down the fabric).

Whew...thanks for hanging in there for the longer post today!  I'd love to hear from you where you're favorite brands/stores for athletic wear...feel free to share in the comments :-)

Happy Friday!!

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  1. Ooh fun, I like the look of Fitness Friday! And you have so many fun, bright and colorful workout outfits! Unfortunately mine are all pretty bland. I work out at home, so it's hard to want to spend much on clothes that no one sees. I do have some cuter pieces for when I go on hikes or do drop in classes at a local martial arts studio and dance studio. The "cute stuff" is from Express or athletic brands like Nike & New Balance, with a healthy dose of Target thrown in there. I didn't even know JCP had workout clothes! Those pieces look really cute.
    Gina - On the Daily Express

  2. Love all of these workout outfits! I have not heard of Fabletic's and will have to check them out!


  3. Great Fitness Friday post. I have always loved the work-out and underwear options/clothing at Gap. I see this year JC Penney's has come up with great work-out clothes, too. =)

  4. Love Fitness Friday! I wear the Gap clothes for my workouts and love them. They are so comfortable and I was going to say the same thing...they are thick as in good quality but not hot and very moveable...if that makes any sense. I've been wanting to try Fabletics.

  5. Gap makes my favorite fitness gear! The price point is relatively cheap... but I always stock up when they have 40% off the whole store!


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