Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Comfort Zone

Track Pants - I think you either love them or you hate them.  I had actually picked up a pair a few months ago from Target on clearance.  I would try them on every now & again at home, but eventually decided that the pair I had just weren't working for me, although I LOVED the look on others!  So those went back.  Then Carylee brought these to our attention & I thought "what the heck" might as well try them out - Nordstrom's has good shipping & return policies, so no harm done if I don't like them.

Here's the story...I love the look, I especially love them with a heel, but they definitely take me out of my comfort zone!  So I did some inspiration searching on Pinterest, & I asked the opinions of my sister & kiddos....& eventually decided to take the leap!  Why not?  So what if it's not what I would "normally" wear?  Fashion is what you want it to be, right?

So, thus far, I've worn these super comfy pant 2 ways...

Top // Track Pants (Option) // Shoes (Option) // Necklace (Option)

Top // Track Pants (Option) // Necklace // Shoes (Option)

I actually love both looks even though I still feel slightly self-conscious leaving the house in them - however, the more I wear them, the more natural they'll feel.  I love how the second outfit looks like a faux jumpsuit, which is exactly what I was aiming for.  So that also cured my urge to get a jumpsuit - another bonus! Also, both of these looks would look great with a denim jacket or blazer on top, so that will take me right into colder weather.

Of course I'm always looking for maximum versatility in any of my clothing items, so here are a few more ways you could style these Track Pants, especially as we head into Fall.

Track Pants -3 Ways

The long & the short of the story - we all have to get out of our comfort zones every now & again. What's life without taking chances - even small "fashion" chances :-)

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  1. You look absolutely great! Good thing you went out of your comfort zone. I also have a pair and you've given me a great idea with the buffalo plaid shirt and converse. I may need to copy :-)

  2. I still have not stepped out of my comfort zone on this one but honestly, they look AWESOME on you And I love the faux jumpsuit effect...plus it would be much easier to use the bathroom with this version! Love the color of the KS necklace you chose and you look amazing in that Barcelona cami!
    Gina - On the Daily Express

  3. Love both looks on you. You made the joggers look very chic & polished!! I wasn't sure when I bought my first pair but now I love them too.
    Marta, xo


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