Friday, September 19, 2014

Fitness Friday: 26.2

I'm back with another round of Fitness Friday - one that I'm very proud to talk about this week! :-)

Over the Labor Day Weekend, my Sister participated in her first Full Marathon!!  I'm full of pride for her accomplishments & she should be too!  So, on this post I thought we'd do an interview of her take on all things Marathon.

Disclaimer: Neither she nor I are Healthcare or Fitness professionals.  This is a simple recount of one person's experience & should not be taken as professional advice.  As always, consult with your Healthcare or Fitness professional before beginning any new program.

Before we get to the interview however, let's talk stats first:

Age: 37
Marathon/Race Name: American Discovery Trail Marathon
Race Finish Time: 4 hours, 11 minutes, 25 seconds

I, for one, am impressed by those stats, especially given this was her first full marathon!  It takes a considerable amount of dedication to train (both physically & mentally) for a 26.2 mile race & I'm in awe of those who do it.  I sat down & chatted with her post-race to get her take on those 26.2 miles, wanting to hear all about her experience.

1.  What inspired you to want to run a full marathon?  I think just the desire to push myself and see what I'm capable of doing, honestly.   I've run 4 half'-marathons prior to committing to this, so it was a good next step for me.  Plus, I'm a competitive person, so I was eager to take on a challenge. Running has become a passion of mine and I love being in the race atmosphere, whether it's a 5K or a full marathon.  

2.  Any tips and tricks that you think attributed to your success (gear, nutrition, strategy, etc)?  Listening and taking in advice from my friends that have run a full marathon before....I can only gain from what they've learned.  On the strategy side, personally I would drink an electrolyte drink every 2 miles, and a huma gel every 4 miles - this provide essential nutrients so that I can keep my stamina during the race.  I also love my running pack by held all my gels, phone, and water. Lastly, I listened to an e-book and music off and on during the run...I find this helps me with my pace; e-book for slower pace and my music for when I wanted to have a faster pace.

3.  How did you train for the race (what program did you follow and what were your final thoughts on it)? I always use Hal Higdon's training program for my half's, so I used him again for the full. I do very well with his program - I remain injury free and get good results, so I stick with it. I even follow his post marathon program. Some of my friends also use Jeff Galloway's training programs too.

4.  The best part and the worse part of the entire experience?  Hands down, the best part for me was the amount of support I received from my family and friends at the race! Having my kids and nieces run with me at the very end is what will remain we always. Worse part- this is hard for me...there really wasn't anything negative for me. If I had to come up with something, it would be having to schedule training around summer plans, but I made it work.

5.  Any advice for others who may be considering taking on the challenge of a full marathon (or any race)?  Just. Do. It.  Don't be are capable of more than you think!  To quote Hal Higdon "There's is no such thing as an average runner. We are all above average".

6.  Would you do it again? fact I already have plans for my next one :-)  Now that I know I can do it, I have new goals to reach on improving my time.

Spectators View:  Unbeknownst to my Sister, a large group of our Family came to the race to show our support & encourage her along the way.  She had no idea we were coming.  Fortunately for us, the race organization had a very good course map available & we were able to calculate where she would be & around what time.  Our first stop was around mile 8 or 9...we had the kiddos with all their home-made signs & we hooted & hollered as she came by smiling & waving back at us.  Moments later, my brother-in-law received a text from her (thank you Siri) simply saying "that made my world".  We continued to try & meet up with her at a couple more mile markers just to let her know we were there to support her.  Honestly though, she made it look easy!  

At the time, I had no idea the impact we had on her by just simply being there to cheer her on.  As she mentioned above, it was the highlight of the race for her.  So, remember that although "racing" may not be your thing, being there to support your loved ones has a huge impact!!  

I just want to tell you all how absolutely inspiring it is to be at an event like this.  The range of people that participate is so surprising to me.  People of all fitness levels, ages, abilities,'s really truly so motivating to witness.  So, I fully second what my Sister said - just do it!!!  The only thing holding you back (us back) is the mind!  It doesn't have to be a full marathon, just do what seems to interest you & give it all you've got!

Thanks for sticking with me through a non-fashion post.  I'm all about trying to inspire people in any way possible.  If you have any specific questions that my Sister can answer, leave a message in the comments or email me at & I'll get them to her.

Happy Friday!

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  1. I always admire people who can run marathons and push themselves that way! That's SO sweet that you guys surprised her and made all those signs to cheer her on! Are you planning on doing a marathon Kellie!?
    Gina - On the Daily Express

    1. Well certainly not a full marathon, but the Hubby and I are seriously considering a half :-) I think we could accomplish that for starters.

  2. Congrats to your sister on her marathon (especially starting with a trail 26.2)! She is blessed to have such a great cheering squad! My first 26.2 was a trail marathon, too, and the technical trails sure are a challenge. Hal Higdon's plans have always worked great for me, too.

    Stopping by from Friday Favorites :)

    Amy @

  3. Really cool Kellie- running a marathon is a BIG deal- kudos to your sis! Thanks for linking up today!! xoShannon

  4. I so admire someone who runs marathons. I do run, but it's a struggle and I don't usually enjoy it. Congrats to your sister on her accomplishments!

  5. I really admire runners and especially marathoners. I cannot even fathom doing 26.2 miles. I've *walked* that far in one day before and it was absolutely brutal. Congrats to her and I loved this recap! Http://


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