Monday, September 29, 2014

Hot for Fall

Now that Fall is officially here & we're starting to see cooling temperatures, I thought I'd mention a few items/trends that are going to be hot this season.

Lucky for us, some of these are carrying over from previous seasons so you may already have pieces in your closet you can get even more use out of.

Hot for Fall

  • Faux Leather - we saw this trend start last Winter & it appears it's gaining momentum again this Fall.  From everything to leggings, skirts, tops & items with just small touches of Faux Leather - it's all the rage.  I recently purchased the Leggings from Express & I'm very satisfied with my purchase!  These are very comfortable to wear, I get great movement out of them, & I can dress them up or down.  I also recently purchased this long sleeve top with faux leather trim from Banana's a great black tee, but the trim adds a nice dimension to it.
  • Jeans - Fall denim that's hot is the grey jean, as well as the colored jean (in jewel tones), & we're going to see a good helping of "coated" jeans as well. 
  • Buffalo Plaid - This is another trend that started taking off last Winter/Spring & is carrying over to this Season as well.  At first, I wasn't sure what to think of this bold red & black print, but as per usual, it has grown on me.  It's surprisingly more versatile that you initially think so it can be mixed with other patterns & colors. 
  • Plaid - Hot, hot, hot this Season.  You are going to see everything available in a plaid print of some sort - from tops, coats, pants, skirts, tights & even accessories, plaid is & will be everywhere!  Again, it's a pattern that you can have fun with mixing others patterns with it.
These are just a few of the hot items we'll be seeing this Season.  This is just the tip of the iceberg, but these are all really good staple pieces that would be worth the investment.  Of course, I always recommend you wait for a great sale, use those coupons & reward monies, & be a smart shopper so that your price-per-wear on these trends is justifiable.  I just provided examples above, but you should be able to find similar pieces at any of your favorite stores.

Keep me posted on what you find in your closet, what you love, & what you find out there :-)

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  1. Heyyyy, great minds!! I love seeing your run down on fall trends and was nodding my head the whole way through going "yep, yep, definitely seeing a lot of that too!" The only one of these I haven't added is buffalo plaid. But I already added THREE plaid shirts to my wardrobe this year so I don't feel justified adding yet another one, even if it's different because it's buffalo!
    Gina - On the Daily Express


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