Wednesday, October 29, 2014

To the Mountains

I was able to sneak away recently for a quick Girls Weekend to the Colorado Mountains.  We lucked out & had extraordinarily warm weather which made for a perfect weekend.  I thought I'd share quickly what I packed & the many ways those items could be worn.  Although I was only gone a few days, if we had gotten snowed in (wishful thinking), I would have been able to put together at least 6 different outfits with what I brought.

What I brought -
To the Mountains

As you can see I brought along 2 shirts, 2 pairs of pants, 2 scarves, & 2 pairs of shoes.  Apparently "2" should be my new favorite number, haha!  I wanted to keep the jewelry simple so I only brought along a gold tassel necklace & a pair of gold rectangle earrings.

We need to stop & talk about this adorable striped weekender bag for a moment.  I had seen these all over Target now for a while, but in true fashion for me, I wasn't willing to pay full price for one.  I watched as the striped bag & polka dot bag made their way to clearance for $24.99 (down from $35), but I took the gamble that they would be marked down even further.  No joke y'all, I probably checked it 3 times before this trip to see if it was further luck.  On the night before our departure, my Sister & I had to make one last stop at Target (who doesn't do that?) & I made a point of taking my Sister to see this bag.  She picked it up & checked the tag...& gasped!  She said "you're buying this bag!".  Final price, $10.48!!!!  BOOM!  This bag easily held all the items you see above too!  Just in case you don't already know this - all locations of Target mark their items down differently.  Meaning, what is on clearence at one store may not be at another.  Case in point, I was at another location this week & the very same bag was still full price (online too).  Shop around!

Sorry for the deviation there, back to the outfit possibilities -
6 Mountain Outfit Options
click on the picture for links to each item

Some of the outfits above involve quite a bit of pattern mixing - which I personally enjoy.  If that's not within your comfort zone then simply switch one of the striped tops for a solid print instead.

I personally am thrilled to see the Faux Fur Vests back again this season!  Great for adding just a hint of warmth & tons of texture to an outfit!

Would you believe I only took photos of one outfit?! Guess I was too busy having fun :-)

Faux Fur Vest or option

Moral of the story...pack light, but think deep when it comes to remixing the items you brought along ;-)

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Monday, October 27, 2014

White Converse Remix

I've mentioned a few times in the past how Converse are a great casual shoe to add to an outfit (see here, here, & here for the most recent).  Recently, I gave in and purchased some good ol' White Converse & they quickly became my shoe of choice for my casual outfits, or if I needed to make an outfit *more* casual.

Here are four of my recent looks (as shown on Instagram).  We've  been blessed with continuous warm weather here (after a rough start to the Fall), so these looks will lend themselves to warmer weather.  

Graphic Tee & Scarf:

This simple outfit was perfect for a Saturday of running around with the Family.  Those outfits where you are comfortable & casual, yet put together are the best!!

 Layered with Plaid:

Sweater -Target (previous season) // Plaid Top - Old Navy (previous season) // Shorts - Target (previous season) // White Converse // Necklace

While most of the exact items in this outfit aren't available anymore, you can easily replicate this look using a similar sweater & plaid that you already own & pair it with your favorite jeans!

Stripes & Bows:

Dress & Scarf - Target (previous season) // Belt // White Converse

With the exception of the shoes, this entire outfit came from Target, haha! Unfortunately, the dress & scarf are no longer available, but again, it would be easy to substitute with similar items.  The other thing I love about this outfit was that I actually started the day with heels on for work.  After work I needed to run errands, so I simply switched to the trusty White Converse.  Casual, yet chic!

 Buffalo Plaid:

If you are a regular follower of the blog, then obviously this is a familiar look.  If you're not a regular, you can see the entire post here.  Again, this looks just further demonstrates the flexibility you have with White Converse.

Moving forward into cooler weather, these versatile casual shoes would also be great with Faux Leather Leggings, printed pants, track pants (jogger pants) & your favorite jeans!  Versatility at it's max!!  What's your favorite way to wear classic White Converse?

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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Buffalo Mix-Up

I mentioned a couple of weeks ago that Buffalo Plaid is hot this Fall.  What fun is a single item however, if you only have one way to wear it?  Buffalo Plaid may seem unfriendly at first glimpse as far as color & pattern mixing is concerned.  However, have no fear, you can have fun with this bold pattern.

I played dress up this past weekend in order to bring you 3 different looks to provide you with inspiration on ways to mix it up.

In all of the following looks I'm wearing this Buffalo Plaid shirt:

1.  Lace & White Jeans:  Adding a delicate lace to this seemingly "masculine" print is a way to soften the look (of course bling helps too).

 2.  Striped Dress:  Don't put away those summer dresses yet!  Adding a button-up like this & knotting it in the front makes a dress wearable year round.

 3.  Military Vest:  Adding another neutral color & layers adds visual dimension, & adding the faux leather leggings & lace-up heels adds edginess to this military look! (Can I just say here that the wind was completely annoying me in these pictures!)

Buffalo Plaid // Military Vest - Old Navy (option) // Faux Leather Legging // Cage Heels // Necklace - Express (option, option)

I love how each outfit has some juxtaposition to it (i.e. dressy with casual, feminine with masculine, pattern, color and/or texture mixing).  

I hope that these looks help inspire you to try your Buffalo Plaid in a new way.  Truth be told, I actually had a 4th look to share involving polka-dots, but I wasn't happy with the pictures so I'll save that look for another day :-)

Tell me your favorite way to wear Buffalo Plaid!

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Monday, October 20, 2014

On Trend: Tortoiseshell

If you are a lover of jewelry like me, you've probably noticed the growing collection of Tortoiseshell bling in stores lately.  I was immediately attracted to it, but couldn't really put on finger on "why".  Then it hit me...tortoiseshell jewelry is similar in versatility to a leopard print!  It offers a subtle pattern that is neutral, yet eye catching.  Who doesn't love that?!

This subtle pattern works great if you already have a lot going on in an outfit -lots of bold patterns or textures - & you want to just add quiet jewelry.  Or, vice versa, if you are otherwise lacking pattern it's a great way to add some without being over the top (typically, I'm one of those who can't stand my outfit if it's lacking pattern in some way).

Here are some options depending on your preference -

Tortoiseshell Necklaces

I haven't been bit by the monogram bug yet, but this could sway me...I do love the simple monogram pendant above.

Tortoiseshell Earrings

The one piece of tortoiseshell jewelry I do currently have is the double loop earrings from Target.  I find that I reach for them quite frequently for the reasons I mentioned above.

Tortoiseshell Arm Jewelry

I absolutely love this Michael Kors watch!  If my hubby is paying attention, this is on my wish list!! :-)  You can't go wrong adding any of these to your collection to adorn your wrist!

So, this leaves the question - what to wear with tortoiseshell?  Well, anything really! Pinterest has some suggestions for you:

Melisa Tortoise Shell Necklace, tuckernuck - $50
Simple Blouse
Gold chain necklace, chunky gold chain link necklace, tortoise shell necklace by McIntoshJewelry,
Polka Dots
Stripes, leather patches, tortoise shell necklace... Just not sure about all of it together? CLICK THE PIC and Learn how you can EARN MONEY while surfing on Pinterest!

5 Things To Know This AM #Refinery29

So, thoughts on this you already have pieces?  Tell me what you love, or don't love!

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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Fall Skirt

If you saw my post from Monday, you may know I declared a spending freeze for myself (sigh).  However, I do still have a few purchases I made pre-freeze that I will be talking about in the coming weeks, & today's skirt is one of those items.  Of course I snagged it at Loft where it was on markdown, & I purchased during one of their 40% off sales (as I always do at this particular store).

I've already managed to wear this skirt twice...once for work & once over the weekend - proving that it can be worn dressed up or down. (I apologize in advance for my expressions in these pictures.  Having my photo taken isn't my favorite thing - funny I should start a fashion blog, eh?!)

Tee - Loft // Skirt - Loft // Shoes - Halogen via Nordstrom (no longer available online) // Jewelry - old

Jacket - American Eagle // Top - Old Navy // Skirt - Loft // Booties - Target (last season) // 
Necklace - Express

In an effort to get the most possible versatility out of this skirt, I wanted to show you all how many ways this skirt could be worn.  The skirt itself is what I would call a dark mustard & what might surprise you is how many other colors go well with it.

For example, of course, neutrals:
Neutrals with Fall Skirt

Or, for the more adventurous, think "jewel tones" - from burgundys & wines, to purples & fuschias, & even jades & teals:

Jewel Tones with Fall Skirt

The purpose of me showing you these ideas is not for you to run out & buy this skirt (of course, you can if you want, or maybe you already have it), but I wanted to demonstrate that you can wear pieces multiple ways - sometimes you just have to pillage through your closet for inspiration! Truly, the ideas I have for this one skirt keep flowing through my head, so I'll be sure to document each time I wear it & perhaps do a follow-up post down the road :-)

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Monday, October 13, 2014

Fall: Currently Craving

I love to shop & that's no secret.  However, I am putting myself on a spending freeze for a while.  My closet is stuffed way to full at the moment & I really should be putting each & every piece to it's full use.  That said, there are a few items I'm still hunting for as we get deeper into Fall.  If I happen to find these items for a steal of a deal then I will allow myself permission to go ahead & purchase them :-)

Fall: Currently Craving

1.  I am a firm believer that every woman should own at least one pair of leopard print shoes!  Seriously!  Of course, I do already have a couple of pairs, however, they are looking fairly worn & are needing replacement.  So I'll just keep my eye peeled for the perfect pair(s), but these two examples are looking promising thus far.

2.  My vest desires actually began late last Winter.  By then, however, all that was really available wasn't quite what I wanted.  I really adore this J.Crew vest (currently on back order)'s incredibly popular in the Blog world & I love the versatility it provides.  However, for me it would be a total splurge, so I continue to keep my eye out for something similar in hopes that something less expensive would satisfy the "want".  Also, these vests by Old Navy are actually quite striking for a casual vest.  In person, they provide just the right amount of sheen, zipper detail, & shape to provide a chic look.

3.  Camo pants are hot, hot, hot again this year.  I do have a pair from last year, however, the color is very dark so again, I'm just continuing to keep my eye out for the perfect pair.  Do you have a favorite pair that I should look into?

4.  Who doesn't love Ankle Booties this time of year?!  I'm currently looking to fill the gap in the color wheel with something similar in color to these.  Hello, aren't those peep toe booties fabulous?!

5.  I've determined that I need a Big Girl Weekender bag.  Just something that's the right size for a quick weekend getaway, or night on the town with the Husband.  It's time to retire the duffel bag & these two examples are right up my alley.

So there you have it - the items I'm allowing myself to purchase during my spending freeze.  Are you like me...laying down the law, but adding amendments so I don't feel guilty about breaking the law...??  Haha, oh the games we play!

Anyway, I'd love to hear what you're currently craving or looking for.  Or, if you have any similar products above that you think I'd enjoy, please let me know! :-)

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Monday, October 6, 2014


I *rarely* ever leave the house without first finishing off my outfit with jewelry.  It's often the completer piece, the "cherry on top", the "eye candy" of each outfit.  Lately, I find myself gravitating towards my long pendant necklaces in this department.  That being said, since they've been a fave of mine lately, I thought we should talk about them here. :-)

I've complied a few examples here of a few different types of pendants that seem ever-so-popular this season.  They work perfect as a complimentary piece to your outfit -whether it's casual or dressy- & they give the illusion of a longer, leaner overall look.

Tassel Pendants

Tassel anything is very popular right now.  I absolutely love the Kendra Scott tassel pendants at the downfall with these (aside from the price) is they come in so many great colors, you'll have a hard time choosing!

Chevron Pendants

Of course Chevron anything remains a top choice right now.  A chevron pendant is a great way to add shine, clean lines, & another pattern to your ensemble.

Simple Pendant Necklaces

Sometimes, you don't want anything flashy, but you need something to give your outfit that extra touch.  A simple pendant such as these will accomplish that for you.  They bring interest to an otherwise "quite" outfit, or they are that minimal addition to a "busy" outfit.

Here are  few examples of how I've been wearing my long pendants recently:

And popular Pinterest pins for further inspiration:

Proofs in the pudding at how versatile these long necklaces are!  What's your favorite go-to pendant?

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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Inspiration: Outlander

Well, it's no secret around here that I am a huge fan of the book series Outlander by Diana Gabaldon.  And now I'm a huge fan of the TV series Outlander by Starz!  I've mentioned it a few times in the past that they were adapting the book series for TV & I've been mildly obsessed watching it come to life...following @Outlander_Starz & @samheughan on Instagram as well as following Diana Gabaldon & Outlander on Facebook.  I've watched over the past year as they cast all the roles, posted teasers & sneak peeks, until if finally came to life this past August!

Whether you've read the books or not, I think the story line is intriguing.  They've done a phenomenal job (in my opinion) adapting the book to screen, & while not every single exact detail follows the book, they've made a conscious effort to align with the book whenever possible.  There have been a few strays from the book, but as an avid fan of the series, I have enjoyed the changes they've made for TV too.

More than the cast & the story line, however, I have found myself absolutely entranced by the costumes, sets, settings, scenery, music, cinematography & the like.  I often find myself re-watching parts just to see what's happening in the soak up the mud, & the cold, the candlelit castle, the intricate costume just sucks you in (I could also be re-watching it because it takes me a couple time to understand the deep Scottish accent sometimes)!  Needless to say, a visit to Scotland is definitely on my bucket list!

Alright, on with the meat of this! does Outlander the TV series tie into fashion...?!?!  Well, let me explain.  As I said above, the costumes have been extraordinary & I've fallen in love with Claire's heavy knit scarves & gloves, not to mention all the plaid in the series, & well Caitriona Balfe (who plays Claire) has a great style sense of her own.  By the way you can follow Terry Dresbach's Blog here - she is the head costume designer for the series.

For now, we'll just talk Caitriona Balfe style though, since y'all might not be as interested in 18th Century fashion as I am, haha!  As a  native of Ireland & a runway & advertising model, Catiriona has a great street style sense about her. Check out a couple of her looks below & get the look yourself!

Get the Look: Caitriona Balfe
Original Pinterest Pin
This exquisite plaid was made for Caitriona as a 1-year Anniversary gift of being cast on Outlander.  While we may not be able to get our hands on an original, hand made plaid, we can fake it with just a cozy plaid scarf!  

Earlier this week I talked about how Faux Leather is uber popular for the Fall & this ensemble further supports this!  Effortless, chic, & sexy!

Are you an Outlander fan?  Have you been watching the show?  Um, by the way, they have aired the first 8 episodes of Season 1, however, the other half of Season 1 won't continue until April 4th - say what?!?!  Terrible Starz!!!!  

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