Monday, November 10, 2014


I go through phases where I realize I haven't worn a certain article of clothing recently, so I make it a goal to pull that piece out & give it some wear time.  Late last week I realized that I needed get at least one more day out of my Olive Cargo pants before the snow starts falling.  The following mind battle ensued...everything I reached for was stripes, or black & white, or a neutral color.  Now, some of you may say "what's wrong with those options", but those just seemed "too easy" to me personally.  As you can see from the original post with these pants, I wore it with a striped black & white top - so, been there done that.

Also, since I see this blog as a place to inspire others to try new things, find versatility in all things, & maximize your wardrobe, I felt that I couldn't go with stripes or black & white again

So, there I stood shuffling through my closet trying to feel inspired with a new idea.  Nothin.  So, where do you go when needing inspiration?  Pinterest!  Nothin (all black & white or neutrals).  I was frustrated!  So, I walked away - retreated from the battle in my head since I was getting nowhere.

I came back after getting the girls off to school & it hit me (finally) & the outfit came together like this:

Dot & Bow Blouse // Sweater // Pants - Forever 21 (old) option, option // Shoes - Old Navy (old) option

I picked up this blouse on super sale from the LOFT mostly to use as a peek-a-boo layering shirt.  I didn't really love, or even like, the tie at the neck but still purchased it because it was less than $8.00!  Imagine my surprise that I actually ended up liking the tie in this outfit!  Go figure!  I love the cranberry & olive color combination that came together, especially for Fall.  

In fact, here's a second outfit using the same blouse & my olive military vest - this time with bordeaux colored skinnies.

Dot & Bow Blouse // Vest - Old Navy, option // Skinny Jeans // Shoes - Nine West, option // Clutch // Bracelets - Target (old)

What I love the most about both outfits is the yin-yang of the ultra feminine blouse with the more "masculine" vest/cargo pants.   In the end, I won this battle (albeit a small battle) - not only with one outfit, but it easily transitioned into two outfits!  Double win!

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p.s.  A super huge "thank you" & hug to my Sis for taking these photos!!  xoxo


  1. I love the way both of these combos turned out. The Olive + Wine pairing is perfect! I also got a little giggle out of the fact that you wouldn't settle for just the basic black/white pairing and you needed MORE than what Pinterest was offering. I admire your ambition and it paid off!
    Gina - On the Daily Express

  2. Really love both these looks! on you! The olive and wine go perfectly together and look great with your Loft top. I need that clutch! I've been looking for a leopard one and this one is so cute & chic.

  3. I love the way both of your looks turned out. I'm also not the type that usually goes for the super feminine tops with ties but paired with the other pieces I actually love the way it looks!

  4. I was wearing my olive green cargos just yesterday and I love pairing mine with burgundy also. 2 Great outfits. Thanks for the inspiration Kellie. =)

    <3 Ada.

  5. love the two outfits! beautiful vest!


  6. Love what you came up with! The sweater color pairs beautifully with the olive and the blouse underneath adds the perfect detail. It's funny, when I have a piece in mind to wear, it does seem harder to style it than if I had just thought it all up together. Love that we are both sporting the leopard purse!

    xo, Amy Ann
    The Real Arnolds

  7. Wine and olive are such a great combo. I love both outfits. And I just realized that I'm wearing my olive cargos today but, with black and white. he he

  8. Love the color and print combination! Perfect for the fall and both looks are fab!

  9. I think we all have that "battle." I love all the colors you combined for these looks. The second is y fav <3

    Fishbowl Fashion

  10. Both styles are so fun and love the colors in just flip flopped them, but both so different! We to remix, lady!! xoxo

  11. Both looks are so pretty! I love anything with a bow :) the vest is great too!

    Hailey //

  12. Olive and purple are one of my favorite combos! You look lovely in both outfits!

  13. I don't think I have ever worn my olive vest with my plum skinnies! I am going to do this! And that leopard clutch is just the best!
    Carylee |


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