Friday, November 21, 2014

Friday Faves: Holiday Savings

Well hello there!!  I've not done a Friday post in quite some time, but since I missed Monday this week I thought I'd do a quick post today.

With the Holiday Shopping season upon us I thought I'd share just a few ways I plan on saving here & there while doing my Christmas shopping, because every penny counts, right?!


Favorite Ways to Save

1) - This is a gift card discount site meaning you can buy gift cards from thousands of national retailers at a discounted price saving as much as 20%.  Now, these are not gift cards that you would want to give as a gift perse (because they are odd dollar amounts), but rather buy in advance to a store you know you will be making a purchase at.  For instance, if I know I'm going to buy the Hubby some snazzy tool from Home Depot I can buy a gift card from at an 8.5% discount (currently) & then use that gift card as my form of payment when I purchase.  If you combine this savings with other in-store discounts or coupons, it's even better!

On the other side of things, if you have gift cards sitting around that you're probably not going to use, you can sell those to for cash (via check or paypal) for up to 92% of the face value.

Now, a couple of things to be aware of - their supply of available discounted gift cards changes daily, so they may not have the retailer you want or the exact amount you want available, but check back regularly.  Also, they send you the gift card via snail mail, so take the delivery time into consideration if you are wanting to use it for a gift purchase.

2) - This one is new to me but I fully intend on using it now for all of my online purchases.  Jenna mentioned it earlier this week & then my 9 year old daughter told me I should also use it because I had mentioned I planned on doing a lot of my holiday shopping online this year (she saw it on a commercial, lol).  It's simple - go to & sign up, then anytime you are going to make an online purchase go to & from their site, go the the retailer you want to shop at.  Ebates will then give you cash back on the purchase you made with that retailer - just looking around at retailers I typically buy from, it would be anywhere from 1%-6% cash back on my purchase price.  That may not sound like a lot, but it would definitely add up throughout the year.

So, given the same example from above with the tool for the Hubby - say I pre-buy a Home Depot gift card from (8.5%) discount, then I use that gift card to buy the item online through eBates/Home Depot, I'll get an additional 3% cash back!  Double whammy!

3) - I just discovered this one myself, but this site has everything!  It's an online boutique that has a large variety of trending clothes, accessories, home goods, childrens goods, etc. at a fraction of regular retail prices.  The deals vary daily, so it's a great site to check daily.  It would be a great site to grab some great gifts for the holiday's at a great price.  My only warning however, is that both items I have purchased through them have taken a while to actually ship - we're talking 2-3 weeks.  Again, something to keep in mind if you need your item by a certain date.

4) The "non-gift" Gift - last year I talked about "time" being a gift rather than a physical present. You can read more about that here.

Hopefully some of these ideas will bring you extra cash/savings during the Holidays.  If you've used any of these before, I'd love to hear your experience too!


p.s. All opinions expressed are my own - I was not asked to sponsor any of the companies above (they have no idea who I am, let alone that I'm mentioning them here), I simply wanted to share how I plan on saving :-)

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  1. The non-gift is such a great idea. I asked my Instagram followers yesterday to tell me the number one item on their wishlist and I was surprised at how many people said time with family, a date night with my husband, etc. etc.

  2. Excellent tips! We have used ebates for awhile and it's really fun to get those checks in the mail and see how much you can "earn" by spending. LOL! I am definitely a fan of the non-gift idea because I'm the worst at picking out stuff for other people, I'm also picky and don't want people to try to get stuff for I'd rather just do something fun. :)
    Gina - On the Daily Express

  3. Great tips. I used to buy gift cards from Giftcardspread.

  4. Good tips ebates, cardcash and more is the best website for discounted gift cards.


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