Friday, November 28, 2014


Happy official holiday season 2014!  Tomorrow is small business Saturday and being that I grew up with my Dad owning a small business (#anglersall), I wanted to do a post about supporting small businesses this holiday season.  There are a few reasons I like to shop at small businesses. Besides supporting someone as they build their "American Dream", and the community that the business might be in, I really like it when I go into a store and the employees are very knowledgeable about their products.  Nothing irritates me more than going to a big store and I get the feeling I know more about a product than the person supposedly helping me. Now, this doesn't happen at all big stores, but when you walk into a small business, you're going to get better personal service. In fact, when I go into my favorite local running store, #coloradorunningcompany (crc), they know who I am and what race I may be training for. They even know what products I like and will show me things they think I may enjoy using for training.  Again, the level of personal service and knowledge are second to none at a small business. Besides local small businesses, there are many online stores as well.  I've listed a few of my favorites below.


Nickel & Suede:  I Love, love Nickel & Suede. They make leather accessories for men and women. I have several pairs of earrings, two cuffs and a scarf from them. The earrings make a big statement, but are super light.  I wear the large size all the time and I forget that I'm wearing them.  Did I mention I love this company?

I have on the large rose gold earrings.  

Nana's Crafty Creations:  Patrice at Nana's Crafty Creations makes the cutest flat iron/ curling iron travel cases. These are great gifts and very good quality. I love that each design is unique. I've bought a few of these now.

Canned Goods Co.:  Now this company is unique because it's a small online company, it's a local Colorado company, and they recycle?! They make jewelry out of recycled cans.  This all started with an anniversary gift for shop owner, Thomas Paul Althaus, to his wife of 10 years.  I haven't had the chance to try the jewelry yet, but an order is on its way!

I hope your Holidays 2014 are amazing!



These opinions are my own.  I am in no way, shape, or form sponsored by any of the above mentioned companies....although I wish I was.  ;-P

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  1. Welcome Stacie! So excited to finally "meet" you after Kellie talking about you so much. "My sister has that scarf/neckace etc." Haha. I am feeling guilty now for being aware of zero local brands, but love the options from Nickel & Suede. Their jewelry looks very cool!
    Gina - On the Daily Express

  2. Hi Stacie! Love the new blog design and this post! It's important to support small businesses.

    xo, Amy Ann
    The Real Arnolds


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