Friday, December 19, 2014

Fitness Friday & Links


I know, I know.....when the heck can I fit a workout in right now?  This time of year is so crazy with schedules and last minute things to do.  I totally get it.  But, look at it this way, do you think about brushing your teeth?  No....of course you don't, that's just plain.....well, Jimmy Fallon says it best.  Workouts should be the same way....don't think, just do. 

As some of you may know, I love running......I don't know why either.  =-P   I happened to be reading Runners World when I stumbled across Jenny Hadfield's 3 Workouts to Maintain Fitness Through the Holidays.  These workouts are 32 minutes or less and are considered High Intensity Workouts (HIIT).  I love that these workouts can be done any where this time of year.  They are also very versatile workouts.  You don't have to run - use the elliptical, walk, spin or what ever your hearts desire is.  These workouts can be adapted.

Get the kiddos involved.  It is so fun to be with the kids working out.  It's funny, they will actually look at mom like she's a stud!  Just keep in mind that there may be some crying.  I look at it this way though - they can wine, I will just drink it!!!......OH.....that's right......this is a fitness post =....D.

Ok, ok, ok....back on track.  Getting your workouts in will actually help with the stress this time of year.  De-Stress with a friend or family member you haven't seen in a while....or use it as the excuse to get away from said family member.  Use it to your advantage for YOU!!!!

If you really need more "push" to go do this for yourself, how about looking fabulous in the gifts that you will get.....or the gifts you better get....I know what you're thinking!!!  Think of the new outfit you're going to show off on Christmas Day.  You want to feel Ah-Mazing in it...I know I do....I better get that!!!

Regardless.....Do this for YOU.....Brush those teeth......oops, I mean workout!!  =-D



My kiddos and I after they ran their first 5K.....I cried!!!

I absolutely love this.  When I workout I'd be lost without this.  The most important thing when I run/workout.  I'm a ROCK STAR with these babies!!!!  Won't run without these beauties.  Do you dare.....oh yes I do!

****I am not a fitness expert nor do I claim to be one.  These are just my opinions.  My opinion is to do this for yourself****

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  1. Thanks for the motivation! I need my workouts more than ever during the holidays to stay sane and feel healthy despite all the sweets and treats lying around!
    Gina - On the Daily Express

  2. Thank you for this post I really need work out motivation especially waking up to a horrible leg cramp!

  3. Thanks so much for linking up with Fab Five Friday!

  4. Great idea to get the kids involved. So cool! I hate running, but I do love being active. I need to work on incorporating it even more, especially during this time of year!!

    Amy Ann
    The Real Arnolds


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