Wednesday, December 17, 2014

The Cameron 2

Ok, my turn to try the styles of Ms. Cameron Diaz (if you missed Kellie's, click here).  This was so fun to do.  Kellie called me one day and said I have a challenge for us.  She told me that with the release of the new Annie movie, it would be fun to dress in Cameron Diaz outfits.  Here was the kicker though....we had to use what we already owned...NO SHOPPING!!!  What???!!!

I thought, "this is going to be impossible."

I started searching through photos of Cameron and was very surprised.  I have very similar style to hers.  I was also shocked at what came to mind when I would see some of her outfits.  I thought to myself, "hey, I have something similar to that."  It may not be exact, but the items I picked work.

Through doing this challenge, I learned that I have some great things in my closet.  Things I would have not thought to put together.  This is what Kellie is great at, getting people to see how they use their clothing differently.  Even if it's something you wear a lot, there's always more ways to use that simple gray shirt.  Give it a try.....pick an actress, find what inspires you.

Again, I didn't have the exact items, but it was fun to use what I DO have.  Sure wish I had those fabulous orange heels though!!

I honestly wouldn't have thought to wear a fedora with jeans and a basic gray shirt.  I have seen Cameron wear her fedora with tall brown boots too.  I'm excited to get more use out my hat!!

I truly cannot tell you how fun, and enlightening this challenge was!!  I am excited to see what Kellie throws my way next.  



PS....Wonder if I'm allowed to buy orange heels now??

Shop the Looks:

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  1. I think I like your recreations better, especially that jacket. Great job!

  2. Yes! You nailed these looks! I adore that outfit with the grey tee and fedora! You look amazing in that hat. And yes, I totally agree about doing celeb-inspired looks. It's been so surprising to me how attainable most of their non-red carpet looks are. I loved reading your commentary on this post and am so excited to see what you two do next. (And yes, you're justified in getting orange heels. They would actually look cool with both outfits!)
    Gina - On the Daily Express

  3. I love both looks, but the second one is my favorite. Isn't it funny how such simple pieces paired together make a perfect look!? Wee done!

  4. Love these looks and the second is my favorite. It's giving me an idea for today! Thanks for linking up at Whatcha Wearing Wednesday!


  5. Cameron always looks so great; she is a great person to emulate!

  6. So much fun! You definitely nailed both looks! It's so great to be able to shop your own closet after seeing pieces styled by others! Even better when you put your own spin on it!
    Carylee | more pieces of me


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