Friday, January 16, 2015

Friday Favorites: Hair Products Edition

Happy Friday!!!

For Friday Favorites this week, I wanted to talk about a few of my favorite hair products right now.  I cut my hair short a few months ago and I've really enjoyed getting to play with it.  I love that I can wear it sleek, flipped out, or in my favorite, beachy waves.  It has been great to actually have my hair look styled with little effort instead of my old go-to style...the ponytail.

Short Hair Favorites

1.  Kenra Texturizing Taffy 13:  This taffy is great for a piecey look.  I use this after I have either waved my hair or want my ends to flip out.

2.  Aquage Uplifting Foam:  I have fine hair so I need volume.  This foam is FAN-TAS-TIC!!!!  I spray it at my damp roots where I want lift, rub it in, and then style as usual.  I really think this is the best volumizing foam out there....believe me, I've tried several.  What sets it apart for me is that it is not sticky or heavy.  This is super important for me because of my fine hair.  It's also fool proof.  Meaning, if you use too much, it won't weigh your hair down or make it impossible to brush through. It's great stuff.

3.  T3 Singlepass Flatiron:  I love this flatiron.  It should be called a styler because it does more than straighten hair.  I use it to create a sleek look, I use it to flip out my ends, and I use it to curl or wave my hair.  It is very versatile.  The other reason I picked this flatiron over others such as the Chi or GHD, which are quite popular flatirons with rave reviews, is the fact that it has a temperature setting. For someone with fine hair, this is very important.  I use my T3 everyday!!!

4.  Fekkai Beach Wave Spray:  I love having bed head or beachy waves in my hair.  This sea salt spray helps me achieve that look.  After I have finished styling my hair, before hairspray, I spray this fabulousness in my hair, scrunch it and enjoy my beach tousled hair!!!

5.  Osis+ Dust It:  I never thought I would say I love DUST!!!  This stuff is amazing.  It is used for extra volume in specific areas that you want that extra lift.  It is like teasing your hair without teasing your hair.  I use this after I have styled my hair when I see an area I want more lift in.  It's literally a white dust.

6.  Kenra Volumizing Hairspray:  Last, but not least, hairspray.  This is a great all day hold hairspray. Again, with my fine hair, I can't use products that may weigh it down.  This stuff  simply works.  I have also used Kenra 26 and it is great too...a little less hold.  Besides not weighing my hair down, I also love that I can brush through this spray at the end of the day.  Simply awesome.

Here's to good hair days!!!



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  1. I didn't know your hair cut was a recent change, but your stylist did an amazing job. The cut looks great! I kive this list of products since I also have fine, short hair, so I am especially interested in the volumizing stuff! I remember you mentioned Aquage in our Coffee Date and I had forgotten about it but need to put it back on my want list!
    Gina - On the Daily Express

  2. We are totally on the same page sharing hair stuff today! I may need to try that dust. I am always looking for great volumizing products. I love a good straightener. It really is a multi-purpose product. I use it to curl my hair when it's a little shorter (more like your length), and I always loved the effect.

    Amy Ann
    The Real Arnolds

  3. I am in the market for a volumizing powder- just blogged about it today! I May have to get the oasis stuff.

  4. great round up of products! I suprisingly have never heard of most of them!


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