Monday, February 9, 2015

House Update...Project #1

It is TIME!!!

My husband and I are starting the long process of updating our 1995 built house.  I have a passion for this kind of stuff, but my husband definitely does not share my enthusiasm.  I have already done some things to the house such as new paint through out and we updated the powder room.  I try to take on projects I know I can handle and I will also try/ learn new projects.

This leads me to House Update Project #1.....De-Brassing!!  Nothing dates a house of this era quite like brass fixtures and lighting.  We have already done a lot of new light fixtures, but the door knobs just got updated.  That took me to the front door.  While we did purchase a new door knob for it, I still had the kick plate to replace and the screen door knob and kick plate.  While shopping for the knobs at the local home improvement store, I was astounded at the price to update the kick plate to oiled bronze and  the screen door was just silly.  I could nearly buy a new door for the price because they were custom orders.

Cost break down:

Kick plate= $26.00
Screen door knob= $50.00+ depending on style and finish
Screen door kick plate= $50.00+ depending on style and finish

Let me tell you, the $50.00 styles were ugly so of course it would have been more money.

This is when I met my new best friend, Rust-oleum Oil Rubbed Bronze.  At $6.00 a can and that is with a primer included, I thought, why not try it.  I have to replace this stuff no matter what.

To prep for this project, I took the fixtures a part and the cleaned each one of them with Mineral Spirits ($14.00).  I then placed them on cups so I could spray the pieces easily.  This process was very simple to do and quick.

Then, I started to spray the pieces.  I did three coats of paint.  The beauty of this paint is that you only wait a minute or two between each coat.  By the time I finished spraying everything once, I could start on the next coat.

Once I let them dry over night, I put everything back together. The results are amazing.  For $20.00 (Rust-oleum and Mineral Spirits cost) I got a new look to the front of my house.  It saved me well over $125.00.  Well worth it.  



This was surprisingly easy to do and so fulfilling for me.  I love putting my hands to work on our family home.  It brings me more joy than getting new items for the house.  On to the next project, updating our outdoor lighting using the same method.  I will post it for you when I have finished.




  1. Oh how cool! That's great that it worked so well on de-brassing and saved all the $$ from buying new fixtures. Hard to believe those little things can be so expensive!! The re-done fixtures look great.
    Gina - On the Daily Express

  2. Hahaha we did this exact same thing when we bought our home. It's amazing how much brass there was! I updated our outside lights with spray paint too. It's amazing how much difference it makes for such little cost. Love your end result!

    Amy Ann
    The Real Arnolds

  3. This is such a great idea! DIY projects are great, you just need a lot of patience and time. It's totally worth the little elbow grease. This looks amazing! Can't wait to see what else you do!

  4. I cannot believe what a difference this made!! I totally need to do this--my house was built in 2000 and its starting to have a few outdated things like lots of brass--need to try this :)


  5. You did an amazing job, I'm not much of a DIY'er and I really admire people who are! Excited to see other projects, that's definitely a huge job I don't look forward to when we have to renovate.


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