Monday, March 30, 2015

Joggers: Day to Night

Since the sun has been shining and the temperatures rising, I've been wanting to pull out my joggers again (last seen here).  They weren't conducive to the winter cold because of their thin material, but they do make a great transitional piece as we head toward warmer weather.

We recently had a weekend that was nothing but sunshine so I was able to style them for daytime errands and then easily transition them for an evening celebrating a friends birthday.

Day Outfit Details:  Black Tee - Express // Joggers - Bobeau // Denim Jacket - American Eagle // Shoes - Converse // Necklace - Charming Charlie

For the evening look I changed out the jewelry to increase the "glam", traded the denim jacket for a shimmery champagne jacket, & broke out the black cage heels.  It was such a warm day, that I didn't need the jacket until the sun went down & completely neglected to get photos with it on - oops!

Evening Outfit Details:  Black Tee - Express // Joggers - Bobeau // Jacket - White House Black Market // Cage Heels - Target // Jewelry - Charming Charlie

I did feel like I was channeling my inner Gwen Stefani all day, which was fun for a change.  The bonus is that I was comfortable all day and the stretchy waist-band was perfect for over-indulging on delicious Mexican food and a Margarita (or two) ;-)

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Friday, March 13, 2015

K.I.S.S. Knotted T

There simply are few words that need to describe this fabulous T-shirt I was introduced too from Express.  Soft, simple, chic.  Seriously, I want to own all of the colors, but have kept myself to just three of them.

Just throw it on and go.  Doesn't get any more K.I.S.S. than that!!  It adds a nice finishing touch without any help!!

Or Layer it.  Super fun and again, adds the right touch without effort.  

Not only is this a simple shirt to throw on, it is soon COMFY!!!!  Again, if I could, I would by this in every color they have.  Go get yourself some....I dare you to buy just one!!

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By the way, rumor has it this will be in a tank version for summer as well as a dressier fabric style.  I can't wait!!!!

Happy Ts!!!



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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

First Thrift

As much as I love shopping & style, I have never been introduced to "thrifting", or the art there of.  Last Fall I had the pleasure of meeting up with another local Instagrammer, Mandy @MileHighThrifter.  We instantly connected & I felt immediately at ease with her as if we'd known each other for years!  Mandy has a serious passion for thrifting (among other things), so a date to introduce me to the craft of "finding the treasures for a steal of a deal" was definitely in order!

We met up this past weekend & hit a couple of stores.  She was gracious enough to show me the ropes & give me tips & tricks as we went along.  I think I may have had beginners luck, because I came away with way more than I expected!

What I Got:

  • JCrew Apple Shorts - These were a last second find at our second store & I immediately fell in love with these Delicious Apples!  They are currently sold out online but had an original price tag of $54.50 new from JCrew.  This pair looks brand new & hardly worn to me & I paid about $4.00 for them!  Perfectly handy for an upcoming trip to Arizona!!
  • Old Navy Distressed Denim Shorts - Because you can never have too many perfectly distressed denim for the summer - especially for $3.50!
  • Copper Tub - I was quickly taken by this petite copper tub when I first saw it.  I don't know what I'll do with it, but right now I'm thinking it would make a great flower container for the porch this year.  Wouldn't it also be cute by a front door as an umbrella holder? Anyway, for a few dollars it came home with me!
  • Striped Scarf - Like I told Mandy, I need another scarf like I need a hole in the head, but I love the color combination of the pastels in this light-weight scarf.  Cute as a headband maybe? Again, at $2.50, I went for it.
  • JCrew Popover Tunic - Anything white in a thrift store immediately makes you nervous, but this preppy striped popover tunic had not a mark/stain/signs of wear on it anywhere!  I did pay nearly $10 for this top, which to a pro-thrifter may seem too high.  But as Mandy said, the value is in the condition, the brand, & how much you like it.  The sun was out this weekend so thoughts of Spring were in the air & I instantly knew how I'd style this tunic, so it became mine!
  • Pink Enzo Angiolini "Liberty" Flats - These were the first item I picked up in the store.  I have a major hot pink obsession right now & how can you not love patent hot pink?! Especially when they are you're size, in mint condition, & a mere $6.48!!  LOVE these!  There was scuffing on the bottom of the sole, so I know they'd been worn however, if it weren't for that, you wouldn't know these had been worn at all.  Until I wore them there wasn't any creasing or scuffs on the patent at all.  Great find!
So that's a wrap on what I purchased!  A few tips I learned from Mandy along the way:
  1. Wear leggings & a tank top when you are shopping at thrift stores.  Not all stores have dressing rooms, but if you are in leggings & a tank, you can easily try on items over your clothes.  VERY helpful!
  2. As you walk into the store they post what color tags are on discount (if any) for that day.  Mandy knew we should go on a Saturday for these 2 stores because certain tag colors are 50% off.
  3. If an item intrigues you - grab it!  Then, at the end of your browsing review each item in your cart- you can always put it back! If you hesitate to grab it in the first place - it will be gone when you go back to look for it!
  4. Don't limit your "grabs" to just your typical size.  Grab the item even it its a size or two from your regular size because you never know if an item has been altered or shrunken.  Grab it & try it on!  The shoes are the perfect example of this - they are actually a half size larger than I normally wear, but they are also a narrow, so they fit great!
The outfit:  I knew straight away that the pink flats & striped top would make a great coupling & this is how I wore them.

Top - JCrew, thrifted // White Denim - LOFT // Shoes - Ezno Angiolini, thrifted // Sunnies - Michael Kors // Lips - MAC's Miley Cyrus Viva Glam

Thanks for hanging with me through such a long post!  I enjoyed my first thrifting experience & especially enjoyed connecting with Mandy again!  I certainly wouldn't call myself "thrift savvy" based off this one excursion, but I think thrifting can be a fun experience if you go into it with a relaxed attitude about what you may (or may not) find & just enjoy "the hunt".  It was also a great way to shop & have girl time without breaking the bank!  

To you other "thrifters" out there, what are your best tips for us novices? Or what has been your *best* find?

Monday, March 9, 2015

The Jacket

The hot jacket for the upcoming Spring season is definitely the Field Jacket (a.k.a. Utility Jacket, City Jacket, Surplus Jacket).  You can find them in nearly every store right now in varying lengths with varying details.  The weight of these jackets are perfect for the in-between weather where you still need that extra layer, but not a heavy one.  Plus, who doesn't love olive right now?!

When Old Navy was recently have a store-wide sale, both Stacie & I picked up this Canvas Field Jacket  & I have been wearing it non-stop since.  In fact, I wore it for our shopping date with Carylee & again this past weekend when I was introduced to thrifting with Mandy @MileHighThrifter (more to come on that later this week).  

Jacket - Old Navy // Geometric Tank - Banana Republic // Lace Extender - Similar // Leggings - LOFT // Booties - Wanted // Sunnies - Coach // Lips - MAC's Miley Cyrus Viva Glam

The above outfit is what I wore when I met Mandy for our shopping date.  The weather is warming up around here (finally) & this jacket was the perfect weight to keep me warm outside, but not make me overheat inside.  

The outfit below is what I wore last week for our meet-up with Carylee.  Again, the goal was to wear a jacket that I didn't have to take off & carry around while we were indoors.  The scarf was generously gifted to me by Carylee & was the perfect addition to my outfit (thank you sweet friend)!

Sequin Shirt - White House Black Market (not online) // Jacket - Old Navy // Destroyed Jean Leggings - Express // Booties - Crown Vintage (similar) // Scarf - Gifted // Lips - MAC's Miley Cyrus Viva Glam

As you can see from both outfits above, olive is really such a great neutral color.  Combine the versatility of this color with the perfect weight for Spring weather & it's no wonder these jackets are everywhere right now. They'll also be great for Summer weather when you need something for the chilly movie theater or restaurant.  Here are a few options from stores that we like to shop:
Be sure to follow us on Instagram for more looks with our beloved Field Jackets & be sure to share you favorite version with us too!


Friday, March 6, 2015

Pilot Ryan Travel Tips (P.R.T.T.) The Outfit

Earlier, I posted a Pilot Ryan Travel Tips (P.R.T.T.) about going through security called TSA.  In this P.R.T.T., I will talk about my favorite outfit to travel in.  Again, I came up with this outfit because of the tips my hubby gave me.

The main piece to my outfit is a fabulous maxi dress.  I won't travel without one!!  It can be me old fashioned, but I like to dress nicer to travel.  I like to have a maxi dress with pattern on it so I can keep my accessories to a minimum because jewelry has to be removed for TSA screening.  The biggest reason for me to have a maxi dress for travel is to simply stay warm.  I can curl my legs into the dress during a flight.  I seriously freeze!!!  The last reason is that it is comfortable to sit in for long flights.

The next item I won't fly without is a denim jacket or cardigan.  My favorite though is the denim jacket.  I have a few extra pockets if I need to put anything extra in for longer trips.  It is also easy to remove for TSA screening.

Last, but not least, is the shoe department.  Slip on shoes are just simply the smartest most effective way to travel.  Once you get to the TSA belt there seems to be a since of urgency - slip on shoes are obviously quick.  Another shoe to travel in are cute flip flops, but like I said, I freeze!!!  If you have laced shoes, just keep the laces loose enough that you can slip your shoes on or off.

Just remember, keep things simple and your TSA screening and travel (as far as you can control) will go a lot smoother.

I took these photos above with the technique that the fabulous Carylee from the More Pieces of Me blog taught Kellie and I when we got to visit with her while she was in Denver.  It was so much fun.  We laughed so hard at trying to get some pictures.  Here's one of my favorite ones from practicing the "selfie"

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Happy and safe travels!!!



Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Dressing Room Recap & Blogging Friends

Over the weekend Stacie & I had to pleasure to meet up with a fellow blogger we have befriended over the last year, Carylee from More Pieces of Me.  I've said it before & I'll say it again - a very unexpected perk to this blogging adventure is meeting a whole new group of wonderfully supportive ladies that I would never had to pleasure to "know" otherwise!  So to be able to actually meet Carylee while she was in town for a trip was a special treat, to say the least.

And what do style bloggers do when they get together....they shop!!  Well, to be fair, we also did a lot of driving in circles along with lunch & a coffee to recharge later in the day. Oh, & I can't leave out the selfie tutorials that Carylee patiently helped us with too!

Express was the first store we knew we had to hit.  Here is a re-cap of the items I tried on along with my review of them (after I learned from the master on how to take a good  better mirror pic). Stacie didn't document her dressing room items with photos, but I'll fill you in on her purchases as we go too.

First up...the BEST t-shirt EVER, seriously! (You'll have to excuse the dirty mirror apparently):

I first saw this tee here with Carylee & I instantly knew it was an item I wanted to seek out & try on.  It didn't disappoint & I purchased it in black & white & would have gotten the plum if they hadn't been out of my size.  The price is great at just under $25 & there are 10 colors to choose from & I'm sure I will be adding more to my collection!  Stacie also got 2 of these tee's - in black & plum & has said she'll be going back for more colors too.

Next I tried on a draped maxi skirt - I can't locate this item online so I won't spend too much time talking about it.  We all 3 went back & forth on if we liked this skirt or not.  In the end I decided it wasn't on my "gotta have right now" list, so I may reconsider it down the road when the weather is warmer.

It's a little hard to tell because of the black color, but one side of this maxi skirt is draped upward, giving almost a maxi-but-not-maxi vibe.  In this picture I'm still wearing the tee shirt from above.

Last, but not least were the Line Floral Portofino & ruched mini skirt.  Again, this skirt was on my list to try on after seeing it on Carylee & Gina (of On the Daily Express) several times.  It also lived up to my hopes & went home with me (& Stacie).

I was drawn to this portofino because of it's soft blue color.  Carylee also made a good point that it makes a great substitute as a light weight chambray as well.  Good & good, so yes, I purchased it.  Of note on this skirt, I did size up on it because I noticed when I walked that the hem seemed to work its way upward & I felt that it was getting too short because of that.

There is one item I didn't document with photos & that is the Studio Stretch Jacket (24-inch).  I've been wanting to add a true structured "blazer" to my wardrobe for a while now because the only other one I own is a jersey material.  This one was a bit of a splurge for me, but I know it will be a timeless piece that will never go out of style.  Pieces such as this are worth the extra investment.

So, that's a wrap on what I tried on & walked out with.  I should mention that, in true fashion for me, I used a coupon for my purchase, so I was able to get all these items at discounted prices, yay!!

It was such a pleasure to meet Carylee - she is as genuine & kind in person as she is on her blog!  I thank her for taking the time to meet up with us, & hopefully we'll get to do it again soon!!  Be sure to watch More Pieces of Me this week for her recap of her Denver trip!

Thanks for hanging with me through a long re-cap.  I'll leave you with some bloopers from our selfie lessons...enjoy!!  You'll notice that Carylee looks perfect in each picture - I'm telling ya, the girl is a pro!


missed my target, but it looks like I captured Stacie practicing her selfie skills...

...premature excitement that I think I may have gotten this down....

...finally, a good pic!!!

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Monday, March 2, 2015

Pilot Ryan Travel Tips (P.R.T.T.): TSA

With Spring Break approaching, I thought I'd share tips with you that my husband, Ryan, a pilot with a major legacy airline, has shared with me.  In this Travel Tips, we will talk about the most effective way to get yourself through TSA lines.

The first tip Ryan has told me is to think about what you will wear on the plane.  Right up our fashion alley right?  Well, what he really means is think about what will help you get yourself through TSA more efficiently.  For example, wear minimal jewelry or other accessories.  Wear shoes that can slip on/off easily.  If you need a coat, make sure you can remove it easy.  Once you get a tray, remove your shoes, accessories, and coat.  Be ready to move, don't wait until the last minute.

Another tip Ryan has shared with me is how to pack my personal item bag....not my carry-on, but the smaller companion bag.  He has told me to always keep my passport, ID, and boarding pass in the same pocket every trip, every time.  Make it an easy access routine place for your important documentation.  It can get chaotic when it's your turn to put your items on the belt for x-ray, especially during peak travel time.  If you have a routine place for these items, you most likely won't misplace them.  Next, if you are carrying a laptop, make sure it is easy to get out of your bag for inspection.  A good rule of thumb: if your tech device has moving parts like a hard drive, it will need to be out of your bag.  If it is a tablet (no moving parts) like an e-reader or iPad, it can stay in your personal bag.  The last part of the personal bag is to keep your liquids at the top so you can easily grab them to put in the tray for x-ray.

The last tip Ryan has let me know, my favorite, is to look at the lines when waiting.  Follow the people who look like they know what they are doing.  Usually people by themselves or in business attire move quicker.  The shortest line may look like it is moving the fastest, but if there is a family with strollers and/or carseats, that with hold up that x-ray machine and therefore you.

Simply put, if you are smart about what you wear, keep things accessible, and pay attention, you will help yourself through the screening process and save yourself frustration.

Cheers and happy travels,


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