Wednesday, March 11, 2015

First Thrift

As much as I love shopping & style, I have never been introduced to "thrifting", or the art there of.  Last Fall I had the pleasure of meeting up with another local Instagrammer, Mandy @MileHighThrifter.  We instantly connected & I felt immediately at ease with her as if we'd known each other for years!  Mandy has a serious passion for thrifting (among other things), so a date to introduce me to the craft of "finding the treasures for a steal of a deal" was definitely in order!

We met up this past weekend & hit a couple of stores.  She was gracious enough to show me the ropes & give me tips & tricks as we went along.  I think I may have had beginners luck, because I came away with way more than I expected!

What I Got:

  • JCrew Apple Shorts - These were a last second find at our second store & I immediately fell in love with these Delicious Apples!  They are currently sold out online but had an original price tag of $54.50 new from JCrew.  This pair looks brand new & hardly worn to me & I paid about $4.00 for them!  Perfectly handy for an upcoming trip to Arizona!!
  • Old Navy Distressed Denim Shorts - Because you can never have too many perfectly distressed denim for the summer - especially for $3.50!
  • Copper Tub - I was quickly taken by this petite copper tub when I first saw it.  I don't know what I'll do with it, but right now I'm thinking it would make a great flower container for the porch this year.  Wouldn't it also be cute by a front door as an umbrella holder? Anyway, for a few dollars it came home with me!
  • Striped Scarf - Like I told Mandy, I need another scarf like I need a hole in the head, but I love the color combination of the pastels in this light-weight scarf.  Cute as a headband maybe? Again, at $2.50, I went for it.
  • JCrew Popover Tunic - Anything white in a thrift store immediately makes you nervous, but this preppy striped popover tunic had not a mark/stain/signs of wear on it anywhere!  I did pay nearly $10 for this top, which to a pro-thrifter may seem too high.  But as Mandy said, the value is in the condition, the brand, & how much you like it.  The sun was out this weekend so thoughts of Spring were in the air & I instantly knew how I'd style this tunic, so it became mine!
  • Pink Enzo Angiolini "Liberty" Flats - These were the first item I picked up in the store.  I have a major hot pink obsession right now & how can you not love patent hot pink?! Especially when they are you're size, in mint condition, & a mere $6.48!!  LOVE these!  There was scuffing on the bottom of the sole, so I know they'd been worn however, if it weren't for that, you wouldn't know these had been worn at all.  Until I wore them there wasn't any creasing or scuffs on the patent at all.  Great find!
So that's a wrap on what I purchased!  A few tips I learned from Mandy along the way:
  1. Wear leggings & a tank top when you are shopping at thrift stores.  Not all stores have dressing rooms, but if you are in leggings & a tank, you can easily try on items over your clothes.  VERY helpful!
  2. As you walk into the store they post what color tags are on discount (if any) for that day.  Mandy knew we should go on a Saturday for these 2 stores because certain tag colors are 50% off.
  3. If an item intrigues you - grab it!  Then, at the end of your browsing review each item in your cart- you can always put it back! If you hesitate to grab it in the first place - it will be gone when you go back to look for it!
  4. Don't limit your "grabs" to just your typical size.  Grab the item even it its a size or two from your regular size because you never know if an item has been altered or shrunken.  Grab it & try it on!  The shoes are the perfect example of this - they are actually a half size larger than I normally wear, but they are also a narrow, so they fit great!
The outfit:  I knew straight away that the pink flats & striped top would make a great coupling & this is how I wore them.

Top - JCrew, thrifted // White Denim - LOFT // Shoes - Ezno Angiolini, thrifted // Sunnies - Michael Kors // Lips - MAC's Miley Cyrus Viva Glam

Thanks for hanging with me through such a long post!  I enjoyed my first thrifting experience & especially enjoyed connecting with Mandy again!  I certainly wouldn't call myself "thrift savvy" based off this one excursion, but I think thrifting can be a fun experience if you go into it with a relaxed attitude about what you may (or may not) find & just enjoy "the hunt".  It was also a great way to shop & have girl time without breaking the bank!  

To you other "thrifters" out there, what are your best tips for us novices? Or what has been your *best* find?


  1. Wow! You scored so much great stuff! And I love that your to and flats worked together for an outfit! That striped scarf is really pretty too - that will be great for spring. I'm loving those ON shorts, too. The distressing looks perfect!
    Gina - On the Daily Express

  2. I want that striped pop-over. What a classic, chic, Spring-happy outfit. I even own some identical hot pink loafers. Looking lovely, Kellie. =)

  3. I am always impressed with people who can find cute things thrifting! I don't have the patience for it haha!

  4. I always wish I was a better thrifter. You found some awesome stuff.

    Amy Ann
    The Real Arnolds

  5. I love thrifting, but sometimes I lack the patience if I am not finding anything. You had some great finds. Love those hot pink shoes! Stopping by from What I Wore Link Party. Have a good day!

  6. STOP IT!!! I cannt believe you thrifted this all--everything is so cute and looks brand new!! You go girls :) Thanks for the helpful tips!


  7. Wow! Great finds all in one trip. I love the shoes!

  8. Do you know I've never been thrifting and this totally makes me want to go try it! That striped tunic and the pretty flats are amazing, great look on you Kellie:)

  9. Blogger ate my comment twice. :(
    But the short story is that I loved this post.

  10. Definitely fun casual look and shoes are awesome!

    Alena &

  11. Love your funds. Especially the copper tub. What a steal. You'd pay 10 times that price at pottery barn. Thrifting is fun! Glad u got to experience it


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