Friday, March 6, 2015

Pilot Ryan Travel Tips (P.R.T.T.) The Outfit

Earlier, I posted a Pilot Ryan Travel Tips (P.R.T.T.) about going through security called TSA.  In this P.R.T.T., I will talk about my favorite outfit to travel in.  Again, I came up with this outfit because of the tips my hubby gave me.

The main piece to my outfit is a fabulous maxi dress.  I won't travel without one!!  It can be me old fashioned, but I like to dress nicer to travel.  I like to have a maxi dress with pattern on it so I can keep my accessories to a minimum because jewelry has to be removed for TSA screening.  The biggest reason for me to have a maxi dress for travel is to simply stay warm.  I can curl my legs into the dress during a flight.  I seriously freeze!!!  The last reason is that it is comfortable to sit in for long flights.

The next item I won't fly without is a denim jacket or cardigan.  My favorite though is the denim jacket.  I have a few extra pockets if I need to put anything extra in for longer trips.  It is also easy to remove for TSA screening.

Last, but not least, is the shoe department.  Slip on shoes are just simply the smartest most effective way to travel.  Once you get to the TSA belt there seems to be a since of urgency - slip on shoes are obviously quick.  Another shoe to travel in are cute flip flops, but like I said, I freeze!!!  If you have laced shoes, just keep the laces loose enough that you can slip your shoes on or off.

Just remember, keep things simple and your TSA screening and travel (as far as you can control) will go a lot smoother.

I took these photos above with the technique that the fabulous Carylee from the More Pieces of Me blog taught Kellie and I when we got to visit with her while she was in Denver.  It was so much fun.  We laughed so hard at trying to get some pictures.  Here's one of my favorite ones from practicing the "selfie"

Shop the Look:

Happy and safe travels!!!




  1. You two have some amazing genes. Such pretty girls! Another great round of travel tips and I love your pink maxi dress. So bright and pretty.
    Gina- On the Daily Express

  2. Great post! The last time we flew on a longer flight, I wore a maxi dress and it was by far the most comfortable I have been. Now I just need to add a cardigan/jacket and slip on shoes and I'll be a pro like you! Love the selfie. :)

    Amy Ann
    The Real Arnolds

  3. Look at you and your top down selfie! I'm so proud!!
    I totally agree with these tips also! I love that you knotted the hem. The last couple times I've worn a maxi dress - they make me stand in a lunge position while they feel up and down my legs! The knot may have helped my case!!
    The dress is also gorgeous, BTW!
    Carylee |


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