Monday, March 2, 2015

Pilot Ryan Travel Tips (P.R.T.T.): TSA

With Spring Break approaching, I thought I'd share tips with you that my husband, Ryan, a pilot with a major legacy airline, has shared with me.  In this Travel Tips, we will talk about the most effective way to get yourself through TSA lines.

The first tip Ryan has told me is to think about what you will wear on the plane.  Right up our fashion alley right?  Well, what he really means is think about what will help you get yourself through TSA more efficiently.  For example, wear minimal jewelry or other accessories.  Wear shoes that can slip on/off easily.  If you need a coat, make sure you can remove it easy.  Once you get a tray, remove your shoes, accessories, and coat.  Be ready to move, don't wait until the last minute.

Another tip Ryan has shared with me is how to pack my personal item bag....not my carry-on, but the smaller companion bag.  He has told me to always keep my passport, ID, and boarding pass in the same pocket every trip, every time.  Make it an easy access routine place for your important documentation.  It can get chaotic when it's your turn to put your items on the belt for x-ray, especially during peak travel time.  If you have a routine place for these items, you most likely won't misplace them.  Next, if you are carrying a laptop, make sure it is easy to get out of your bag for inspection.  A good rule of thumb: if your tech device has moving parts like a hard drive, it will need to be out of your bag.  If it is a tablet (no moving parts) like an e-reader or iPad, it can stay in your personal bag.  The last part of the personal bag is to keep your liquids at the top so you can easily grab them to put in the tray for x-ray.

The last tip Ryan has let me know, my favorite, is to look at the lines when waiting.  Follow the people who look like they know what they are doing.  Usually people by themselves or in business attire move quicker.  The shortest line may look like it is moving the fastest, but if there is a family with strollers and/or carseats, that with hold up that x-ray machine and therefore you.

Simply put, if you are smart about what you wear, keep things accessible, and pay attention, you will help yourself through the screening process and save yourself frustration.

Cheers and happy travels,


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  1. Good tips and very relevant since I'll be traveling this weekend! I don't recommend getting behind me in the TSA line. :) I know what I'm doing but somehow the little ones really slow me down!
    Gina - On the Daily Express

  2. Yes! I always wear simple outfits for travel - leggings, oversized sweater, and chacos! It makes the TSA line so much easier! And airplanes are always chilly. I like having my legs and arms covered for the flight!

  3. Aww you two are adorable!! Great tips--especially what to wear--I think that is so important! Now if only I was going somewhere on spring break :)


  4. These are great tips! I always think I am a great flyer/packer until I get to the air port/location and realize I have on too many/too few layers and forgot approximately 14 things. You all are too cute!

    Amy Ann
    The Real Arnolds

  5. These are all really good tips. I always pick the wrong line and end up behing the family with 10 strollers.

  6. I was nodding my head to all of these tips! Sad for me, I just learned it over time and didn't have this handy list to teach me up front! And how cute are you guys??!
    Carylee | more pieces of me


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